Deep Breath Before The Plunge Open Thread.

It’s the day after Halloween and Election Eve. Candidates everywhere are getting in the last precious hours of campaigning, hoping to win over those last few undecided voters.

Here’s the latest Real Clear Politics assessment of where the Congressional races stand. Take a look and enjoy this Open Thread.


    • Comfortably Southside says:

      Teach Monds the name of at least one State Park in Georgia then maybe I will…–that is really all.

  1. John Konop says:

    Why not in Georgia? It would cut spending; raise revenue and treat a problem instead of criminalize it.

    Legalized Pot’s Unlikely Supporters: Moms And Cops

    NPR….On the other side, Proposition 19 also has some unlikely allies; a group of former judges, prosecutors and cops are all for legalizing pot.
    “No one in the history of marijuana use has ever died of an overdose from marijuana,” says Stephen Downing, a retired deputy chief of the LAPD.
    Downing says marijuana is less harmful than alcohol or tobacco. And he says arresting people for possessing marijuana is a waste of time for police; he says instead, they should be solving violent crimes and targeting those controlling the black market.
    “Marijuana provides 95 percent of the cartels’ profits,” says Downing, citing the hundreds of murders along the U.S.-Mexico border attributed to the drug cartels. “And they’re using the hundreds of thousands of gang members to bring about their distribution, their collections, their enforcement and their assassinations. We have a major, major violence problem, and if we take the cartels’ profits away, we’re going to start drying them up.”
    Downing says taxing and regulating marijuana would be a start.
    William Cox is another member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, or LEAP. The former LAPD sergeant and L.A. county district attorney says officers are more likely to bust young African-Americans and Latinos on marijuana charges.
    “The white kids are not swept up in this because they are able to have the resources to get out of it if they are caught,” Cox says. Police officers often will let them off the hook if they catch them with a small amount of marijuana. “If they are white, middle-class and acting respectfully toward the officers, they’re told to go home.”….


    • B Balz says:

      One aspect on the issue of legalizing dope is the huge, adverse impact a simple possession charge has on young folks. Social media, public access to public criminal databases make it easy for employers to ‘weed out’ prospective job seekers.

      While smoking dope is hardly a job credential, youthful indiscretion, falling in with the ‘wrong crowd’, or just being a kid in the wrong place, can give anybody a lifelong trail.

    • Lady Thinker says:

      Marijuana stays in the system for 30 days at least. Teen drivers, who can barely drive with nothing in their system, would feel that driving high is the acceptable thing to do and I fear the death and injury reate among them, which is high already, would soar upward.

      Marijuana is also considered a gateway drug. Do you really want to cross paths or have your teen drivers cross paths with anyone under the influence of marijuana, alcohol, inhalents, or any other mind altering substance while driving?

      Better get those trauma centers built faster!

      • While the remains of it may be in your system for up to 30 days, you do not stay high for 30 days.

        Furthermore, most of the proponents of legalizing marijuana that I’ve seen propose that it be age limited to either 18 or 21 as we currently do with cigarettes, alcohol and the lottery. I’m sure the proponents in Georgia would also support the Sunday sales of it.

        Define “gateway drug”. Alcohol and nicotine are also gateway drugs. So are prescription pills. The difference is that marijuana does not have the same addictive type qualities of the other three things I mentioned.

        • Lady Thinker says:

          True, one does not stay high for 30 days but I disagree with the legalization of marijuana, although I am starting to faintly agree with it for medical use.

          While marijuana is not physically addictive, it is emotionally addictive and when the high becomes less intense, many users turn to other illegal drugs or even prescription drugs to get the same effect.

          There are many stats pointing to weed as a gateway drug but I am sure one could find stats for the use of mj. I am one of those that thinks it is a bad idea to legalize.

          • Video games are emotionally addictive. Do we outlaw those too?

            Look at the amount of money we spend trying to fight the war against marijuana. Just as with the prohibition of alcohol, it doesn’t work. According to the CDC:

            Percent of persons 12 years of age and over with marijuana use in the past month: 5.8% (2007)


            Think about that for a moment. Georgia has a population of roughly 10M (9.8M was the 2009 estimate). I’ll underestimate that 75% of those are 12 or over (26.2% are 18 or under according to the stats I found). So if 5.8% of those 7.5M people use marijuana on a monthly basis at a minimum, that’s 435,000 per month using marijuana in the state of Georgia. The war on drugs, at least when it comes to marjiuana, has failed. Think about how much tax money could be saved by not fighting the drug but instead legalizing it and taxing it like we do with alcohol and tobacco. We turn it from a liability into an asset.

