John Barrow Is All Things To All People

The Augusta Chronicle has an article online outlining some double-speak coming from the campaign of Georgia’s 12th District Congressman John Barrow.   Democratic Households are being told that he “Works Hand in Hand with Obama”, while Republican leaning households receive mailers touting Barrow’s work against major Obama administration initiatives.

The first mailing has a cover with a picture of the Democratic president next to a headline, “NOW more than ever.”

“John Barrow,” it says, “is working hand in hand with President Obama to create jobs and turn the economy around.”

The other mailing has a headline that proclaims the 12th Congressional District representative as “not another rubber stamp.”

It says he “stood up to (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Washington.” It also notes his vote against Obama’s energy bill and “the Wall Street bail-out.”

Barrow’s challenger, Ray McKinney, hasn’t received the same press here as Austin Scott or Mike Keown, and that’s largely because his odds are longer.   That said, in a Republican state in a Republican year, in an election cycle where there is general widespread anger among voters against double-speaking incumbent politicians, a strategy of being all things to all people by an incumbent could provide just enough of a spark for an outsider to break through.

I’m thinking I’ll be happy at the election night party in Tifton on Tuesday.   I’m starting to believe that despite the entrenched Democratic base in GA-2 that we will see that upset there for Mike Keown.   The longshot I’m starting to watch is now in Eastern Georgia.   The Republican wave will have to be tall, but here’s hoping Ray McKinney can catch it.


  1. macho says:

    Whether it’s Barrow, Marshall or Barnes, it’s always amusing to watch the love/hate tightrope they have to walk with Obama (in fairness to Barnes, it’s a bit more relevant to a US Congressman, but don’t think for a second that Barnes and Co. haven’t used Obama to their advantage in certain urban neighborhoods.) It reminds me of that Eddie Murphy movie, “The Distinguished Gentlemen,” where he campaigns through different areas of his district pretending he’s white, Asian, black, etc…

    It would be pretty damn funny if a Democratic media consultant ever got the white voter list and the black voter list switched by mistake.

  2. jeff says:

    News from CD2 – New York Times FiveThirtyEight Blog as of October 29 predicts Keown 50.6% – Bishop 49.4%. They now give Keown a 58.1% chance of winning to Bishop’s 42% chance of winning.

    Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball now has Georgia CD2 listed as Leans Republican.

    If Keown pulls off this upset it would be huge. This district has never been competitive. It has taken 15 months of hard campaigning but the district looks to be turning red.

  3. kyleinatl says:

    While I can hang with you on Austin Scott, and I’ve got some slight misgivings about Georgia losing an appropriator in Bishop (might be a bigger mistake than we realize), there is no. way. in hell. I can agree with you about McKinney. I look forward to seeing he and other fringe candidates pack it up on Tuesday.

  4. Jane says:

    Even if Barrow wins this year, he will be a dead man walking after Redistricting. Either the district gets more minority voters from Macon and he loses in a primary that is 75% black or more Republicans are put into this district and it would not take much to tip the scales. Personally, I would put Statesboro into the 1st and give the urban areas of Macon to the 12th. McDuffie County, which has a large number of black democrats could also be put into the district. This could make the 8th more white and the black Dem’s in the 12th much more influential in primaries.

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