More polling from Landmark

Landmark Communications released polling in race in GA-2 between Rep. Sanford Bishop and Mike Keown and in GA-7 between Rob Woodall and Doug Heckman. Interestingly, Keown is at 50%, but Barnes still leading in the district in the race for Governor.


  • Keown: 50.2%
  • Bishop: 45.9%
  • Undecided: 3.9%


  • Woodall: 59.5%
  • Heckman: 30.4%
  • Undecided: 10.1%


  1. peach4handel says:

    That can mean only one thing,we have a lot of dems crossing over for bishop.That dosnt supirse me reither,bishop dosnt have a high ratings even with dems.A lot of the blacks r getting fed with him.FVSU a african american college isnt jumping over rings to get him re-elected.Heared they r tired of him because he not brining home the bacon

    • Charlie says:

      You need to get back from your Vegas Vacation Clark, and take a look around Gwinnett. That district isn’t anywhere close to a 70% Republican district anymore.

      Less and less every time Nathan Deal screams how much he hates the Mexicans to make sure no one asks him about any real issues.

      • Gerald says:

        How is opposing illegal immigration “hating Mexicans”? Is it that you want open borders? Well change the law. Until then, we need to enforce the laws that are on the books. Or how about this. If you get to break immigration laws, then big business gets to break minimum wage, overtime, worker safety, and environmental protection laws. And good ole boys (and girls) get to break civil rights laws. And people also get to break laws against theft, rape and murder.

        When did liberals go in favor of selective law enforcement? I am aware that the black left adopted an anti-law enforcement stance because of their belief that crime was caused by poverty, so putting blacks in jail was unfair in a society that causes crime by refusing to adequately redistribute wealth. (Yes, that’s what the “racial profiling” issue is all about, an attempt to prevent law enforcement in black communities because of the old Black Panther belief that law enforcement was just a tool of the capitalists to keep the underclass fearful and under control in order to keep them from organizing politically to redistribute wealth. No, I am not making this up. The mainstream civil rights organizations adopted the radical ideology in the 1970s when the mainstream leaders merged with the radical ones … Jesse Jackson was a former radical who hung out with the Panthers that shaved his afro and put on a business suit, and a lot of former Panthers and radicals stopped trying to overthrow the government and became elected officials, including some in the U.S. Congress, choosing the progressive “work within the system” movement over revolution.) But when did the white left adopt that old Black Panther ideology?

        • ‘How is opposing illegal immigration “hating Mexicans”?’

          That’s right Charlie… he doesn’t hate Mexicans… it’s the Ghetto Grandmothers he hates. (After all, who would all the poultry houses hire in his district if it weren’t for the Mexicans?)

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