            • Lady Thinker says:

              I understand your argument and it is a good one. I guess my opinion comes from years of training and working the other side of the coin seeing the health and addiction problems as well as the criminal elements. I won’t be able to change my views overnight and may not be able change my mind at all.
              I have never indulged in an illegal drug and I am too old to start now.

              From an economic standpoint, Bill Clinton’s War on Drugs has been a abject failure and along with the “Three Strikes You’re Out” the jails statistically have more drug dealers and users than any other crimes.

              I understand that legalizing and taxing the drug would bring much needed revenue to the state, but I just can’t wrap my head around a belief that I have held probably longer than you have been alive. I have sweaters older than you! (lol)

              • “I understand that legalizing and taxing the drug would bring much needed revenue to the state, but I just can’t wrap my head around a belief that I have held probably longer than you have been alive. I have sweaters older than you! (lol)”

                I can understand that. I also understand having worked on the criminal side that you’ve probably seen some very negative things from people who used marijuana or some other drug. But keep in mind that it’s not marijuana that makes someone violent (other than the black market aspect of having to continuously run from the police and keep things out of the public light). Most people that use marijuana are not violent people. I know you probably have no intent on trying marijuana, and that’s fine. But I think you’d probably be a bit more enlightened on the subject if you tried it once or twice as to what kind of effects it actually has on you.

                Have I tried it? Yes. In the past I’ve smoked marijuana probably 10 to 15 times. Period. I was around people who did it on a regular basis and was curious. Last time I did any was probably 8 or 9 years ago. It’s just really not my kinda thing. But who am I to tell other people that they shouldn’t smoke it just because I don’t particularly enjoy it? Would I smoke it if it became legal? Probably not. But I’d rather save my tax dollars from funding such a useless fight and then paying to house and feed people in the jails when all they did was smoke the flower of a plant.

                • Lady Thinker says:

                  Good points. I have never smoked it. Heck, I didn’t have my first drink until I was 22 in an era where the drinking age was 18.

                  It comes down to a control issue I think. I never wanted my son to see me drunk so I never had the desire to really drink other than an occasional glass of wine or beer.

                  When he got curious about alcohol, I would give him his own glass of about an ounce of whatever I was drinking. He felt grown up and lost interest.

  2. Breaking news- State Senate Seat 33, volunteer for Democrat Steve Thompson caught stealing signs and pulls a knife on Republican challenger Craig Prewett and his campaign manager. Details still coming in.

    • polisavvy says:

      Is this for real?? The Austin Scott campaign has signs disappearing in Butts County. Personally, I don’t know why any candidate’s supporter(s) would stoop to something so low. These signs are terribly expensive (especially the 4 x 4’s), plus the candidates can go and pick them up, store them, and use them the next election. Stealing campaign signs hits a new low, in my opinion.

        • polisavvy says:

          True! LOL!! But just think, had the moron not tried to steal the sign in the first place, the knife wouldn’t have even been necessary. The thief caused the problem, not the knife. If I catch anyone stealing Scott signs tonight while I’m out putting signs near the precincts, believe me, I won’t pull a knife (or gun); instead, I’ll get their tag number and turn them in.

          You didn’t answer me. Is this a true story? If so, unbelievable. Both parties are in the wrong. And yes, my bad, the knife is the true low point.

          • Doug Grammer says:

            As I read the story, the thief pulled the knife. He probably had it to cut the zip ties that held the sign to the stakes.

            • polisavvy says:

              Okay, gotcha!! I think that the sign “stealers” should be prosecuted. They are basically stealing the property of another. I just don’t get the whole “let’s steal signs” mentality. I mean, really, “get a freakin’ life.”

              • NoTeabagging says:

                If it is illegally placed in the public right of way, on public property, etc. it is litter. It is not a crime to pick up litter or illegal signs. Most municipalities encourage citizens to help keep public areas clean of litter, and illegal signs. Candidates do not have ‘special rights’ to break these laws. If they did, then every graffiti tagger would have the same right to ‘get their message out’ and the right to promote their name ‘by branding’ every inch of public property. Campaigns signs are pre-fab graffiti on public property. They don’t disappear immediately after the election. They stay up for months.

