So, There Was A “Contract”, Yet It Is More Lucrative When There Isn’t

Jim Walls at has published a comprehensive look at the details behind the arrangement between the State and GSD, the salvage/inspection company co-owned by Nathan Deal. While the overall impression is that there’s no game-changer here from what we already know, some of the details are interesting, and appear to differ from previous statements from Deal and his campaign.

Specifically, Deal and his folks get indignant when you use the word contract, yet there was a 2004 bid that resulted in a contract for GSD that was then cancelled on a technicality. So, there was a “contract”.

More significant, however, is that the contract called for GSD to collect $60 for each car inspected, but remit $6 as a commission to the state, netting GSD $54 per car. Yet, with the cancellation of the contract, GSD continued to charge $100 per car. Jim Walls estimates this produced an additional $415,000 for Deal and his partner of “pure profit”.

Again, none of the above is likely to change a single vote for anyone currently aware of this contract/arrangement. The piece is worth reading as it does piece together and document the available paper trail as to what happened over the course of this enterprise. In short, Walls lists a long bullet-point list of facts. Each side is sure to interpret them as it suits their needs.


  1. “Yet, with the cancellation of the contract, GSD continued to charge $100 per car. Jim Walls estimates this produced an additional $415,000 for Deal and his partner of “pure profit”.”

    So your new boy Roy is to be praised for making $16 million ($5 million last year) chasing ambulances and appearing before judges across the state that he appointed, running flea bag extended stay motels, and owning an engineering firm that does business with his old state employees and you call it good business.

    However, GSD, who was the “only” bidder twice for state inspection of vehicles in their region decides to seek more profit from a service they obviously seem one of the few to perform (why didn’t anyone else bid?) and you scoff at this.

    • Charlie says:

      I scoff that their bid was for $54, yet they charged $100.

      I scoff that Chris Riley used a great deal of his time, effort, and influence to protect this arrangement for his constituency of one.

      I scoff that our nominee who will “get it right the first time” still doesn’t appear to have his disclosures and possibly tax returns correct, nor does his former COS.

      And I scoff at the notion that you will find where I’ve praised Roy anywhere here, or anywhere I’ve said that I’m supporting or voting for him. But I do understand that a solid pattern of mis-direction keeps the minions of Nathan Deal Inc. from ever having to answer or account for unpleasantries or inconsistencies.

      • polisavvy says:

        Good post, Charlie. Your “scoffs” will most definitely strike a nerve so be ready! Do you have your hardhat on?

      • You and your fellow “sore losing” PP posters might as well endorse Roy like you did Carol Porter. You’ve been carrying his water for weeks now.

        You fault someone for charging a price that the market obviously is willing to support. If $100 was such a ripoff, why didn’t anyone else go into business and charge a lower price? Why didn’t anyone else compete for the state bids?

        • Charlie says:

          Perhaps because when the Revenue Commissioner tried to re-bid the contract, he had to visit with Chris Riley, Casey Cagle, and the Constituent of One.

          • Romegaguy says:

            Roy Barnes never should have appointed Nathan Deal’s son as a judge and then appearing before his courtroom as a lawyer. I mean he is NATHAN DEAL’S SON so he has to be corrupt, right?

            • Lady Thinker says:

              Well, deal did claim that Barnes is getting favors from the people he appointed to the bench so deal is suggesting that his son Jason Deal, who is currently on the bench in Dawson County Superior Court, is corrupt too. Does deal know something about his son we don’t?

          • Lady Thinker says:


            If deal and Cronan’s state contract bid was $60, how could they charge $100 and get away with it? This means that Cronan’s ethics are questionable also because he knew or should have known about the $60 bid.

            Riley and deal are obviously without morals and ethics and with this article, it appears Cronan is also. I guess Cagle knew about this also?

      • Doug Grammer says:

        Questions for Charlie the scoffer,

        Yes or no, and if you want to provide explanations feel free.

        If there were invitations to bid and only one company bid, is it still a no bid contract?

        Is it acceptable to be offered a contract and make a counter offer?

        As a concept, do you agree with government setting wages and profits in a free market?

        Do parties have to uphold the terms of a contract that is no longer in effect?

  2. Clint says:

    I continue to be disappointed that most Republicans are silent on this issue and justify it as being “not that bad”. There really is no justification for abusing taxpayer’s money for personal gain.

    Nathan Deal is a despicable person who used disgusting tactics to win the Republican nomination and is now using the same burnt earth tactics to win the general election.

    • rightofcenter says:

      Clint, if you just left it at “I think Deal did some unethical things and I am therefore supporting Roy Barnes,” I could accept that. I wouldn’t agree, but I could see the logic. However, using words like “despicable” and “disgusting” really make you look small and do no favor to your side. Kind of sad, actually. Although you obviously have given up caring what anybody thinks of you.

    • Lady Thinker says:

      Then why did his dad make the comment that the judicial appointments that Barnes made are doing or have done favors for Barnes?

  3. Kellie says:

    From GSD website
    “GSD was founded in 1990 when company president, Ken Cronan, recognized an unfilled niche in the northeast Georgia area.”

    A niche? That’s funny. I don’t care who you are.

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