Here Is How I Voted

State Wide Races

Senate: Johnny Isakson
Governor: Nathan Deal
Lt. Governor: Carol Porter
Secretary of State: Brian Kemp
Attorney General: Sam Olens
School Superintendent: John Barge
Insurance Commissioner: Ralph Hudgens
Agriculture Commissioner: Gary Black
Labor Commissioner: Mark Butler
Public Service Commission: Keith Moffett

House of Representatives

U.S. Representative: Austin Scott

General Assembly

State Senator: I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Robert Brown so I left it blank. Wish I were in Cecil Staton’s district.

State Representative: Allen Peake


Supreme Court: David Nahmias
Court of Appeals 1: A. Harris Adams
Court of Appeals 2: Anne Elisabeth Barnes
Court of Appeals 3: David Schaeffer
Superior Court 1: Tilman E. Self, III
Superior Court 2: Howard Simms

Local Offices

District Attorney: Greg Winters
Board of Education, Post 7: Lynn Farmer
Board of Education, Post 8: Allen Thiese
Civil Court Judge: William Randall
Bibb County State Court Judge: William Adams

Amendments & Referenda

Amendments 1, 3-5: No
Amendment 2: Yes
Statewide Referendum A: Yes


  1. Georgia Judge says:

    From what Im hearing Porter will not carry Laurens County…Liberal Dems are not in flavor even on their home turf.Life is good.

    • TPNoGa says:

      Me too!

      Election day feels like Christmas to me, although the past two election cycles have felt more like Halloween.

  2. I have never intentionality voted for a deceased candidate, and even though she was on there alone, I did vote for Anne Barnes. We had a ceremony today in our Kiwanis meeting to retire her name badge and presented it to her husband.

  3. Jeff says:

    So you couldn’t bring yourself to vote for Nanny Statist Robert Brown, but you COULD bring yourself to vote for Nanny Statist Allen Peake?

    Couldn’t POSSIBLY be due to the letters after their names, now could it?

    Deal/Amd 2 votes were just as bad, if not worse.

    Calling yourself a “conservative” and voting for Deal (who authorized TRILLIONS in debt, even ignoring the rest of his mile-long “rap sheet”) and Peake (the author of Ga’s asinine texting-while-driving-even-though-we-already-have-this-law-on-the-books-as-distracted-driving ban) proves one thing: You’re a hypocrite.

  4. Joshua Morris says:

    Erick, after all the pounding you’ve done on people for not having a record of 100% pure Republican ties in their past, these votes for democrats will follow you.

    • ZazaPachulia says:

      “these votes for democrats will follow you.”

      I wouldn’t worry about the Robespierre of Macon. His stock is rising. A vote for Carol Porter is a vote for good government and integrity. The only place that vote is “following him” is to more handsomely paying media gigs and new book contracts.

      Now, that vote for Deal might be embarrassing in the future… When the indictments start rolling in.

      • MSBassSinger says:

        As Erick’s exposure expands nationally, his previous writings and stands will have light shed on them and his false conservative persona will dissipate and his real Rockefeller Republican character will be exposed.

        If you object to a given candidate, such as Deal or Cagle, or in my case, Isakson, all you have to do is just not choose anyone for that office. In purposely voting for Porter, Erick shows his true colors, just as he did by supporting Karen Handel and voting for Amendment #2.

        Erick is our John McCain. He’s a great guy, right on many issues, wants desperately to be seen as a conservative pundit of consequence, but in reality he is a Rockefeller Republican.

        That is why these choices matter. They reveal our true character.

          • MSBassSinger says:

            Yep. Take a conservative, remove social conservatism, put party and power ahead of principle and you get a Rockefeller Republican.

            There is no train of conservative logic that has one willingly vote for Karen Handel, Carole Porter, or any of this year’s Amendments.

  5. Skyler Akins says:

    Conservatives: I thought the free market would take care of health care, and the lack there of? Why are conservatives supporting a tax to pay for trauma care centers, when the baseline conservative belief is that the free market should take care of people’s health care needs?

  6. B Balz says:

    This information and five bucks gets a deluxe Starbucks. Thanks Erick, hate to be the first to break it to you, but a lot of folks could care less….

  7. Doug Deal says:

    Were you drunk on your way to the polls to vote for Simms?