                • polisavvy says:

                  I don’t mean to be rude or snide; but, is that all you are focused on during this election — signs? Really? I’m just saying . . .

                    • polisavvy says:

                      Hysterically funny! Almost fell out of the chair laughing. Thanks, B Balz, I needed that today. 🙂 (A very nerve racking day indeed). What in the world is going on? First there was the mess with the airplanes and suspicious packages, now it’s a courthouse in Atlanta. This is nutz!! See, that’s why we need you — to make us laugh!!

                    • NoTeabagging says:

                      I think we all use personal criteria to judge whether or not a candidate is fit for office. This is one of them. Public respect. As a hobby, I find it a fascinating study in social pathology. Particularly interesting is the reaction of candidates and supporters when asked, very politely I might add, to please obey the ordinances and respect the public.

                      B Balz: thanks for sharing the SEN. Boxer piece, very funny!

                    • B Balz says:


                      You have a good point, I was on sign committee with my local House rep and he was adamant that the signs be placed out of the right of way and on property with a confirmed, current owner approval. And removed after the election.

                      That said, not all vols listen or follow directions. Thus, extrapolating that a sign placement violation adversely reflects on the candidate is a stretch in judgment for me.

                    • polisavvy says:

                      NT — I see your point. The problem is that a lot of people don’t understand what the actual measurements are from the center line to the edge of the road. They think if it’s not in the pavement then they can stick a sign there. To view a candidate unfavorably because volunteers don’t know what’s the legal area is kind of unfair. I don’t believe these men and women who are willing to enter into this field intentionally disrespect the public by encouraging that signs be placed in an inappropriate location.

                • Machette says:

                  Trashy politicians will be around a lot longer than trashy signs. Anyone who worries more about political signage than about political ethics, character or competency is a fool.

                  • NoTeabagging says:

                    Machette, ditto on negative and attack ads from hate mongering politicians.

                    BB and Poli: I can tolerate a sign in the ROW clearly at a residence by permission for a short time period (not ten months). But signs in medians, on/off ramps, parks, cemeteries, greenspaces, MARTA property, and in the ROW of vacant properties, schools, churches, etc. w/o permission clearly shows a lack of willingness to obey laws and encourage volunteers to do the same.

                    • Lady Thinker says:

                      How do you know if they do or if they don’t have permission? You would have to ask so many people to find out for sure unless it is obvious, like on/off entrance/exit ramps.

              • polisavvy says:

                Wouldn’t that fall into the criminal trespass category as well? Attempted assault? This guy should be in some big trouble. The very idea confronting the property owner about a sign on the property owner’s own property. Thanks for the link (not that I ever doubted you in the first place).

                • Erick Likes Puppies says:

                  Frankly, he sounds deranged. Steve Thompson would never be dumb enough to send someone into the CANDIDATE’s yard, and frankly, if I were going to be sending someone around to “vandalize,” I’d just remove the whole sign.

                  The guy sounds whacked out of his mind, and he’s a moron for doing anything of this sort. I know Steve Thompson, and he’s not dumb enough to stoop THAT low. The arrested guy— not so much.

                  • polisavvy says:

                    He doesn’t sound right, that’s for sure. Thanks for clarifying that about Mr. Thompson. I’d like to think no candidate would ever encourage this type of behavior. I feel like B Balz does, I see those signs and am reminded of the choices I am able to make. I don’t think anyone has a right to take that right away from you, me, or anyone else.

  3. polisavvy says:

    Even though we have gone after each other for months now, I hope that we can move beyond that and start actually discussing issues that are facing Georgia and the nation. Good luck to all of you tomorrow. I hope whoever you are supporting has a good day. As for me, just as long as Austin Scott wins tomorrow then I’ll have a good day. It was very difficult for me to get too excited about most of the candidates on my ballot. To be quite frank, beyond Scott and Rick Jeffares, there wasn’t much left.

    • Jeff says:

      I’ll have a piece up tonight that I think you’ll like. It’ll shed some light on at least one aspect of this craziness, and get us more in the direction of thinking policy.

