Jill Chambers vs. The Democrats [UPDATED]

Literally. What the heck is this about?

There is more here on the matter.

State House Rep. Jill Chambers, R-Atlanta, filed a civil suit in Fulton County Superior Court Thursday morning against the Democratic Party of Georgia over two flyers that went out in recent days containing the last four digits of her Social Security number.

Chambers said she’s not concerned with the content of the flyer itself, but is concerned about the release – on more than one occasion – of information that can be used to access her bank accounts, phone records or other personal data.

“I don’t have a problem with them using tax documents against me; they’re public records,” said Chambers. “I play hardball politics myself, and I know that sometimes in the rush of it all things get by you. But they did it twice – that’s not an accident.”

She won a temporary restraining order.


  1. View from Brookhaven says:

    Chambers has finally lost it?

    Sadly, I live one block outside of District 81 and cannot vote against Chambers.

  2. Prince Albert says:

    Chambers has declared bankruptcy, AND has had her campaign funds to the amount of $58K seized by the court in the action. She never incorporated her campaign account. Bad part was that Speaker Ralston, Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones, and the rest of the House leadership did a fundraiser for her on 9/15, each giving the maximum $24oo. On the 27th, those funds were seized and will be going to pay off her creditors rather than used to get her elected. Gotta make all of those contributors happy I”m sure. Lost her house in the deal too, which was listed as collateral for a $200K loan that she defaulted on.
    It is covered here: http://clatl.com/freshloaf/archives/2010/10/20/rep-jill-chambers-campaign-funds-frozen-by-court

    and here: http://blogs.ajc.com/political-insider-jim-galloway/2010/10/20/when-a-fiscal-watchdog-files-for-bankruptcy/

    When this happened, she assured leadership that it was a bank error, flat out lied to them. She has filed this suit as cover, thinking she is going to use the state Dems for a problem entirely of her own making. I cannot imagine that Ralston, Jones, et al are happy with her for squandering their money and then trying to blame everyone but the real culprit, Jill herself.

    Why House leadership has supported this loon for so long baffles the heck out of me, clearly has been an constant embarrassment for the GOP, especially as a committee chair. Constantly attacks fiscal issues with state departments and can’t keep her own house in order. Holier than thou gets humbled, karma comes around and bites her in the butt.
    If she gets re elected, am going to be interested what leadership does after all this has com to light.

  3. Doug Grammer says:

    I can see where Jason Shepherd might have a good case against the DPG, but I have no clue as to why Rep. Chambers would sue them. I haven’t watched her race. Reading the links, I would think that campaign cash could not be seized for a personal debt because it’s not personal money. I’m not a lawyer. What do I know?

    • objective says:

      Not an expert, but my understanding is that without incorporation, a campaign or campaign committee account is like running a d/b/a. No protection from personal obligations, especially if comingling of funds if found.

  4. Prince Albert says:

    The filing that she made today is an attempt to get the court to stop the Democratic Party stop using public documents (bankruptcy filings and court records) in mailers to her constituents. This is supposed to be the darling of conservative causes and she is trying to stifle free political speech?

    She tried and failed in court yesterday to get the campaign funds released, the judge turned them over to the bankruptcy trustee.

    Jill is in real trouble right now both personally and politically. Anyone that knows her will tell you that she is a pathological liar and when pressure builds she does not handle it well and lashes out. Look for more craziness between now and Tuesday.

  5. Here’s something funny:
    In 2002, Jill said her opponent didn’t own a house in the district.
    Now she doesn’t.

    In 2004, Jill said that her opponent didn’t pay his taxes and had a tax lien against him.
    Now she does.

    In 2006, Jill lampooned her opponent for having “10 jobs in as many years”.
    Soon she’ll be looking for work.

    In 2008, Jill told the voters that I ran a pornographic website.
    If it pays well, who knows what she’ll be up to next year.

    • Bob Roche says:

      I was the one with the 10 jobs in 10 years. Jill left out the fact that I’m a consultant; that’s what consultants do. When the project is finished, we move on to the next project. Like a housepainter.

      BTW – where will Jill live? And what happens when she has to show up in court on a day when the House is in session?

      Sorry, but I have no sympathy for Ms. Chambers. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

      Bob Roche

  6. Prince Albert says:

    Chris. Please don’t put Jill and porn in the same sentence. You are gonna scare the heck out of people. Just the thought…ugh.

    • Doug Grammer says:

      Chris may cause people to vote for her by his speculations to keep her from doing something new.