    One good thing about him moving to being a judge, at least we might get someone in the DA’s office that will prosecute the occassional felon.

  8. Herb says:

    Here’s how I voted on Statewide and Federal races:

    Senate: Mike Thurmond(D)
    Governor: Roy Barnes(D)
    Lt. Governor: Carol Porter(D)
    Secretary of State: Brian Kemp(R)
    Attorney General: Ken Hodges(D)
    School Superintendent: Joe Martin(D)
    Insurance Commissioner: Shane Bruce(L)
    Agriculture Commissioner: JB Powell(D)
    Labor Commissioner: Daryl Hicks(D)
    Public Service Commission: Keith Moffett(D)
    U.S. Representative: Mike Crane(R)

    • Jeff says:

      Voting for Shane Bruce is the ONE vote I wish I could take back after the stunt he pulled at the debate Sunday night. (Well, that and Amendment 5, I was thinking it was a good thing at the time, but it has since been revealed to me what it really does.)

        • Jeff says:

          As it was explained to me (hopefully I get this right), County pays for improvements into an industrial site, to try to increase industry there. Company relocates to industrial site, to enjoy benefits of said improvements.


          Under Amendment 5, company would be allowed to remove themselves from said industrial site and have their property irrevocably annexed into nearest city – even though it was the *county* that had paid for the improvements.

          Seems very similar to theft by proxy to me. Who knows, maybe I have it wrong NOW and was right to vote for it??

          Anyone got a better explanation of what it does?

          • I’m not worried about the “irrevocably” part. I read somewhere that this is a burden upon future owners. But… if a future owner doesn’t want to buy industrial property within the city limits, they shouldn’t buy that particular piece of property. When I was looking for real estate I looked for properties that were not within city limits… and you know what? I found plenty of them.

            It’s similar to the situation in Smyrna recently where residents were complaining that Glock wanted to expand it’s operation on industrial zoned land it already owned where they currently have a facility. The neighbors of course were opposed… never mind that they bought a house next to a piece of land that was zoned industrial. You don’t move next to a land fill and then complain about the smell or move next to the airport and then complain about the noise. Same goes with that industrial land… you don’t buy land that’s part of a city and expect that you can take it back out of the city limits afterwards.

          • drjay says:

            as 5 was explained to me it involves 2 specific tracts of land, one in chatham and one in jeff davis–that are currently “trapped” in some industrial zone–that b/c of some quirk in state law it literally is going to take a change in the constitution for the land owners to get out of the zone–it was explained to me that these two tracts are the only 2 affected by this ammendment–i haven’t independently verified that or anyhting–but the person i first heard it from would have no reason to lie…and i have seen it referenced in other places..

            • drjay says:

              as explained by rep. jon burns…

              Proposed Amendment #5
              “Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to allow the owners of real property located in industrial areas to remove the property form the industrial area?”
              This amendment removes the requirement that real property be located “on an island” prior to the owner filing a certificate to remove it from an industrial area, and be annexed by an adjacent city.
              This referendum involves a local issue in Garden City, GA and in Jeff Davis County. Because it was established many years ago under a “local constitutional amendment”, a
              a constutional amendment is needed to annex the land parcel in question.

              • seenbetrdayz, Ph.D. says:

                So hopefully, it was about restoring the property owner’s choice in the matter? Basically?

      • Herb says:

        Voted Bruce because Hudgens is an old, tired, corrupt politician and I never heard of Squires. Read Bruce’s blog enough to know where he stands. Agreed on some, not on others, but at least I know when I go into the booth.

      • Herb says:

        And vote for Olens and his desires to be a dictator or Don (Not so)Smart? No way. Hodges has served his community with dignity, dilligence, selflessness, and honor, while Olens is an arrogant politician and nothing else.

        • Jack Smith says:

          You are obviously ignorant of the scum you voted for. Ken Hodges is a whore who never had a job his inherited money didn’t buy for him. He is a panderer who traded favors to friends and botched every case he actually tried himself (very few). He’s skated on multiple ethics charges not because he did the right thing, but because he claimed immunity for doing the wrong thing. Oh, and the taxpayers paid to defend him.

        • Jack Smith says:

          “And he’ll (Ken Hodges) be your next Attorney General, so deal with it.”

          Not if decent people with character and morals vote. However, if there is a large turnout of people such as yourself, you may be correct.