      Good news though (for those of us in Albany anyway): The former Back Yard Burger is no longer an out-of-business eyesore: Build Your Burger opened on Oct 19!

      Always good to see new businesses opening up – though I wish they had come to Leesburg (or at least Lee County) rather than Albany/DoCo. 😉

      • polisavvy says:

        Great! Thanks for that and I’ll be looking forward to it. To be quite frank, I don’t think I could survive another week of this craziness. I’m ready to relax and focus on things other than elections, that’s for sure. (But, wait!)(I heard them say that not too long after the 3rd, the candidates for President will start coming out of the woodwork). 😉

          • polisavvy says:

            Do you ever have days where you can’t get a particular song out of your head? I am having one of those days. CCR’s “Bad Moon Rising” keeps playing in my head. Particularly the lines:

            I see a bad moon rising
            I see trouble on the way
            I see earthquakes and lightnin’
            I see bad times today

            and these words, too:

            Looks like we’re in for nasty weather
            One eye is taken for an eye

            I wonder why this is??

              • polisavvy says:

                I’m just saying, isn’t this an appropriate song for today? It can be interpreted any way anyone wants it to be interpreted. I can’t think of another one more appropriate; but, I wish I could. This is driving me nutz!! I may dislike this song before my very long day ends (probably around 3:00 a.m.).

                  • polisavvy says:

                    Only putting out signs at precincts! That’s all. I actually volunteered to do this again. Did it for the primary. And yes, Go Austin!!

                    Just heard another song that has some pretty good lyrics in it that would kind of scare some. Barry McGuire’s “Eve of Destruction.” Oh, Lord, am I ever showing my age and my husband’s to boot — this is music he downloaded.

                  • Lady Thinker says:


                    I forgot about getting ready for the upcoming presidential election!!!! Getting a man will have to wait. CHARGEEEEEEEEE.

      • Jeff says:

        So life intervened and I didn’t get a chance to write that post 🙁

        Anyway, the gist:

        GAGOP had no choice BUT to play the fear card – because they didn’t even make ANY attempt to run in enough races in the State House that they could have potentially pulled out a veto-proof majority, assuming the GOP wave hits today as big or bigger than expected. Dems put enough candidates in races that they could THEORETICALLY retake control of the State House (emphasize THEORETICALLY, as in, aint gonna happen). “Both” Parties put enough candidates up in State Senate that both Majority and Veto-Proof Majority are theoretically up for grabs – though a Veto-Proof Majority for GOP is FAR more likely than a Majority for Dems.

        Gotta wonder if the strategy would have or could have been different had the GOP fielded more candidates…

      • B Balz says:

        Me too. I am pretty sure I will stick to my conservative beliefs and make sure our reps and Governor have current and objective information on the causes that are important to me.

        On the other hand, so much of what is being said makes a lot of sense. Hard to filter the noise at times.

          • Erick Likes Puppies says:

            See, if that’s the case, then it’s obvious you don’t want to vote for Cagle.

            Vote for Carol. I know her quite well, and she is one of the kindest, most genuine people I know. And, to boot, she’s smart and attractive.

            • TPNoGa says:

              If you know her, can you answer my main reservation?

              I am obviously to the right of center. My concern is that she campaigns from the center, but will leap to the left once in office. I do not know much about her, is she truly moderate-center? Please be honest. Her response to the pro-life/choice question sounded like a cop-out to me. (abortion is not my main issue, I was just using it as an example).

              • Erick Likes Puppies says:

                She really is moderate, no kidding. I’m FAR more liberal than her, and we don’t agree on many issues (abortion being one of them), but I still love her all the more. I don’t see her leaping to the left, because she’s not to the left.

                I’m not Carol, and I’m not a Porter, just a friend who knows her and DuBose well. But I wouldn’t lie about either of them. They’re too perfect already.

                • TPNoGa says:

                  Thanks for the info. I guess if Erick, Charlie, etc. support her, she can’t be too liberal. I’ll probably vote for her, I do think the state Senate needs something to shake it up. I am not so much worried about Casey’s “issues” as much as how he kicked Senators off of committees for not supporting the hospital tax. That one ticked me off.

              • Charlie says:

                OK, I was going to just leave this one alone and let the chips fall, but you have a good question, and I’ll answer from my perspective.