      Reading PA’s link below, I wouldn’t want the last 4 of my SS number sent out either. I’m not sure what can be done about it at this point.

    • dsean says:

      That actually makes sense. If they used her account numbers or ssn in a mailer, then she actually has a case. Not redacting out that information isn’t really hardball, just sloppy (at best) and possibly criminal (at worst).

      • Erick Likes Puppies says:

        You all are completely WRONG. All of this information is in the public record. The DPG did not access anything anyone else could not have.

        This is a last-ditch effort by an insane woman.

  7. Prince Albert says:

    She has co mingled campaign and personal funds before. In 2006 she used almost $80K in campaign funds to settle with her husbands bookie for gambling debts. She had ethics charges then, but the Glenn Richardson cabal covered that up quickly.

    She was in court yesterday trying to get them released. The judge did quite the opposite, he turned them over to the bankruptcy trustee. Those are going to creditors. Look at her bankruptcy filings, the only income she has is her salary as a representative, just over 17K/year. She listed her mortgage at $2500/month and her only other asset is a car valued (according to her own filing) $1000. She has been dipping in to campaign funds for living expenses is why the court seized them. The other thing that is going to hit her really soon is that although she lives a 20 minute ride from the Capitol, she maxed out her per diem last session. That is supposed to be used by legislators who come in from places like Albany and have hotel expenses, etc.

    • jm says:

      That doesn’t sound right. a) Jill used to tout herself as a successful businesswoman. So maybe in year’s past she had more income, but now, not so much. b) I’ve seen her car. It is by no means a $1000 clunker.

      • Prince Albert says:

        Look at the bankruptcy filings. She is either not being truthful to the federal court or hiding assets. Never been a successful businesswoman, in the filing her max income in ANY year was $27K, she is a pathological liar, nothing more> Wait until the layers get peeled off this onion>

    • Charlie says:

      I’ve been on the road most of the week, and still haven’t been able to get to the bottom of that. Davis (and John Lunsford) seem to have done something very stupid. That said, there’s also some significant local politics in play that I’m trying to get to the bottom of. From what I’ve seen thus far, all is not as it appears, and this may be a story that continues with fallout for those other than the intended target for some time after the election is over.

      • TiredPolitical says:

        Seems like local politics may have gotten the story to break, but the documents available to the public from Henry seem to indicate that it was simply a matter of time before Davis was sued by the county.

        The fact that John Lunsford has agreed to return the money for months now while Davis has refused just does not look good for him. Nor does getting sued by the county you represent. Very interesting story, looking forward to seeing it play out.

        • Charlie says:

          Except that the “facts” that were chosen to be delivered by the local politician seemed to be cherry picked, incomplete, and possibly incorrect.

          A sitting county commissioner is in the same boat as Davis, yet there is no mention of this, and no apparent action taken against him. I’m told the statements made about paying the money back by Lunsford and Davis were the same – they would pay the money back if it is determined by their attorneys that the business they received was improper. Yet the local officials are claiming Lunsford, who didn’t oppose the pet project of the commission chairman, is getting a pass. Davis, who did, was given just days to actually make a payment or told he would be sued, days before an election.

          Yes, the fallout will be interesting after the election, whether Davis wins the election or not. And if the above points are true, there may be a lot of Henry citizens wanting to know why three different elected officials who received business under this program are each being treated differently by the Commission Chairman.

          • TiredPolitical says:

            I don’t know anything about the commission chairman who you’re saying got a pass so I can’t comment on that (though the way you describe it certainly makes him sound fishy).

            What I do know though, is that Steve Davis is on the hook right now for more reasons than his re-election. Though you have heard otherwise, actual emails do not suggest that both representatives made the same statement concerning the money. Looking at the emails that were sent back and forth between Henry officials and Lunsford / Davis, Lunsford agreed to settle the issue as far back as May. An email dated May 3, 2010 reads:

            “…Lunsford has accepted [the] position and wants to settle issue amiably. Davis, however,wants to challenge the ‘opinion ruling’ and is not willing to accept responsibility for the full amount of the payment refusal by DCA.”

            Now I am no expert in any of this, nor is it really going to effect me, but it seems that Davis is getting a lot of attention right now because he has refused to settle the issue since May while Lunsford agreed to settle five months ago. Original emails concerning the money in question date back to December 2009.

