1. Rasmussen has been much more reliable in this race. Nathan is probably at or above 50%. Monds will lose a point or two off of the polls. There will not be a runoff.

    Dems are less motivated to vote than cattle getting on a truck to the slaughter house.

    • Watched the Q&A at the Capitol last night. Monds is a complete moron. The man seems to be making up his answers on the fly without any forethought or knowledge of the legislative process.

      Barnes’ attitude toward business is really disturbing. His arrogance again is amazing, everyone’s a crook under the gold dome. Only Roy Barnes has the answers to our economic malaise. Sounded to me like he feels he’s “The One”. Obama better watch out, he’s got a contender.

      • Lady Thinker says:

        Oh I don’t know. I can’t see Barnes telling Hispanics to “vote against the enemy.” Heard that one on “Good Morning America.”

  2. Kellie says:

    I have heard from teachers that they have ‘worked under Barnes and don’t want to again.’ My question to them is – was Barnes worst than the past 2 years of furloughs?
    I am sure Deal will win and my hope is he will do a better job than Sonny. I do know I was much better off under Barnes than I have been under Sonny and Barnes was Gov during 9/11; so let’s hope Deal isn’t more of the same.

  3. Bill30097 says:

    1. My dog could do a better job than Sonny. And he died 28 year ago. Evidence: Billions of $$$ wasted on I85/316 interchange.

    2. Insider Advantage is usually the least reliable poll

  4. fishtail says:

    My Democratic and GOP pals say the race is close, with both Barnes and Deal in the low 40’s. That’s according to unpublished and unbiased polling by both Dems and GOP. The RGA has been dumping money by the truckload into GA TV stations for anti-Barnes ads. Sonny Perdue’s former lap dog Nick Ayers is Executive Director of the RGA and is doing Sonny’s bidding, spending a disproportionate amount of money on Deal. Sonny Perdue is absolutely terrified of a Barnes victory. Barnes would air all Sonny’s dirty laundry and screw up Sonny’s new trucking company located at the Savannah port that is greatly benefitting from KIA hauling business. So that’s another great reason to vote for Barnes. Lastly, both sides are quitely gearing up for a runoff.

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