                I’ve been around what I call the faux-life crowd from our own party for a long time. They speak a certain language, and expect certain things in exchange for a brand of “pro-life”. And after the brand is awarded, usually, nothing.

                The meeting I had with Carol over breakfast wasn’t an interview, and I didn’t do much to steer the conversation. When social conservative issues were brought up, they were brought up by her, not me.

                Her language isn’t the language of someone that wants to say “the right thing” on the issues. Quite the contrary. It is the language of someone that really wants to bring people together and solve the problem, or at least, get on a path to real solutions.

                To be “pro life” right now, you have to agree to such an extreme positon that you know there is no practical reality that you will ever have to live under the laws you claim you want to enact. It allows you to pretend to be morally superior to everyone around you while in reality, doing absolutely nothing to save innocent unborn.

                Whether social or economic conservative issues, Mrs. Porter wanted to talk about real steps toward achieving solutions. She openly rejects platitudes on their face, and refuses to speak in them.

                As I’ve said, I don’t expect her to win tomorrow, unfortunately. But I do want her to remain in politics. We need more people like her that are more concerned about fixing problems where they exist rather than parsing language into empty platitudes to please fringes.

                • TPNoGa says:

                  I agree 100% with the pro-life con artists. Plus, abortion is only a deal breaker for me for President because they can effect the most amount on the issue. Next would be Senator, because they confirm Supreme Court nominations. Other offices that have zero effect on abortion….not so much. It always amuses me when someone (pro-life and pro-choice) screams that a county commissioner is on the other side of the issue. It’s like….dude, they can’t do crap anyway, why worry about it.

                  Thanks for the feedback. She seems pretty sane and non-political when I have seen her interviewed.

    • Doug Grammer says:

      Nice Spin. If you were being fair you would have said:


      The reality is:


    • eschristian says:

      Deal also spoke of raising taxes in the debate I watched not long ago. It was the debate moderated by Brenda Woods and the issue of Georgia being the new Hollywood related to tax breaks given to the movie industry by the state. Deal AGREED with Barnes that those tax breaks should be reviewed and possibly taken away because they have achieved what they were intended to do by bringing the movie industry to Georgia.

      Spoken like a true democrat – let’s take the tax breaks away aka raise the taxes of the movie industry which would result in more job loss (increased unemployment in Georgia) and less movie industry here which results in less people coming in to work and buying goods/services from Georgia’s small businesses which decreases the economic benefits that the movie industry brings to Georgia. Not to mention “extra” job opportunities for those unemployed.

      Just saying GOP – way to go – Deal is really conservative – NOT!!!

      • Doug Grammer says:

        Hello spider. Been spinning much?

        Saying you would look at something is NOT the same as saying, “Yes, I am in favor of removing those tax breaks, let do that.”

        • eschristian says:

          @Doug – go back and watch the debate “perhaps those tax breaks have achieved what they were to do and yes we should look at ending them” – Deal.

          Who is spinning now? Just saying – sorry the truth hurts – raising taxes is not a conservative principle that I ever knew!!!

              • Doug Grammer says:

                My mind was still open even after everyone qualified. I knew I would support the GOP nominee. I wish you would quit thinking you know everything. It’s annoying.

                • I’ve never said I know everything. In fact, I readily admit when I don’t. But you just confirmed yourself… “I knew I would support the GOP nominee.” I never said you had your mind made up during the primaries. I don’t know who you voted for in the primary, nor does it matter. But I felt rather confident that no matter which candidate won the GOP primary they had your vote on November 2nd…. and you just confirmed it.

                • …and yes John Monds had my vote from the very beginning. You can watch his announcement video and you’ll see me standing behind him to his right standing on the steps inside the gold dome from the spring of 2009. Well… you can see part of me anyways… The guy who shot the video didn’t zoom in enough so I had to crop the video using Final Cut Pro. I believe I’ve got the original somewhere that has the rest of me in the picture.

  4. fishtail says:

    I definitely believe there will be a runoff in the Governors race, no matter what Mark Rountree says. I expect Deal 47% Barnes 45% or thereabouts. So a late November runoff will let us know if the citizens of Georgia will truely be getting a turkey (Deal) for Thanksgiving.

