New polling from Survey USA

Survey USA is out with new polling in Georgia, including many statewide races. The poll was commissioned by 11 Alive and V-103. You can view the crosstabs here.

United States Senate (all polling)

  • Isakson: 58%
  • Thurmond: 34%
  • Donovan: 5%
  • Undecided: 3%

Governor (all polling)

  • Deal: 49%
  • Barnes: 39%
  • Monds: 8%
  • Undecided: 3%

Lt. Governor (all polling)

  • Cagle: 53%
  • Porter: 37%
  • Barber: 6%
  • Undecided: 4%

Attorney General

  • Olens: 50%
  • Hodges: 37%
  • Smart: 7%
  • Undecided: 7%

School Superintendent

  • Barge: 49%
  • Martin: 36%
  • Willis: 10%
  • Undecided: 6%


  1. polisavvy says:

    I wonder if a runoff occurs between Deal and Barnes if Barnes will avoid Obama like he did earlier or if he will welcome him here with open arms?

      • Clint says:

        You do realize that I made a stand on my principles right and not for political gain. I personally and morally feel Deal is unfit for the job and nothing, no polling, no one’s opinion, nothing is going to change my mind about that – period.

        I chose to vote for and support Roy Barnes because in doing my research I saw the truth about his record as Governor outside of the partisan squawking. I looked at his intentions in running for Governor and realized that, again, of the three candidates running, he had Georgia’s future first and foremost in mind.

        • Lady Thinker says:

          Apparently the Police Benevolent Association agrees with you. According to one of my police students, the PBA, a typically Republican organization, sent out a post card asking all of their members to vote for Roy Barnes. The Fraternal Order of Police, another typically Republican organization, isn’t supporting anyone for governor. I heard they wanted to back Karen Handel and when she didn’t win the runoff, they decided not to back anyone for the governor’s spot.

  2. SFCWallace says:

    I keep waiting for Barnes to quote Jon Levit (from his Presidential debate with Dana Carvey on SNL) at one of the debates:
    Moderator “Mr. Barnes, your rebutal…?”
    Barnes: “I can’t believe I’m losing to this guy!”

    • Charlie says:

      Clay Cox actually did that in a debate with David Scott when he ran against him (2002, I think?). One of the great moments of Georgia Politics.

  3. You all do know there is technology out there for not only verifiable/auditable voting machines, but also to provide for instant run-off voting. But this doesn’t provide so much protection to the status quo professional politician.

    Just saying.

    ps. I can’t believe the newest fear tactic being used by the GOP and DNC is the “horrifying” run-off…. ahhhhhh!!! But electing their horrible candidates isn’t scary to them at all. Get over it, its the system they put in place… and they have HAD the power to change it.

    • Doug Grammer says:

      Instead of muching things up with IRV, if we were going to change anything, I’d go with whomever gets the most votes wins, and they don’t have to cross 50% + 1. The L.O. would STILL come in last in a three way race.

        • David,

          Actually, what Doug just proposed is the best way to get additional parties into office. The reason that “TWO (2)” is the magic number for political parties in this country is the 50%+ to win an election. I fully believe that if a candidate could walk into office with 34% of the vote, then three parties would be te standard.

      • georgiaconservative33 says:


        You do realize that the GOP was the minority Party not too long ago, right? Lose the arrogance.

        • Doug Grammer says:

          It’s not arrogant to say that a political organization that usually gets 5% will still get 5%. If you don’t like that fact, avoid reading it. (That was arrogant…lol)

          The GOP is going to do very well in Georgia this year. I expect a statewide sweep and 2 more congressmen. However, we have a long way to go before we reach the kind of dominance that the Dem’s had in Georgia in the early 90’s. Look at the 1990 elections. The GOP didn’t run candidates in half of the statewide elections and we got crushed about 70 to 30 in most of the races that we did field a candidate (and in most of the congressional races as well.)

          The Dem legislature and Gov. changed it from a plurality to 50% + 1 run off system in the early 90’s. That change got Sen. Paul Coverdell elected.

          I don’t want to change the system to pander to 5%. If most Georgians wanted to change the system, I’d be fine with that. The reality is that if we did go to IRV, most voters would hate it and the Libertarians would still come in last. Until they change their platform, raise money, learn how to really work hard with a lot of people, and recruit better candidates, it’s going to stay that way.

          • georgiaconservative33 says:

            You had absolutely no need to bring in the Libertarian Party into the conversation. You did it to get a reaction from people, just as you do in continuing to refer to it as the Libertarian Organization (LO).

