1. Roy Barnes – “Vote for me because the other guy supports rape and hates black people.” Obviously, the Dems’ internal polling is showing the same double digit deficit that Survey USA did. If I were black, I’d vote for Monds out of disgust. Barnes wouldn’t even be seen with Obama when he was here but now wants the black vote solely based on manufactured fear. This is the typical fashion in which a Democrat political campaign crashes and burns. Barnes is actually pushing undecided white males and females over to Deal.

        • Come on Paulding, Chris is a Democrat and that gives him the right to defend blacks against us Redneck Southern Republicans.

          By the way, 98% of the black population would never vote for a Republican no matter his skin color. For some reason, they let Huttman’s party represent them with out a challenge.

      • AlanR says:

        It’s sad, really. If Barnes wins, everything Handel accomplished as SOS to ensure the integrity of elections will be undone hy Barnes. Georgia will once again be voting the dead and everyone else who wants to show up. Too bad Karen couldn’t have run a better campaign.

    • Tyler says:

      Doug, I’d say the ad could favor Deal if it was played in the right media markets. The last thing Barnes wants to do is tie himself to Obama.

  2. Andre says:

    I doubt it.

    On a slightly related note, I find it insulting that some folks think DOJ pre-clearance is needed even in counties and municipalities that are majority minority.

    It is completely absurd to think that blacks or hispanics would support policies that would deny voting rights to other blacks or hispanics.

    I’d like to see more Georgia counties and municipalities attempt to bailout of federal oversight under the VRA. It’s a shame that citizens can’t initiate the process instead of waiting on their elected officials to do it.

    • (Disclaimer: I’m a white dude.)

      Amen. How can a state like Georgia still be covered under the VRA? We have had two statewide elected officials win multiple times. Hell, Obama even got nearly half of the votes cast here in 2008.

  3. aoburns says:

    It’s designed to play on inner city black radio and its effective. Most people will never hear this ad and its goal is to increase black turnout because blacks vote 97% democrat. They do this every election so its not surprising.

    • B Balz says:

      Nothing like anger to get somebody to vote. This is probably the most honest and accurate statement here. Hey, whatever it takes, right?

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