Scott’s Divorce Papers To Remain Sealed Through At Least December; In Probably Unrelated News, GA-8 Moved To “Leans GOP”

As well they should be. Any hearing on unsealing them needs to be done without the backdrop of a campaign. Deets from Jim Galloway, including reports from WMAZ/Macon and the Macon Telegraph.

In more good news for Scott, Real Clear Politics has moved GA-8 from “toss up” to “Leans GOP”. Austin Scott and staff are hoping the trend is their friend.


  1. Messenger says:

    I was pleased with the Judges decision until I read that Scott’s 11 year old son was used to try to intervene.

    • polisavvy says:

      Why? Do you not think that a child in middle school has any vested interest in what could or could not come from a sealed divorce paper? He’s not two. He has rights, too. I’m glad someone is finally looking out for the rights of the child. I’ve said on here before that the child has an interest in this and he does.

      • Messenger says:

        I do not think an eleven year old child has a vested interest in sealed divorce papers. The child does not understand any of this and the reason he would have had to endure any criticism from his peers would have been because his father chose to be involved in politics. There are millions of other children who have been through a divorce and are not subjected to this. I don’t see how this is protecting the rights of a child or how it is in the best interest of any child.

        • polisavvy says:

          So, you don’t think that a child who did not ask to be born to a father who happens to be involved in politics has any rights or vested interest? Really? I didn’t know that there were two sets of rights for children: rights for the “regular” kids who are protected and rights for the “politicians'” kids who aren’t protected. Just so you know, all children have rights regardless of the occupation of their parents.

          • Messenger says:

            All children have a right to be protected regardless of the occupations of their parents. Children also have a right to be protected from court hearings that involve their parents and may reveal details that they do not understand at the age of 11. Adults dont always understand and so how can a child? There are not two sets of rights for children either–they are all children–obviously you dont have any or you would understand.

            • polisavvy says:

              FYI, Messenger, I have two children. You are the one acting as though Austin Scott’s child has no right, no say, or no voice in this matter. You are incorrect. I never said that there were two sets of rights for children. I was merely pointing out to you that all children, including those of politicians have the same right to equal protection as children not born to those in the political arena. Plus, all of you who are slamming Scott for hiring the attorney to represent his child — news flash — it was his ex-wife. I guess you guys are going to now say that she had no right to protect her son, either. Remember, she is not the wife of a politician. She is a private citizen. The child does, in fact, have a vested interest and a right in this matter. That’s what child advocacy is all about! Read up on in and educate yourself.

              • Lady Thinker says:

                Whoa poli, the fire is coming out in your post!!!

                Well deserved though when people try to blame the child instead of the judge who is basic math challanged.

        • So, are you happy or not? The judge’s decision was based upon the failure to notify Austin Scott and/or Leigh Jordan (Austin’s former wife) in a timely manner. In other words, rather than run to the media, Morton and Sanders should have ensured the papers were served. Austin’s son had nothing to do with that.

          And yes, Wells Scott has an absolute right to have representation here. He’s a citizens and his interests may differ from those of his parents and Ms. Morton and, for that matter, you.

          So now will you Marshall backers talk about actual issues? Marshall is a failed Congressman.

          • Messenger says:

            I am happy the records were left sealed until after the election. I always vote for Austin Scott and will vote for him this time. And I would have voted for him regardless of what was in the sealed papers. I do not care about his personal divorce issues. I just don’t agree with his son being involved with adult issues.

            • Messenger,

              He was involved from the beginning. Can you possibly imagine that Austin’s son’s custody isn’t his own business or that there aren’t some financial settlements that directly involve him?

              The hearing was caused by Ms. Morton and there was nothing that could be done to stop that. Once we establish that as a fact, there is only the question of whether or not Wells Scott has a personal interest. The answer to that is obvious, so yes he should be represented.

              • Messenger says:

                Austin’s son was involved in the beginning because he was born into this situation. We will just wait and see what the records reveal in December or whenever they are unsealed. Austin Scott will be better then Jim Marshall no matter what the records reveal.

                • Lady Thinker says:

                  Why should we care what the divorce papers say? It is none of our business. Divorces are messy with a great deal of, “he said, she said.”

                  I don’t know what is in the Scott papers and I don’t care. It will not affect his stance now or make him a better or less effective politican.

                  But if we are going down this road, then what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Let’s open Marshall’s divorce records. His kids are older, let’s ask them if they have a close relationship with their father. Did their dad leave them for another woman? Another man? For politics? For what reason?

                  The good thing for Marshall is Scott chose not to go down that road, which shows Scott’s moral fiber and ethical beliefs in action. Scott is obviously the better man and deserves the 8th votes and support.

                  • polisavvy says:

                    Agreed, LT. His newest ad is proof positive of that. After all of the negative attacks against him, he puts out an ad that attacks no one. He simply points out the facts. Good job soon-to-be elected Congressman Scott!

  2. polisavvy says:

    Galloway’s a tool. Judge Reinholdt made the correct decision. You have to abide by Georgia Law and allow for the appropriate amount of time. Judge Cross did not provide for that. End of story. Case closed. Now, let the hating on Austin Scott begin. . . . .

    • B Balz says:

      No hate here, Rep. Scott is a good guy. “Galloway’s a tool” LOLOLOL, a Left Handed Nut Buster….

      That said, I am glad of this decision not to unseal, for exactly the reason Charlie stated, it is political BS. To me, Rep. Marshall lost a bit of honor for not objecting the whole Unsealing Imbroglio.

      • polisavvy says:

        LOL!! Hysterical post, B Balz. Laughed out loud over this one, particularly your description of Galloway (though I had another one of those crazy visuals). As for Marshall, well only recently has he even publicly commented on the whole divorce request mess of Austin Scott. Had he renounced this action publicly on day one, he could have retained dignity and honor. The fact that he did not sooner makes me feel the same as you.

  3. slyram says:

    With this nonsense over, what number will be higher: Scott’s percent over Marshall or Alabama’s score against Georgia State on Nov. 18. Since few are noticing the grumbling from Dem circles, I will tell you that Scott gets 56.

    • B Balz says:

      Way to divert, slyram, talking smack against my beloved Panthers! What did I ever do to you????

      This will be a really interesting game, not just because of the match-up, but rather the ‘gift’ the Tide bestowed upon GSU.

      The game is worth high six-figures to the fledgling Panthers. This magnanimous gesture is a courtesy to former ‘Bama Coach Mr. Bill Curry, currently GSU ‘Panthers’ Head Coach.

      R O L L T I D E


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