Candidates Still Not Talking About The Real Issues

Sure, they give passing glances to things like water, taxes, and transportation when they’re not screaming about teh gays, Mexicans, Roybamacare, or a person’s right to rape you. But despite Irwin Allen’s warning from over 3 decades ago, no one is addressing the biggest crisis to date facing Georgia: Killer Bees!

Africanized “killer” honeybees were what killed a 73-year-old Dougherty County man earlier this month, the Georgia Department of Agriculture said Thursday.

It is the first time state officials have recorded that such bees are in Georgia, Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin said in a news release.

Entomological tests confirmed that the bees — which are a hybrid of African and European honeybees — killed Curtis Davis, who hit a beehive while clearing brush with his tractor.

Tommy Irvin had been Ag commish for over 10 years before he saw The Swarm in his groovy bell bottoms prior to an evening at the Limelight Disco. The Democrats had been in continuous power for over a century when we learned of this problem. Sonny Promised us “A New Georgia” with Republican rule, but the old Georgia didn’t have Killer Bees!

A pox on both parties for not protecting us from this menace.

Yes, this is your Friday OPEN THREAD:

PS: Here’s those Bee’s theme song.


  1. polisavvy says:

    On a serious note, if you find them around your home, according to a reporter on WXIA this morning, if you will spray them with soapy water, they will die. She didn’t recommend a particular type; however, DAWN will actually kill fleas.

  2. TPNoGa says:

    It wasn’t “The Swarm” that scared the crud out of me. It was the movie “The Late Great Planet Earth”. It talked about how the killer bees were coming to get us. I saw it as a kid in the theater and I was scarred for life.

      • TPNoGa says:

        Yep, I saw it. Let me tell you, it gave me nightmares for years. I think my parents regretted letting me see it. I think they thought it would be a nice Christian film.

  3. chefdavid says:

    They only came to Georgia after the GA Assembly gave them a tax exemption on their wild bee honey. Currently their are many hives around the world considering relocating to Georgia. This will produce an economic boom for the state an increase the number of registered bee keepers. Counties are in the process of becoming certified as “Wild Bee Ready”.

  4. Jeff says:

    As the only regular commenter (that I’m aware of) from the area actually affected here, let me say this:

    Honestly, I’m kinda freaking out here. Bees have always been terrifying to me, and I remember hearing about killer bees out west as a kid in the 90s and learning as much as I could about them and tracking their spread to make sure they weren’t in Georgia.

    When I left the safety of North Ga for the land of milk and honey, I didn’t realize that the honey could kill me! (ok, that was a BIT of a joke, but I’m serious about having the heebyjeebies over this)

    That said, apparently they’ve been in FL for nearly 5 years, and we’re just now hearing about them here – I’d say that is a good thing, since there isn’t a whole heck of a lot of difference between northern FL and southern Ga other than a line on a map.

  5. Scott65 says:

    If you dont want African Bees…hope for a really cold winter…they dont like the cold…and hope they haven’t mutated by doing it with the Euro Bees (damn trash Euro Bees…do it with any bug around)

  6. TPNoGa says:

    I want predictions of who people think will win the Gov’s race. NOT who you want to win, but who you think will win and whether a runoff will be necessary.

    I am just curious how the peeps in the know think this whole mess ends.

  7. Andre says:

    This evening, I was reviewing early/absentee voting data and I noticed that early/absentee voting in the 6th & 9th congressional districts is more than 16,000 higher than early/absentee voting in the 4th & 5th districts.

    That’s no good for Georgia Democrats.

    Click here for the full breakdown of early/absentee voting numbers by congressional district.

  8. Romegaguy says:

    I heard Chris Riley and Deal met in Cagle’s office to help make sure that the Ag Commissioner didnt kill the bees. Seems Deal and Riley are part owners of an African Bee hive. Although neither has it listed in their personal financial disclosures…

  9. TPNoGa says:

    Just want to say congrats to the Baylor Bears on becoming bowl eligible for the first time since 1995! They beat Kansas State 47-42!

    Who would have thought that Baylor would be the lone bright spot in an otherwise dismal football season.

    Also, Go Gators! Beat Georgia!

  10. Donna Locke says:

    I know y’all may think I have popped in to write about exotic pests, but actually I am wondering how Roy Barnes’s daughter and grandchildren are doing. I believe one of my grandchildren is friends with one of the children. I will continue to send healing wishes.

    • Donna Locke says:

      Added note: The illegal-alien driver who seriously injured my daughter in Atlanta in 1999, while Barnes was governor, remains at large.

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