            You shared a valid opinion in regards to winner takes all, then you fouled it up by trashing another Party. That is arrogance at its worse. You can be as proud as you want of the GOP, but don’t bash another Party while you celebrate. Show some class.

            • Doug Grammer says:


              You are not my judge and jury and even if you were, I wouldn’t care, because you don’t have the clout to enforce any sentence. It’s a little arrogant of you to tell me what to do.

              As for relevance, if we are talking about IRV, or changing the system to accommodate a third political organization, what organization do you think we are talking about? The L.O. meets the legal definition of a political organization under OCGA, but does not meet the legal definition of a political party under OCGA. If you don’t like that, change the law (legal definition) or help them reach 20%. It’s not going to happen this year.

              I haven’t bragged on (or expressed pride in) the GOP in this thread. I have just made predictions of election results. I’ll save the celebrations for after the votes have been counted.

              As far as the L.O. goes, I expressed what I think they need to do to win an election. Do you really think they can win without doing what I suggest? I didn’t bash the L.O.. I called it like I see it. Their platform supports drugs, prostitution, and gambling. Don’t blame me; I didn’t put those in their platform. I have no need to bash the L.O. However, I am OK with informing voters with facts about their choices. I have been open that I highlight facts about the L.O. to try to persuade voters not to vote for a candidate that will not win and that their platform is out of touch with about 95% of the voters. If I am not accurate on any fact, please point it out.

              • georgiaconservative33 says:

                It is a matter of respect to refer to them as the Libertarian Party, regardless of the legal terminology of the O.C.G.A.

                Just remember, since Reconstruction, Georgia has had only one more Republican Governor than the LP has had and only one more more Republican Lt. Governor than the LP has had.

                • Doug Grammer says:

                  So now you advocate thought speech? It doesn’t matter what something legally is, we have to call it something non-offensive? Let me try that out: “A corporation is a goods and services exchange center with legal rights.” Nope, I’d rather call a corporation a corporation, and I will call the L.O. the L.O..

                  Republicans have won many statewide races and Governorships in other state. They have also won a fair share of statewide races in Georgia, as well as a majority of State House seats and State Senate seats in Georgia.

                  The L.O. in Georgia hasn’t won anything in the legislature or statewide, and the L.P. hasn’t won a statewide race anywhere. They are not on equal footing with the GOP, legally, or otherwise. They might be on par with the rent is too damn high party.

  4. Dawgfan says:

    Just curious, did we ever determine if Roy could run for re-election? Not that I think he can win or even want him too. I’m just curious about the legality of it? Does the Law say you can’t run for two consecutuive terms or does it limit you to two terms period.

    • georgiaconservative33 says:

      It states you cannot serve more than two consecutive terms. According to GA law, you can serve for 8 (two 4 year terms), leave for 4 or more years, then come back for 8 (two 4 year terms again). Barnes is totally, 100% legal to run.

  5. I’d be a little suspect of any poll in Georgia that shows the Democrat doing better with men than women for one simple fact: the ratio of African American women to white women is much higher than the ratio of African American men to white men.

    Quick example, say there are 10 voters in Georgia…
    1 black man.
    2 black women.
    3 white men.
    4 white women.

    Among women, the African American percentage is 1/3. Among men it is 1/4. If all whites voted for Republicans and all African Americans voted for Democrats, women as a whole would be 33% Democratic, men would be 25%. Of course, the ratios aren’t quite as extreme as that but the overall point remains the same.

    I think 6 weeks ago Survey USA showed basically the same result, except Roy and Deal were tied among women but Deal was leading by 20 among men. Now the same overall result, but Roy has lost ten points among women and gained slightly more among men.

    Seems a little outlierish to me.

  6. Groundhog day.

    Seems like I’ve seen these basic numbers somewhere before. 😉

    And it seems that Huttman didn’t like them either before, when Landmark reported them, or today, when SurveyUSA reported them.

    And Rasmussen: same numbers. 49-39, out today.

    It makes one wonder if there are any circumstances by which Chris will, in fact, eat his green eggs and ham…

  7. Georgia Judge says:

    Its going to be a Republican sweep statewide and a two seat gain in Congressional seats.There will not be a runoff,Deal will win by 6-7%,and the rest of the statewide races will be beatdowns.

    The Dems will need much time to recover from this cycle,not that surprising when you look at their feild of top tier candidadtes,weak very weak,I mean Barnes and Porter really??? thats the best they could do????

    It will be a joyous time at the Hyatt next Tuesday for the GOP,not so much for the Dems and PP FPP’s…….

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