Fayette County Chief Magistrate Judge Charles “Chuck” Floyd Dies

If you ever really want to learn about a locality – it’s politics and it’s people – you really need to get to know a Chief Magistrate Judge. Fayette County lost Judge Charles “Chuck” Floyd this week, who was in his third term. From the Fayette Daily News:

Floyd died Wednesday morning and details of his death are unavailable at this time, a court official said, however he had been battling illness.

Floyd made history in 2002, when he became the first African-American appointed to the magistrate bench in Fayette by then Chief Superior Court Judge Benjamin Miller. Floyd was later re-elected to his post in 2004 and 2008. His current term was scheduled to expire in 2011.

“He has served this office and community faithfully and with integrity,” magistrate court staff offered in a statement Wednesday morning. “Chuck will be greatly missed.”

I didn’t get to know Judge Floyd nearly as well as I knew his predecessor, but he was a man who took over the Magistrate Court during a somewhat troubled time. A virtually unknown man to the locals, he quickly worked his way into the fabric of the community and easily won re-election twice. The times I did meet him, he was positive and upbeat, with a great outlook on the future of the Fayette Community. Our prayers are with his friends and family.


  1. polisavvy says:

    News like this certainly helps one put life into prospective. This news trumps anything we can say today, in my opinion. May God bless Judge Floyd’s family, friends, and community in their time of grief and need.

  2. Page Pate says:

    I knew Chuck Floyd as a defense lawyer and tried a case with him about a year ago. He was a very good trial lawyer and dedicated to his clients. A true professional.

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