New poll from Rasmussen

Late yesterday afternoon, Rasmussen released new polling the race for Governor that is almost in lockstep with what Survey USA put out. Deal still can’t quite break 50%, which means we are possibly headed for a runoff on November 30th.

Here are the results of the poll “with leaners”:

  • Deal: 49%
  • Barnes: 39%
  • Monds: 5%
  • Other/Not sure: 6%

Without leaners:

  • Deal: 47%
  • Barnes: 38%
  • Monds: 7%
  • Other/Not sure: 7%

All polling in the race can be viewed here.


  1. The average Georgia Democratic voter is probably more dispirited this year than in any other area of the country. Black voters make up 58% of the party these days and their nominee for governor ran and hid when Barack Obama came to town. Why should they be motivated to go out and vote for Barnes?

    Even with Michael Thurmond and Georganna Sinkfield on the ticket, they know these races are not winnable and won’t come out in any large numbers. Man, I would hate to work the Georgia Democratic Victory Party that night. That will be like a funeral.

    Deal will easily make it without a runoff on November 2nd.

  2. There’s no question about it, the momentum is with Deal and all Republicans. However, in the governor’s race I really think that the numbers aren’t terribly hard. Barnes has done a very good job at dictating the race and has been overpowering with his negative smear of Deal. To what degree folks determine it’s just political propaganda or buy into it, we’ll know shortly.

    Barnes made some serious gaffes in the past week and have not changed their course, GOOD FOR DEAL. People are seeing through the trash he’s thrown at him. And, with Barnes having his own “rape shield” issue, he’s proven he’s a pure hypocrite.

    I’m voting straight ticket Republican and encouraging everyone I know to do the same. We’ve got a great slate of candidates from top to bottom who are working their tails off.

    As much as Barnes and Porter are running away from Obama in this election, if by some miraculous showing at the polls for them does net them a win, they’ll be rubbing our noses with Obama in 2012.

    • “I’m voting straight ticket Republican and encouraging everyone I know to do the same.”

      Wow, the owner of the Bibb County Republican Party website is voting straight ticket Republican? What a surprise! In other news, Earth continues to rotate.

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