Atlanta Tea Party Running GOTV Ad.


  1. Harry says:

    This is great…it’s aimed straight at the gut of the disengaged and alienated silent citizens among us who do realize that something has badly gone wrong with the system.

  2. bluedogdem says:

    I wonder how they raised that kind of money to do that. Oh thats right they have a “pay to play” deal. GOP candidates would pay them for endorsements.

        • I’ve quite enjoyed watching how Obama’s hype has spun itself out. Folks on the left who were in luv luv luv with Obama are now coming to the realization that perhaps he wasn’t all they thought he was.
          It’s exactly like how folks on the right who were in luv luv luv with Dubya and thought he could do no wrong eventually started waking up to the realization that he wasn’t nearly as good as they thought he was.

          • USA1 says:

            The same thing will happen with all these Tea Party candidates. Once some of them get elected and start making the dreaded compromises all politicians make, their supporters will probably ignore some of the bad news and whine and moan about the other ones because they thought they elected a common-man, messiah, who was going to “talk straight and shoot straight”, and help “take the country back”, blah, blah, blah….

  3. debbie0040 says:

    Thanks Buzz for posting this.. You will do a great job under the Gold Dome. You actually believe that elected officials should be public servants and you will practice that. Your district is lucky to have you serve them.

    Julianne Thompson helped put this together and did a great job.

    This ad was paid for with GOTV grant money given by Tea Party Patriots. It can not be used for electioneering or advocating the election of a particular candidate.

    The donor of the grant money is anonymous publicly. The donor of the Swift Boat veterans was anonymous as well. This is common practice for large donations.

    The Tea party is not an arm of the GOP. If it were, you would not have had so many GOP establishment candidates defeated in primaries. Karl Rove also made some negative remarks about the tea party movement. I posted it on the Tea Party Patriots FaceBook page. If you really think we are an arm of the GOP, you will change your mind after reading the comments from tea party activists nationwide.

    Tea Party Activists support candidates that believe in fiscal responsiblity, and Constitutionally Limited Government . You don’t find many Democratic candidates that support those principles. We believe that government governs best when it governs less. We don’t believe in government bailouts or big government programs like “No Child Left Behind”, Medicare Prescription Drug Program, TARP, Stimulus Bill,etc.

    If you had attended the early tea parties of 2009, you would have seen as much anger directed at President Bush and the GOP as was directed at the Democrats.

    • “You don’t find many Democratic candidates that support those principles.”

      You also don’t find many Republican candidates that support those principles either.

      “We don’t believe in government bailouts or big government programs like “No Child Left Behind”, Medicare Prescription Drug Program, TARP, Stimulus Bill,etc.”

      All GOP programs. I know you claim that there was anger directed towards the GOP in 2009, and I remember that there was some, but it wasn’t anything like what’s being directed at the Democrats. Look, I *expect* the Democrats to waste money. They ran on platforms promising to waste our money, and that’s exactly what they’re doing. What the Republicans have done is run on platforms that give lip service to fiscal responsibility, individual freedom, etc… and then they’ve done the exact opposite in office.

      Now the Tea Party is asking us to hold our noses and put the GOP right back in Washington where they screwed up so royally in the first place.

      Look at Isakson – if I remember correctly, he voted yes to the Medicare Drug Benefit. He brags that he *wrote* the No Child Left Behind act. He voted for TARP. He voted against the stimulus bill, not because he opposed the idea, but because his amendments didn’t make it into the final bill. And here’s a bonus for you – he came out as a supporter of the Democrat’s Serve America Act.

      You say “We need to take control of the Senate from Reid and the Dems. so most activists will support Isakson. Isakson has a good voting recrod after the tea prties began to have influence. ”

      Sounds like Reid and the Dems have a good friend in Isakson. You claim that Isakson’s voting record has improved since the tea parties have hit the news – so, do you really want a Senator who votes whichever way the wind blows? Isakson knew his votes on the above issues would be unpopular, yet he still voted that way.

