Bank Failure Friday: The Grim Reaper Dresses As A Bank Examiner For Halloween

If it’s Friday, it must mean more banks have failed. Two Georgia institutions were closed today:

First National Bank of Barnesville, with branches in Lamar and Pike counties, south of Atlanta, was seized and sold to United Bank of Zebulon. Gordon Bank in tiny Gordon, Ga., 20 miles east of Macon, was closed and sold to Morris Bank of Dublin, Ga.

The failures are the first in the state since three lenders were shuttered Sept. 18. Sixteen banks have been closed in Georgia so far this year


  1. GoingMobile says:

    How much of this is related to the stupid requirement that every little tiny county in the state have its own bank? First it killed most of Georgia’s big banks in the 20th century as they were absorbed by out of state banks and now the little ones are falling on their own (guessing because of so few people per county for deposits). The time to fix Georgia’s banking laws is 2011

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