            I could see this blowing up. From my perspective, this information is coming out now not just because of the election, but also because deliberations have been going on for almost 11 months now with no Davis resolution, while Lunsford agreed to resolve the issue nearly 6 months ago. I would love to see some in depth coverage of all of this… but I think there are some bigger races going on in the media right now.

  8. B Balz says:

    Not one friend to come to a lady’s defense? Elections have consequences.

    I don’t believe the ilk of a certain bow-tied ’emeritus’ will ever cuzzy-up to Ms. Parent, which may leave any real influence upon one very hot bit of dirt out of their purview.

    GM plant redevelopment the most important deal in NE Atlanta’s future.

    • What could possibly be her defense? Just another defective individual who thinks she should be allowed to draw up the rules everyone else has to play by. Toss her out, and I live close enough to the district I’ll help taken down Elena Parent in 2 years

        • Dave Bearse says:

          Was that 40-60% split a numbers transpostion BB? Jill’s margin has typically been short of 60-40 (I think 56-44 in 2008) in a district that voted for (I think Gore) Kerry and Obama, hardly demonstrative of a 40-60 Dem to GOP district.

        • jm says:

          The district leans Democratic – Blue collar Doraville, very little of it in Dunwoody proper. Jill, in person, resonates with voters. Her mailings suck, her campaigning sucks. But people get the sense that she is a moderate Republican, a centrist, and that she fights for them, fights for urban/suburban DeKalb as opposed to the rural right-wing that dominates the state. I am not feeling that as much this year as I have in other years, and I haven’t seen a poll, but this is one race to watch.

  9. TechFan says:

    The tax lien document in question was obtained from the DeKalb County Superior Court and was reprinted in the exact form on the campaign flyer(s) as it was received by the court. Any citizen could go to the courthouse and retrieve this document with the last 4 digits of the SS# on it. Jill Chambers’ fear of identity theft should be blamed on the DeKalb courts, if anyone.

    I pity the poor fool who tries to steal Jill Chambers’ identity since her credit rating is now in the toilet. Her business has gone under, which is sad for anyone, but when someone publicly brags about being an expert in financial management and accounting forensics, that person’s own house should certainly be in order. Jill blames the failure on her ex-husband, but she was the treasurer of the corporation and it’s hard to believe, with her history of “looking out for her constituents taxes”, that she wasn’t intricately involved in the company’s books.. She’s being sued by half a dozen creditors and has filed bankruptcy, so wanting to “BE” Jill Chambers would be a bad idea for a criminal.

    The fact of the matter is Jill Chambers didn’t pay her state taxes and was fined heavily for it. That is fair game in a campaign. Lord knows she has done worse in past campaigns. She has no money at this point and knows how much the people in District 81 are sick of her antics. She has not represented her district with dignity in the state house and the voters have finally seen this. This action to sue the Democratic Party of Georgia is a panicked move by a desperate person.

    Jill – it’s time for you to regroup, get your life and your finances in order and never think about running for public office again.

    • Erick Likes Puppies says:


      Completely correct. I can go down there right now and get it. Her argument is absolutely baseless, and nothing will ever come of it. She’s absolutely batty.

      To boot, do you think people would have even really noticed that unless she pointed it out?

  10. fishtail says:

    I don’t know Jill Chambers but have some sympathy for her as she goes through some very difficult times. Here’s hoping this experience will be a valuable one for her and she will emerge as a better person.

    • B Balz says:

      Oddly, the story of Jill’s ex-husband is out there. I think most of Ms. Chambers close friends know that the ex-hubby, Albert, is a deeply flawed man, a manipulator, and has shown himself to be a ‘loose cannon’ by threatening TWO sitting lawmakers on tape.

      Is Jill eccentric? No doubt. Tough? No doubt? (‘Cheerfully caustic’ by her own reckoning.) This race and GA-8 will be the two I am going to be watching very closely.

      Good luck to both GOP contenders.

      PS As to the ’empty-suit’ that is Mr. Roche, “You, Sir, are a small, small man.” Doraville deserves better.

  11. jm says:

    Just got a Robocall from Jill Chambers about yesterday’s court action. While I think its sloppy campaigning on part of the Democrats to post some of the digits of Jill’s SSN, the Robocall sounds desperate – It basically says “If you get any mailings from Elena Parent, that would be in violation of a court order”. Of course, the reality – any mailing that went out yesterday probably can’t be stopped, and the order wasn’t for “any mailing” just those specific ones that revealed four digits of her SSN. . Is Jill running scared?

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