“Republican” Court Of Appeals Candidate Votes Democratic And Ignores Corruption.

As a Candidate for Court of Appeals, Stan Gunter has received some heavy weight Republican endorsements including one from Sonny Perdue just last Friday. Like Perdue, Gunter is a party switcher, but I’m sure Perdue would be surprised to find that Gunter voted in the Democratic Primary and Runoff in 2008. Generally when you switch parties you quit voting in your old party’s Primaries.

For the past eight years, Stan Gunter has served as District Attorney in the Enotah Judicial Circuit in northeast Georgia. The Enotah Judicial Circuit includes Union County where a strange story has been brewing. A recent audit of the Tax Commissioner’s office uncovered the theft of $65,230.95. The employee was confronted by the Tax Commissioner and given three days to return the money in full (story here and here). Amazingly the employee complied with the demand and the problem went away. The District Attorney’s office was never involved.

If this were an isolated incident it might easily be dismissed but it’s not the first time money has allegedly disappeared from the Tax Commissioner’s office. In 2004, long time Union County Tax Commissioner J.W. Payne was being challenged for reelection by Republican Chris Bergen. Bergen took out an ad in the North Georgia News showing IOUs made out to the Union County Tax Commissioner’s office allegedly from Payne. Again, no action was taken by the District Attorney’s office and Payne was reelected easily.

These two incidents are troubling and questions need to be asked. Why, on two occasions, did Stan Gunter not investigate troubling circumstances at the Union County Tax Commissioners office? I think voters need to know before voting in the Court of Appeals race.


  1. bgsmallz says:

    #1-“Generally when you switch parties you quit voting in your old party’s Primaries.”

    -Isn’t Georgia an open primary state? I know in DeKalb, where I live, I have voted several times in the democratic primary because in many instances, that was the de facto general election and/or there were competitive races in the Dem primary vs. uncompetitive races in the GOP primary.

    For shame on me for being practical!!!! RINO!!!! Hypocrite!!!!

    Swear your allegiance to Pete Randall’s arbitrary litmus tests!!!!

    What’s the big deal?

    Also, no citation on where you tracked down his voting record…is which primary you voted in open record? (seriously…I really don’t know and I know you/others do know)

    #2- My understanding with employee theft is that typically you either go for the $$ as an employer through civil means or you press criminal charges and generally never see a dime. The employee paid the money back in its entirety, lost her job, and got publicly called out for stealing money in the newspaper. You may be of the opinion that it is ‘troubling’ that the DA didn’t extract their own pound of flesh, but I am of the opinion that she probably got what she deserved and that prosecuting her would be a waste of taxpayer money.

    • NoTeabagging says:

      I agree, In some counties you may have only one party choice for local candidates, or only one sane choice, and that may differ from the party you vote for in state and national elections.
      Pete must want Koolaid drinkers that only vote for, listen to, and vote with – one party.

  2. Machette says:

    Gunter is utterly, purely corrupt, he’s a liar and owned by directors of a certain ethically-challenged bank based in Union County. (see also David Ralston and Nathan Deal)

    • Machette says:

      They certainly think that they do. To them, laws and ethics are not something for them to be troubled with. They certainly own Gunter.

  3. Word says:

    The real test is whether he voted in the Democrat Presidential Preference Primary. In the mountains many conservatives still run as Democrats. Lets try to understand where someone lives like Kemp before calling this guy out on not being a conservative.

  4. Clark Griswold says:

    Stan clearly failed to pursue ANY investigation into the illegal borrowing (theft) of public money, which is felony embezzlement. It’s different when a private company is involved. This is taxpayer money, and Stan’s democrat buddies evidently get special treatment by the DA even when private citizens take out ads in the newspaper with clear evidence that Stan ignored his responsibility as the chief prosecutor.

    So whenever I see an obvious case of attorney misconduct, I go to the bar directory to see where he or she went to law school. Not coincidentally, you often find the attorney attended some third-tier backwater law school (because they couldn’t get into an ABA accredited law school). Stan went to the Woodrow Wilson College of Law, which lost its ABA accreditation because it had virtually no admission standard other than literacy.

  5. JasonW says:

    Quite frankly, I have a huge problem with the notion of a “Republican” Court of Appeals judge, or a “Democratic” court of Appeals judge. It’s a non-partisan race, and thats the way a judge is supposed to be. On another note, I haven’t figured what qualifies Gunter to win the race other than he was a prosecutor for a little while…and what qualifies him for a GOP endorsement. I’m a republican, and I’ve already voted…but I’m just curious.

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