  5. saltycracker says:

    Interesting AJC article on social security office problems with disability claims. Says 15% of SS nationwide are on ss disability. 1.4 million in Ga.

    Go into any metro SS office like Marietta and it looks, empirically, like a substantial part of SS’s challenges are not seniors and not locals. Just standing there you have to wonder, WTF ? Lots of red flags to better understand Social Security.

    By Russell Grantham
    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    Three years ago, the Social Security Administration’s Atlanta offices had the nation’s worst backlog of pending disability cases. Some very sick people, who initially had been turned down for Social Security benefits and were awaiting appeals, were losing their homes, or even dying, before getting a cent.

    …….If past trends hold, the Social Security Administration will eventually approve roughly half of the 3.3 million disability claims expected to be filed this year. Recipients, who must prove they are unable to work for at least a year, account for about 15 percent of the 53 million-plus people nationally and 1.4 million Georgians receiving money from Social Security.

  6. ricstewart says:

    Just left Carol Porter’s fly-around stop in Savannah. Lots of enthusiastic support and she seems to feel very confident going into election day.

    I decided to hang around for the Roy Barnes fly-in. Darryl Hicks was with him. It seemed like Barnes spent just as much time stumping for Hicks as he did for himself.

  7. NoTeabagging says:

    I’m Voting, but I ain’t happy about the choices of candidates. I can support two, and those are in my local districts.
    The rest, are the lesser of two weasels.

  8. Georgia Judge says:

    Porter is going to get absolutely destroyed.Its a bad year for a Liberal Dem to be running, Cagle wins big tommorrow night.

    Porter reminds me of that country song…falling seems like flying for a little while……

    Cagle 58%
    Porter 40%
    other 2%

    • B Balz says:

      “Gloating Rights” ought to come with a time delay.

      If in three years, the new Gov., Lt. Gov. and AG/Ins Commish have not made GA look like the the bastion of ignorance and intolerance, then you can gloat. I hope you can gloat, I really do. Right now there is too much work to be done.

      File this comment under the “Be careful of what you wish for” bin.

      • Erick Likes Puppies says:


        I love this state. Let’s not make it the next

        We’ve stayed away from that crap for long enough, but it looks like this year is yours. Hooray for crap leadership.

    • “Its a bad year for a Liberal Dem to be running”

      I dunno, I still think Deal is going to win in the end. (I’m not supporting him… just saying I think we’re screwed…)

  9. aoburns says:

    I’ve worked on a campaign where they stole the signs and the posts that went with them. And these were 4×4 wooden posts in front of a house.

      • Baker says:

        Maybe it’s not people trying to sabotage campaigns, it might just be that people are really anal about sign placement in Butts County.

        • polisavvy says:

          Well, their “analness” should not allow them to go onto private property where the property owner has given permission for a sign to be placed and remove it because they want to do so or because it offends them. I believe that’s called trespassing.

  10. kyleinatl says:

    I predict Deal takes it without a run-off at 53% of the vote.

    Marshall is a goner, Still up in the air about Bishop, but I envision a loss here, every other Dem is safe.

    But I also predict that this is going to be a very short-term GOP wave, not for Georgia, but nation-wide. We’ll see…

  11. Steve says:

    Just vote NO on Amendment One, and make sure your friends and family know why. So long as you do that, I don’t really care which crappy candidates you vote for in any of the other races.

    • polisavvy says:

      Well, I’m sure this is not the type of publicity Mr. Thompson wanted on Election Eve. I wonder why the guy who was arrested said Thompson would get him an attorney? Was this incident done with Thompson’s blessings or just some nut job who decided to do this on his own? If Thompson was complicit with this in any manner, he should be in big trouble and, I agree with you Paulding, he should resign. Of course, do you think the truth will ever come out?

    • Erick Likes Puppies says:

      Dude, you’re an idiot. Steve Thompson wasn’t there, dude. It was some rabid moron. If Thompson was going around stabbing people, yeah, maybe you’d have a point. But he wasn’t, so shove it.

      Everything you say is so blown out of proportion. Whackjob.

  12. John Konop says:

    This is very interesting, I wonder what must of you think about this? I do think Palin is the best hope for Obama in 12.

