Ralston, Graves To Rally For Allison Tomorrow.

I wanted to let you know that Speaker David Ralston and Congressman Tom Graves will be in Blairsville at a rally for Rep. Stephen Allison (full disclosure: Allison is my brother-in-law). I’ll be there and I hope y’all can make it too.

Date/Time: Saturday, October 23 · 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Location: Blairsville Court House Park (across the street from the Court House on the ramp)

Come and join us for an old fashioned Get Out The Vote campaign rally in Blairsville, GA. Speakers: Congressman Tom Graves, Speaker of the House David Ralston, Representative Stephen Allison and others.


  1. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Stephen is a great guy and it would be a shame for the folks in his district to lose him as State Rep. Folks, if you’re a Republican and you want to make a REAL difference in this election, this is one of those races that is a great opportunity to do so. Send $50, or $100 to Allison’s campaign…his opponent, I believe part of the Lance family that was so tied in with Jimmy Carter, is running a very nasty race as of late and has little qualifications (other than a good last name in Union Co.). Glad to see Ralston & Graves doing everything they can to help him out — hope that some of you will as well, if able.

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