Maybe an engineering school in Athens isn’t a bad idea

So GaTech researchers can get back to important matters:

As seen on slashdot:

Dog owners can sleep easy tonight because physicists have discovered how rapidly a wet dog should oscillate its body to dry its fur. Presumably, dogs already know. From the article: “Today we have an answer thanks to the pioneering work of Andrew Dickerson at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta and a few buddies. But more than that, their work generates an interesting new conundrum about the nature of shaken fur dynamics. Dickerson and co filmed a number of dogs shaking their fur and used the images to measure the period of oscillation of the dogs’ skin. For a labrador retriever, this turns out to be 4.3 Hz.”


  1. ugagrad_2001 says:

    GT grads are great at conducting lab studies. They just need to be supervised by a UGA grad so they actually study something useful. Otherwise they waste their time studying dog fur oscillation because they think it might finally give them the upperhand in a football game against the Dawgs. These tech grads were disappointed to learn that Georgia’s team is made up of human athletes, something of a rarity on the Tech campus, rather than canines.

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