    Next for GOP leaders: Stopping Sarah Palin

    Top Republicans in Washington and in the national GOP establishment say the 2010 campaign highlighted an urgent task that they will begin in earnest as soon as the elections are over: Stop Sarah Palin.

    Interviews with advisers to the main 2012 presidential contenders and with other veteran Republican operatives make clear they see themselves on a common, if uncoordinated, mission of halting the momentum and credibility Palin gained with conservative activists by plunging so aggressively into this year’s midterm campaigns

    Read more and Video

    • polisavvy says:

      This may come as a shock to you; but, I don’t think she would be the best choice to go up against Obama. The media absolutely hates her, speaks badly about her every day, and would make it impossible for her to win. Remember, a lot of people still buy all the garbage the media throws out there. Heck, we aren’t even sure he’ll be the nominee. If his numbers keep tanking, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary didn’t step aside as Secretary of State and make a run for it. That’s just what I think.

      • Three Jack says:

        polisavvy, name one potential gop presidential nomine who will get favorable treatment from the elite media…not going to happen whether it is palin, barbour, romney, pawlenty, huckabee, christie, gingrich…etc.

        i’m sure the dems and john konop want to make palin the face of the gop. go for it….i’ll take her over the current unqualified occupant of 1600 pa ave. any day.

        • polisavvy says:

          Don’t shoot the messenger! I didn’t say I wouldn’t support her. I simply said that as much folly as she provided the elite media last time, that they are foaming at the mouth to get her again. Did I approve of her treatment? Absolutely not! Do I think she’ll be treated better? Absolutely not! It will be ten times worse than before. I was simply saying to John that I don’t think she’d be able to beat Obama. Nothing more, nothing less.

          I didn’t vote for the “current unqualified occupant of 1600 pa ave. either.” I supported McCain. I do think that a few of the ones you named would provide the elite media with a little less folly. Several of the ones you named are seasoned veterans, so to speak, and the elite media would not be able to get away with the same things they got away with Palin. I felt truly sorry for her. So, calm down.

          • Three Jack says:

            ps, sorry…i did not mean to come across as attacking the messenger. i was just trying to point out the nat’l media is going on the attack against the gop nominee no matter who the party selects.

        • John Konop says:

          Three Jack,

          I am a fiscal conservative who has been critical of both parties as well as pointed out positive points about candidates regardless to party affiliation. Why would I want make Palin the face of the GOP?

          I have also been asked about issues regarding the economy and education from candidates in all three parties. And I have given them my open and honest opinion. In fact both candidates running for school superintendent John and Joe thank me for the information I gave them on math 123. And in fact Joe Martin called me last week to tell me if elected like John Barge he would eliminate math 123 tracking if elected. In my mind no matter which candidates wins it will better than Kathy Cox since both candidates support vocational education over a 1 track system and both will end the math 123 lunacy. Is that not what is important?

          …..i’m sure the dems and john konop want to make palin the face of the gop. go for it…….

          • TPNoGa says:

            I would assume you would like Indiana governor Mitch Daniels? He seems like your kind of guy from what I know about him. He’s my early favorite.

          • Three Jack says:

            john, what does ga math 123 have to do with sarah palin and 2012 presidential election other than you going off on another ‘hey i’m john konop, the smartest guy in the world and candidates like me’ rant?

            • John Konop says:

              Three Jack,

              The point was simple, I am about policy not party. And the math 123 was an example of me pushing a solution to all parties to fix a problem over using it as a wedge issue. You would rather fight, I am more into fixing the problem.

    • B Balz says:

      If Ms. Palin is the BEST our nation can offer for POTUS, we are in BIG trouble. When branding replaces quality, we are in the weeds. I cannot stand the though of Sarah Palin being in charge of anything.

      She is a shallow, hollow, mediocre human being with a pathetic intellect, small worldview, and an annoying voice. If she were a man, she’d be laughed out onto the street. As it is, credible is not an adjective I would use to describe geographically-challenged Ms. Palin.

      That said, Ms. Palin gives me hope that America MAY be ready to listen to and accept a female candidate for President.

      • polisavvy says:

        I think America is ready; but, I don’t think Palin would be the one. I’m still thinking that if Barry’s numbers keep falling, that Hillary might step aside as Secretary of State and challenge him for the nomination. I’ve been thinking this for a while. Plus, the fact that Bill has been everywhere (even for smallish state races), makes me wonder if that’s not the plan — keep the Clinton mystique alive. Just my opinion, though.