  9. Jeff says:

    General note: I’m thinking that of everyone on the ballot, based on what I’m seeing in my various streams/ sites I visit, Kemp has the biggest win of the night Tues. MIGHT even be willing to say upwards of 75% or more. Rs/Ds/Ls all seem to be voting for the guy, although possibly for different reasons. (Mine is that David Chastain is a complete nutjob, and I wish we had been able to recruit someone other than him to run.)

      • Jeff says:

        He’s an LP purist who doesn’t believe we have to work with anyone else and believes that a Libertarian world can be re-created in one fell swoop.

        I prefer to eat the elephant one bite at a time, and do what I can to get others to help me.

        He also believes the insane conspiracy theory about the electronic voting machines not being secure. I happen to know for a fact that they are FAR more secure than any paper system.

          • Jeff says:

            Since when is helping people in your community learn to read and write so evil, Jack? THAT is what John does with the NAACP.

            As far as his job, he has the most real one any one can ever have: taking personal responsibility for raising his children, rather than dumping them off on Big Government for 8 hours (at least!) per day.

            That’s right, you support someone whose only “job” for the past 16 years has been raping the American people.

            Finally, does this sound like the “evil” NAACP you think John is in lockstep with?

            I look at in the private sector. If somebody wanted to put a sign up [that said] no blacks or gays in their business, I think they have the right to do that. They probably won’t stay in business. But if it’s in the private sector, I believe people have a right to discriminate.

            • Doug Grammer says:


              Keeping helping him. You are doing a great job. Really.

              Worth reading twice:

              “I look at in the private sector. If somebody wanted to put a sign up [that said] no blacks or gays in their business, I think they have the right to do that. They probably won’t stay in business. But if it’s in the private sector, I believe people have a right to discriminate.”

              • Jeff says:

                So you believe Big Government should dictate how we should live and how businesses should operate, Doug?

                How is that ANY different that the Democrats you claim are out to “ruin our nation”?

              • Perhaps it’s worth reading three times. Keep in mind this is coming from a black man… not Nathan “Ghetto Grandmothers” Deal.

                “I look at in the private sector. If somebody wanted to put a sign up [that said] no blacks or gays in their business, I think they have the right to do that. They probably won’t stay in business. But if it’s in the private sector, I believe people have a right to discriminate.”

                • Jack Smith says:

                  “I look at in the private sector. If somebody wanted to put a sign up [that said] no blacks or gays in their business, I think they have the right to do that. They probably won’t stay in business. But if it’s in the private sector, I believe people have a right to discriminate.”

                  Can you imagine if Deal HAD said that?? We’d have Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton doing a “pwotest”. ” Cibil wites!! Cibil wites!!”

                • Doug Grammer says:

                  Accepting racism or homophobia is accepting racism or homophobia, regardless of the color of the lips or the orientation of the man who is accepting it.

                  I disagreed with Congressman Deal on his choice of words when he said “ghetto grandmothers.”

                  I am on record for not discriminating against anyone for any of the federal protected reasons. You can’t force people to do business with people that the don’t want to do business with, but in an a election, perception is reality, and the 5% candidate is alienating more of his potential voters.

              • seenbetrdayz, Ph.D. says:

                John Monds also showed up for the ATL PRIDE parade. Believing that government should treat individuals equally under the law doesn’t mean that the government should force you to get along with your neighbor.

                Let’s be real, the world will be populated with ***holes until the end of time. But, as Mr. Monds said, those folks probably won’t stay in business in the private sector.

                (But, in the public sector, it could probably earn you a GOP nomination)

  10. btpull says:

    Almost 20 years ago Ross Perot warned us about the national debt crisis when it was $4T. Since then we have had a Republican President, Democrat Presidents, Republican controlled Congresses and Democrat controlled Congresses the national debt is now $13T.

    A choice between a Democrat and a Republican is choosing to have the country driven off a cliff at 100 mph or 90 mph. I said no thank you to both for each race that had an alternative last week.

    • Charlie says:

      The price of gold on election day in 1992 was $340/oz.

      The price of gold today closed at $1360.

      Given the goldbug’s argument that gold has held a constant value forever, and has a fixed value, one can only assume that the value of the national debt, as related to today’s price of gold, should be $16 Trillion.

      Thus, it seems like we got a bargain if you’re a goldbug.

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