      I could go on. Does the Tea Party want someone as disreputable as Deal representing our state? Will we have the dishonor of having one of the first birther governors? What will that say about the GOP and Georgia as a whole when (not if) more discrepancies and problems come to light when he is in office?

  4. NoTeabagging says:

    They certainly are evangelical about it! Wish they had included some images of bad Republican moments for the sake of putting all politicians on notice.

  5. bluedogdem says:

    Debbie, I would like to thank you for standing up and doing what you are doing. I have one main problem with some or most of the Tea Party’s here in Georgia. 90% of the Tea Party’s will be voting and are openly supporting Deal and Isakson. Isakson is not as crooked as Deal, but his voting record is horrible. Deal should and probably will be in jail next year. I agree with the Tea Party’s that we need to cut government, but again the problem with some of the Tea Party’s here IN GEORGIA is they are openly supporting Deal and Isakson. How do you change government when you keep sending the same people there? I have no idea who your are supporting and I don’t want to know, but we must STOP voting for a candidate whether he has a “R”, “D”, “L”, or “I” by their name. I’m not accusing you of this, but it’s just food for thought.

    • debbie0040 says:

      Atlanta Tea Party is not openly supporting any candidate in the Governor’s race. I know tea party activists that support Deal, Monds and some that will vote for Barnes. Barnes could possibly get more tea party votes because of Deal’s ethics problems, but the Barnes campaign shuns tea party support while Deal and Monds embrace it. I also know tea party activists that are supporting Carol Porter over Cagle and some that support Cagle.

      We need to take control of the Senate from Reid and the Dems. so most activists will support Isakson. Isakson has a good voting recrod after the tea prties began to have influence. Libertatians complain they don’t get support, but why are you not putting up good candidates that actually have a chance of winning and can raise money? The bottom line is in Georgia the only candidates that have a chance of winning are either GOP or Dem. Once Libertarians actually prove they can pull more than 5-10% of the vote, they will begin to get more tea party votes.

      • bluedogdem says:

        Debbie, I agree with most of your comments. Yes “L” candidates need to raise more money, but just because a candidate has a lot of money doesn’t mean they deserve to get your or anyone else’s vote. I understand what you are saying, but I disagree. It’s not about the Libertarian, Republican, or Democrats party’s..its about the State and our Country. I support candidates on their character and integrity. You know and I know I made a mistake in the past, but I learned a lot from that experience. Once I figured out what was up I dropped it like a bad habit. So keep up the good work and lets put our State and Country first instead of a party.

        • debbie0040 says:

          It is about our country. The bottom line is this election is the most important election in my lifetime. We don’t have time to build a third party. We need to stop the slide into socialism now in this election. Our message is that if you go back to doing things the way you did before, we will work to defeat you the next cycle.

          Former Congressman Ernest Istook is advising us and lets us know what will take place when meetings take place for organizing the new house term. We are even going to have freshman orientation for new tea party backed house members to let them know what we expect from them

      • btpull says:

        The Rep’s and Dem’s need to stop be scared of the Libertarians and open up ballot access for State House, Senate, and Congressional races.

  6. Julianne Thompson says:

    This ad will begin airing on Monday throughout the metro-Atlanta area. Next week we also begin our radio ads, the launch of our website and voter guide, and phone banking.

    We are happy to announce the launch of our new website, which will feature original programming with TV shows, streaming radio, print journalism, and commentary from conservatives across Georgia and the United States. Reporters will be real, on the ground, grassroots activists. On the site, we will also have an interactive voter guide for this election. There will be no endorsements made of any candidate. This site and guide will also launch next week.

    All of the GOTV efforts were funded by the grant we received, and additional advertisers for the website. None of the money comes from the GOP, and we will not be accepting donations from a political party.

  7. So, what you’re saying is that I should make sure I don’t vote for Reid, Pelosi, or Obama next week. I’ll keep my eyes open in the voting booth, but I’m pretty sure none of them are running in Georgia.

  8. Julianne Thompson says:

    Buzz – You may have heard our national ad. We start our local and state ads Thursday -Tuesday.

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