Chris McFadden Takes To The Airwaves.

Chris McFadden, candidate for Court of Appeals, has a new TV ad.


  1. B Balz says:

    Fine ad exemplifying why Chris recieved the highest peer rating of all other candidates for Court of Appeals – He wrote the book on Appeals Court. Chris is routinely contracted by other attorney’s as the ‘go-to’ guy for Appeals work.

    This was taken our alma mater, gorgeous Oglethorpe University campus. Vote McFadden!!!!

  2. NoTeabagging says:

    Too bad he’s littered our parks, medians and other public greenspaces illegally with his signs. He even put one in front of Decatur Cemetery. I know dead folks notoriously vote in GA, but to have them campaign for you that’s low.
    I wish our candidates for judge would obey state and local ordinances, seems only right, especially for someone that should know the law.
    Sorry, can’t vote for the lawbreaker.

    • Machette says:

      Mr. McFadden is the only candidate who should even be in this race. As for competency, he is light years ahead of his competitors.

      • NoTeabagging says:

        Then he should NOT break the law. If he is so good, he should have plenty of supporters allowing legal signs in their yards. I have not seen one sign in a residence offering to support him. Mr McFadden has refused to reply to my emails about the sign ordinances.

        • Lady Thinker says:

          If the speed limit is 45, do you drive 45 or five miles over? No, judges should not break the law but then you are assuming that he is placing the signs and not some of his uninformed supporters as to the sign laws they may be violating.

    • McFadden is also one of only two candidates who has robocalled my cell phone, something that’s illegal for non-politicians to do (and may also be illegal for politicians, but I’m betting they exempted themselves from the law).

      • NoTeabagging says:

        Georgia has some of the weakest robocall laws in the country. Basically, In GA anyone can call you for any non-commercial purpose. Georgia allows more exemptions for robocallers to circumvent National FTC/FCC laws than other states, and is particularly lax on calls that spoof or hide caller ID info. If the call was made within Georgia, robocallers are required to register their equipment with the PSC. Another note in GA law, “Such use involves calls to telephone numbers which at the request of the customer have been omitted from the telephone directory published by the local exchange company serving the customer .”
        Which means your cell phone should be exempt, unless you foolishly published it in a directory, shared it with a public official or campaign.
        link to portion of the GA code:

  3. Jon Patrick says:

    Anyone who has ever done work on a campaign realizes that right-of-way signage is a necessary evil and nearly every campaign is guilty of it. Yet you make the bold and unwarranted assumption that it is Chris McFadden who put the sign in front the cemetery. Isn’t it more likely that a campaign volunteer put it there?

    If your litmus test for a candidate is whether the campaign stringently follows county sign ordinances, then you’re no different than those who rule out candidates because of irrelevant, emotional wedge issues (abortion, gay marriage). I personally think this type of litmus test is particularly petty, and the idea that you’d vote for a less qualified judge, because of signage, borders on irresponsible.

    In a perfect world, the electorate is informed about every candidate, yet in reality, ignorance about down-ballot candidates abounds. So could you see the case that few concerns need to balanced here? 1) awareness of campaigns and candidates, 2) the special first amendment freedoms afforded political campaigns, 3) the right to unlittered public space.

    Governments rarely attempt to prosecute candidates for the actions of volunteers, and they almost always fail. Why? The case cannot be made that it was the candidate who coordinated or performed the violation.

    I happen to work on a lot of local campaigns, and every year we see the anti-sign zealots emerge, charging everything from environmental degradation to wanton disregard for the law. Well if you’d ever worked on a campaign in a meaningful capacity, you’d realize that it’s war. Petty and justifiably unenforced municipal regulations simply don’t mitigate the importance of making the electorate aware of campaigns and elections.

    • NoTeabagging says:

      I am shocked that anyone believes a candidate for public office has free reign over the public environment and the right to litter as he/she sees fit.

      • NoTeabagging says:

        JP Your candidates have as much credibility as “Work From Home” “Affordable Insurance” and mortgage scams tacked up totem pole style on utility poles around the state. They might as well sell me on $99 carpet cleaning than try to get my vote. You state sign ordinances are “Petty and justifiably unenforced” because candidates need to litter the public space with signs to make us aware of an election. I’m sorry but I do not need to see campaigns for 10 months littering public property to help me decide to vote or know an election is pending. I research candidates, I read their statements, I look for endorsement by people and groups I trust. I cannot support a candidate that arrogantly thinks the public realm is for his/her exclusive use simply by becoming a candidate. I cannot support a candidate that thinks they alone have the right to clutter up public space and no one has the right, even code enforcement, to remove their litter. I cannot support a candidate that inspires volunteers or hires sign places to break these laws on their behalf. Give me candidate that respects the public and the local laws they wish to enforce and they will get my vote.

        • Machette says:

          Relax, NT. Stop replying to yourself and digging a bigger hole. You sound as psychologically unstable as Gunter or one of his paid pundits.

            • NoTeabagging says:

              Sign Bonds do not exist in DeKalb County or City of Decatur. No one can buy a license to litter.

                • NoTeabagging says:

                  It is not legal. Look up the ordinances. State, county ,city. No signs may be posted on public property, public greenspace, or the right of way. Atlanta, Decatur, and Dekalb have specific ordinances about campaign signs that match regular sign ordinances.
                  I will say that McFadden only recently put up signs, unlike other signs that have been out since February. He crossed the line (for me) by placing them only on public property and at a cemetery. I contact many candidates on this issue, some of them have remorse, others state they know the ordinances and instruct volunteers on appropriate placement before giving them signs. Others arrogantly defy the law because they do not respect the public.

                  • Doug Grammer says:

                    Have you never had a volunteer drop by a HQ and ask for 5 signs to put out? Even if you ask them where they are going, you can’t guarantee that the sign will go where they are promised to go.

                    It’s much like a 16 year old with a car. “Are you going straight to the store and straight back?” “Yes mom.” ( Two hours later..) “Where were you?” “I stopped at Chris’ house. It was on the way home.”

                    If EVERY ONE of his signs were on a telephone poll or in a cemetery, yes, you’d have a point. I think you need to lighten up.

      • polisavvy says:

        To me, it’s only littering if it is left in those locations AFTER the election. There are still candidates signs all over Newton County who lost in July — that’s littering. Plus, if it was ever enforced, a fine levied against the campaigns after the election would stop some of this. Look on the bright side, some signs may actually come down in 11 days.

  4. rebelrepublican says:

    Hey Tea, sounds like you really need to get a life,,,he didn’t respond to you probably because he must know you are a moron

    • NoTeabagging says:

      I appreciate everyone’s endorsements for Mr. McFadden. I will consider them after I review all candidates again.

  5. macho says:

    If you’re going to eliminate every statewide candidate who has a sign misplaced somewhere in the state, you’ll be left only voting for candidates who can’t afford yard signs.

    • NoTeabagging says:

      Unfortunately, you are right. OMG – Perhaps this is a great bipartisan conspiracy! The only thing they agree to do together: break the law. 😉 LOL

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