New York Times FiveThirtyEight: Austin Scott 87.8% Chance of Winning GA-8

As of October 25, Nate Silver of the New York Times FiveThirtyEight blog has moved Austin Scott‘s chances of winning to 87.8%, up 64% last week.

Democratic Incumbent Jim Marshall is projected to have only a 12.2% chance of keeping his seat.

Silver’s projected election result for GA-8 is Scott 54.4% Marshall 45.6%

This is awesome news for the Scott campaign who continue to push hard towards the November elections. I wish them luck and will be doing everything I can to make sure they are victorious b/c it will help us all in the long run.


  1. Erick's Mortal Enemy says:

    Can you PLEASE get your head out of Scott’s hind end for like, two seconds or something? That’s all you ever freaking post about.

    Since when did PeachPundit become Tyler’sPersonalOutletForAustinScottPundit? There is other news out there. Like, say, the news that Rep. Steve Davis is a dingbat.

  2. kyleinatl says:

    I may not agree with him on everything, but I’m glad one of the good guys is succeeding…though truthfully I always liked his opponent as well, both have always been nothing but cordial to me and mine.

  3. maryalice says:

    Thank you Tyler for keeping up with the polls. This really gives Austin the momentum for the 7 days. Did you think on April 29th, wheh he qualified that the polls would be this far in his favor. He really has fought in this campaign with heart. You know Austin will fight for us in DC !

    • Tyler says:

      Mary Alice,

      Thanks for the kind words. You’ve been an asset to the campaign and a dear friend to many of them. Austin needs you this week, keep up the great work!

      • This is one area I agree with you Tyler. This race is very similar to the Steven Palazzo v. Gene Taylor race in Mississippi. I’m still holding hope for the GA-2 given the “wave” but I just can’t put that one in the bank until late next Tuesday.

  4. Briardawg says:

    Keep up the good work Tyler; this is great news and hope it encourages voters in Ga-8 all the more to support Austin.

  5. GAOTPC says:

    Yes, Thanks Tyler! It’s hard getting good, accurate information down here in Middle Georgia, especially without the spin from liberal rags like the Macon Telegraph. So a big “SCREW YOU!” to Erick’s Mortal Enemy.

    Glad Austin is ahead…I just hope everyone shows up to vote on Tuesday! 🙂

      • polisavvy says:

        Keep the stories coming, Tyler. I think even the ones who complain about all the post results will actually not have a whole lot to complain about especially since it’s from the New York Times blog. Silver’s usually pretty accurate. I’ve said 54% for months. It’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

    • “Glad Austin is ahead…I just hope everyone shows up to vote on Tuesday!”

      You have to admit, that among Republicans, Tea Partiers, conservatives, it feels a little like Christmas in the air. Folks can’t wait to actually cast a vote against Obama, deficit spending, Pelosi, arrogance… “Rebublicans can ride along, but they gonna have to sit in the back.”

      The Dems have to feel like we did with McCain in 2008 or Dole in 1996. Why bother? In Georgia, what has Barnes done in this race that makes folks even the least bit motivated to vote early or alter their schedule (kids, different route, late to work, etc.) on Election Day? Exactly.

  6. stuartasb says:

    The Hill released new polls conducted in 42 districts. GA-8 results say Marshall down 13, 50-37. Maybe Landmarks poll was right.

    • I think the RINO sensitivity meter will be set to high from day one. The mood of voters on our side is intense. In a way, the GOP may not be able to sound or act conservative enough. I predict Republican Primary challenges to be off the hook in 2012 if there is any hint of compromise or “GOP circa 2000-2006” BS going on.

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