Landmark Polls Statewide Races

Landmark Communications has released the following poll results, conducted last night, for many of the statewide races. Their press release:

(Duluth)—Landmark Communications Inc. has released Georgia’s most detailed analysis to date of statewide voter opinions leading up to the Nov. 2 general election.

In the race for governor, Republican Nathan Deal is leading Democratic Roy Barnes 47 percent to 39 percent. Libertarian John Monds carries 4 percent, which is slightly higher than the traditional Libertarian vote.

Results for other notable races:

Republican Johnny Isakson is defeating Democrat Michael Thurmond by a 56-35 percent margin. Libertarian Chuck Donovan carries 2 percent.

Republican Casey Cagle is winning his re-election by a substantial margin. Cagle currently carries 50 percent of the vote to Democrat Carol Porter’s 34 percent.

Republican Ralph Hudgens is winning 54 percent of the vote against Democrat Mary Squires’ 28 percent. Libertarian Shane Bruce carries 4 percent.

Republican Gary Black is winning by a 48 percent to 32 percent margin over Democrat J.B. Powell. Libertarian Kevin Cherry carries 3 percent.

Landmark surveyed randomly selected active Georgia voters, and only those saying they will “definitely vote” or are “likely vote” were included in final results. A total of 3,277 voters participated and completed all questions during an Oct. 19 telephone survey. The margin of error of the survey is plus or minus 1.71 percent.

View crosstabs and other information here.


        • Charlie says:

          No, but BBalz has written it (and that I’ve completely left the Republican Party) enough times that it must be true.

          I frankly haven’t decided how I’m voting at this point. David Byrne looks better and better every day.

          • TPNoGa says:

            I hear ya. I must admit that Deal is the reason I am not voting early. I plan to vote for him, but just want to make sure they don’t find Jimmy Hoffa in his basement or anything before casting the vote.

            On a side note, looks you guys are going to have a very decent chance to beat the Gators this year.

          • kyleinatl says:

            I don’t seem to recall BBalz writing anything of the sort, particularly not the latter, but hey if you wanna join the Dems on this one, come on down buddy 🙂

  1. fishtail says:

    Landmark Communications should include a disclaimer when they release biased polling information. They are a Republican firm that works for Republican candidates. Their numbers are a JOKE.

    • polisavvy says:

      Isn’t there a Democrat firm that could work some numbers for the Democrats? If not, then the joke is on them!

  2. fishtail says:

    What I just found out might put Nathan Deal over the 50% threshold…none other than Vernon “Snuggles” Jones has endorsed Nathan Deal. Vernon’s millions of supporters could spell doom for Barnes.

  3. fishtail says:

    Forgot to mention that Vernon will be heading up Deal’s effort to stop the allegations about Deal being “pro rape.”

  4. Rasmussen calls them “leaners.”
    IA and Landmark calls them “self proclaimed, likely to vote” voters.

    Isn’t this what is standardly known as including “unlikely” voters.

    Tricks of the trade… pick the polling pool that best supports the Establishment wishes.

    Finding unbiased polls have become as difficult to find as journalist.

    If they would only truely report, and let people decide… but then again that would require that they ask people to be responsible… what a novel idea… but it is a foundational principle of Liberty.

  5. Daniel, you are incorrect on all fronts. Rasmussen does not call them ‘leaners’. Rasmussen only polls people who describes themselves as “likely” to vote, similar to how our surveys, and all serious surveys, work.

    People who are “not likely” are not included in Rasmussen or in the Landmark survey in any way.

    ‘Leaners’ refers to people who do not commit to a candidate, but when re-asked state a leaning preference.

    • Mark,

      Then could you explain to me how in the Rasmussen poll “adding” leaners seems to result in a transfer from Monds to Deal and Barnes, while Undecideds stay the same…. this could only result by adding to the pool…. if not, all would rise and Undecideds would be reduced.

      As for Landmark, they themself said they added those that “said” they were “likely to vote.” Normally that is determined by asking if they voted in previous elections.

  6. Daniel, you might have missed it: Landmark is my company.

    I appreciate your comments, and all are fair. But Rasmussen’s polling model is to default to only reporting interviews of voters who say they are “likely” or “definitely” going to vote. They are a great polling firm, and have certainly blazed the path to take IVR polling to the next level. We use the same concept at Landmark — determine people who say they will actually vote before including their responses in reports.

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