Gwinnett Commission Update

Kenerly turns himself in and faces suspension.

According to state law, it falls to Gov. Sonny Perdue to appoint a commission to review a felony indictment whenever a public official is indicted. The commission determines whether the indictment relates to and adversely affects the public official’s duties.

The commission then has 14 days to make a recommendation on whether to suspend the official. The final decision rests with Perdue.

Since Kenerly had already decided not to seek re-election, any suspension would only cut short the remainder of his term by a few weeks. Kenerly is the county’s longest-serving commissioner, having first been elected in 1994.

An well known public official is being urged to run in the race to replace Charles Bannister as Commission Chairman next March.

Don Burrell, president of Southern Outreach/Washington Political Group, is encouraging Tax Commissioner Katherine Meyer to go for the position, which will be decided in a March special election after the resignation of Charles Bannister earlier this month.

“She’s not even in the race yet, and she leads with 21 percent of vote (sic) even with a large number of undecided voters,” Burrell wrote in an e-mail. “Beyond that, she has the experience to turn this county around.”

The tax commissioner, previously known as Katherine Sherrington, came out with the most nods in a poll of more than 600 Gwinnettians, he said.

“I’m flattered. I’ll give it some thought,” Meyer, a Republican who has held her post since 1984, said in response to the poll.


  1. Charlie says:

    Now that Gwinnett is considered an urban county, someone needs to tell Dick Williams he can start railing against their government during the middle third of the Georgia Gang.

  2. debbie0040 says:

    Really don’t see why she would give up a job that pays almost twice that of Commission Chairman.

    I have heard rumors about the Commission raising the Chairman’s salary but don’t think that would pass in this tough economic climate . I can just see the public uproar against any Commissioner that votes to raise the Chairman’s salary at a time when the property taxes were just raised and many people have lost their jobs.

  3. gatormathis says:

    Gwinnett had Wayne Hill for so many years with whom Gwinnett grew in leaps and bounds, turning into one of the better metro area counties. He told the truth and planned for the future, and moved Gwinnett into a being a powerful county. Maybe he wasn’t a “smooth” enough talker…………..but then again, the smooth talkers are having their chance now ain’t they……………

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