        • ricstewart says:

          There’s been some talk about a VP swap- that Obama would have Hillary as his VP pick in 2012.
          As vapid as Joe Biden is, I wouldn’t entirely rule out the possibility of a VP swap, but if it happens, it won’t be Hillary Clinton; it’ll likely be Kathleen Sebelius, imo.

        • Lady Thinker says:

          I wonder if it will be Palin/Clinton? Just going by the fact that Palin ran as a VP and Clinton as a P. Seens like it could come down to both of them running for president.

  13. Baker says:

    I think ol’ griftdrift mentioned this in another post somewhere, but I’ll echo it here. Sanford Bishop is the canary in coal mine. If he loses, this will be an election not seen since Truman.

  14. View from Brookhaven says:

    Did anybody catch “The Walking Dead” on AMC last night? I got a kick out of seeing downtown Atlanta overrun with zombies (that don’t work under the Gold Dome).

    I felt bad for the horse, though…

  15. polisavvy says:

    Well guys, good luck to your candidates tomorrow. Have to go start packing to head South tomorrow — going to Austin Scott’s VICTORY party. I’ll “see” y’all on Thursday.

  16. saltycracker says:

    If you have any money invested then you know who Bill Gross is:

    Investment Outlook William H. Gross | November 2010

    Run Turkey, Run•The Fed’s announcement of a renewed commitment to Quantitative Easing has been well telegraphed and the market’s reaction is likely to be subdued.
    •We are in a “liquidity trap,” where interest rates or trillions in asset purchases may not stimulate borrowing or lending because consumer demand is just not there.
    •The Fed’s announcement will likely signify the end of a great 30-year bull market in bonds and the necessity for bond managers and, yes, equity managers to adjust to a new environment.
    They say a country gets the politicians it deserves or perhaps it deserves the politicians it gets. Whatever the order, America is next in line, and as we go to the polls in a few short days it’s incumbent upon a sleepy and befuddled electorate to at least ask ourselves, “What’s going on here?” Democrat or Republican, Elephant or Donkey, nothing much ever seems to change. Each party has shown it can add hundreds of billions of dollars to the national debt with little to show for it or move our military from one country to the next chasing phantoms instead of focusing on more serious problems back home. This isn’t a choice between chocolate and vanilla folks, it’s all rocky road: a few marshmallows to get you excited before the election, but with a lot of nuts to ruin the aftermath.

    Each party’s campaign tactics remind me of airport terminals pre-9/11 when solicitors only yards apart would compete for the attention and dollars of travelers. “Save the Whales,” one would demand, while the other would pose as its evil twin – “Eat Whale Blubber,” the makeshift sign would read. It didn’t matter which slogan grabbed you, the end of the day’s results always produced a pot of money for them and the whales were neither saved nor eaten. American politics resemble an airline terminal with a huckster’s bowl waiting to be filled every two years.

    The rest of the article:

  17. Libertarian Party Election Night Celebration!
    Tue, November 2, 7:00pm –
    Georgian Terrace
    659 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30308

    Yes, we know this is where The Ox had his Primary night Party (non-celebratory, thank God)…. at least none of our candidates will come in 4th 😉 .

    Come out and celebrate an historic election year for our Candidates and their volunteer’s and supporter’s hard work spreading the message of Limited Government, More Opportunity and Liberty & Freedom for All!

  18. chefdavid says:

    I think the title of this thread should have been:
    I dropped my tooth brush in the toilet. I hold my nose to get it out knowing I have to use it to brush my teeth….Thats the way I feel about this election.

    • B Balz says:

      This thread should be named Rep. Deal will continue to honor our State motto:

      Wisdom, Justice and Moderation.

  19. Three Jack says:

    open thread…

    giants win! 1954, the last time the giants (ny version) won the world series. ike’s first mid-term elections took place and the gop lost control of the legislature with the dems retaining control of the senate for the next 26 years and the house for 40 years. here’s hoping a fiscally conservative gop can duplicate that retention record after benefiting from a very forgiving citizenry.

    • analogkid says:

      Twas nice to see an NL win, but I have to admit I was hoping for seven games.

      Props to W for showing up to all three home games.

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