Gunter Was Told Of Potential Crimes And Did Nothing, Repeatedly

In September of 2000, Union County Commissioner Harold Cook (Republican) received a letter (see pdf here) from the law firm of Hulsey, Oliver and Mahar, LLP. Cook had asked for an audit of the Union County Tax Commissioner’s office. The audit found “four reportable conditions” including “$30,000 of funds collected prior to December 31, 1998, that remain undisbursed.” The attorneys claimed these undisbursed funds were an apparent violation of O.C.G.A. 48-5-141, and urged that Tax Commissioner J.W. Payne (Democrat) be approached about these matters immediately, and the District Attorney should be approached if the matter could not be resolved. The situation was not resolved and Enotah Judicial Circuit District Attorney (and current candidate for Court Of Appeals) Stan Gunter (then a Democrat) took no action. J.W. Payne is still the Union County Tax Commissioner.

As posted earlier, in 2004 more alleged wrongdoing in the Union County Tax Commissioner’s office came to light as Chris Bergen, then a Republican candidate for the position, ran newspaper ads showing copies of IOUs (see copies of the IOUs here) Payne had allegedly placed in the safe in his office to keep track of the money he allegedly loaned himself out of the County coffers.

Despite the newspaper ads showing IOUs and knowing about the 2000 audit detailing potential violations of State Law, Stan Gunter still did nothing and J.W. Payne remains the Union County Tax Commissioner.

Gunter’s term as District Attorney ends on December 31 and Republican District Attorney Jeff Langley will take office in January. Langley is already saying (see here and here) he intends to look into the alleged theft of over $65,000 by an employee of the Tax Commissioner’s office – yet another investigation of that office Stan Gunter did not launch.

And Stan Gunter wants to be on the Court Of Appeals?


  1. Lady Thinker says:

    Maybe Gunter, like deal, looks after friends by looking the other way? Maybe a forsenic accounting firm should look into Gunter’s finances. And deal’s.

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