Karen Handel Speaks (Or At Least, Updates)

For those waiting for Friday to hear from Karen Handel, perhaps a preview has appeared on Facebook.

Karen Handel: My thoughts re Barnes/Dem mailer: A gentleman would never involve a woman without asking her. I do not appreciate being used this way — least of all by Roy Barnes. To imply that I’m in any way supporting him is simply false. Women do not want or need the king of the good ole boys telling us to “remember.”. Women will look at the issues and cast their votes in the best interest of our state.


        • polisavvy says:

          That’s very true, TP. She did ask her supporters to get behind Deal the day she conceded. It’s going to be hard to reel that one back in, isn’t? I had forgotten that. So, I guess we’ll just hear from her on Friday and that the question of endorsement will be ignored.

          • gatormathis says:

            borrowed from Karen’s FB page….”@Mandy and Everyone, what would be really interesting is the message sent if Monds gets enough votes to force a run-off between Barnes and Deal “……….

            ……..wow, the possibility of a race between Deal and Barnes…….who woulda thunk it……..no need to settle it on the first pass when we can have a redo, complete with extra taxpayer expense and more campaigning to listen to….how novel an idea……and the apathetic masses get one more chance to not show up and vote with a small percentage again…..

            • seenbetrdayz, Ph.D. says:

              I agree. Let’s just make a law that says the republican party wins no matter what. That way we don’t have to pretend that we care about a voting system.

              More than two choices? What has America come to? The land of plenty? Is that what we want? No!

              And why do those libertarians hate America?

          • Romegaguy says:

            She’ll talk about needing to look at the issues that are important… blah, blah blah. Seriously doubt she says to vote for Nathan but she may spend time blasting Roy

        • Lady Thinker says:

          I have to wonder with all that has come out on deal if she still feels the same way or would she rather not answer that question.

  1. polisavvy says:

    I sure wish she’d drop the “good ole boys” stuff. Getting old. Not all men are “good ole boys.” There are still many good and decent men involved in politics who don’t fit the description and, quite frankly, deserve better. As an aside, it doesn’t sound to me like she is going to endorse anyone — she will remain neutral. For that, I am will be glad.

    • I’m not arguing with your take on this, but I kind of like the moniker “good ole boy” and “good ole gal” for that matter. But of course, I’m a white dude that grew up in the South, so I must be racist. I can remember old aunts and uncles and others back in the day refering to this good ole boy and that good ole gal. Heck, I can hear Waylon right now…”Just a good ole boys, never meaning no harm.”

    • B Balz says:

      Well, my prognostication that Ms. Handel has gone all Dem is wrong. Yeah, the good ol’ boy handle wears thin, neutral seems to be more accurate. Good call Ms. Polisavvy.

    • rightofcenter says:

      As noted above, she already endorsed Deal back when she conceded. You really have to bend over backwards to say these comments today are neutral.

      • polisavvy says:

        True, roc. I stand corrected and stated so above. I had completely forgotten about her asking her supporters to get behind Deal. Thanks for the reminder. She can’t unring that bell!

  2. perimeterprogressive says:

    Yah – that last line could have easily has “and vote for Nathan Deal” at the end. And it didn’t. It’s pretty telling.

    • rightofcenter says:

      Yah, that’s pretty telling – why it’s almost like an endorsement of Barnes or something. Give me a break.

  3. justpeachy says:

    It’s not an endorsement of either candidate. I think it’s simply a “keep me out of it” comment from Handel. This says I’m not endorsing Barnes and Deal don’t ask me to make a comment endorsing you because I’ve already spoken up on the issue.

  4. sandysprings says:

    Just a recap of when KH did what. She did tell her supporters to back Deal after the Runoff. However, that was BEFORE all the information came out about Deal.Real. using his congressional office to benefit himself (and his constituents – ie. his business partner). It was also before he had to amend his financial reporting to the State Ethicss – what 6 times – (oh wait, Deal will get it right “The First Time”).
    Friday’s lunch will be interesting. I am bringing my mom from South Georgia to hear what Karen says and what she doesn’t say. If I know Karen as well as I think I do, she will NOT be endorsing any candidate in this race. She shouldn’t have to. Those that backed him in the runoff should be forced to back him now.
    I hope everyone notices that the entire Legislature that backed Deal during the runoff is SILENT. Where is Jan and the rest of the fab 5? Where is Eric J?
    The reason you don’t hear from these folks is that they don’t want their reputation tied to Deal. They ran around the State for him during the runoff but now – nothing.

    • James Fannin says:

      Karen Handel is definitely in a tough position here. She is a highly ethical, straight shooter who believes public servants should serve the public and not themselves. She made ethical leadership her signature issue. Since the runoff, she has probably learned a great deal more about Nathan Deal and she was already pretty clear during the campaign that she thought he had a broken ethical compass. She is also a loyal Republican and unlike Nathan Deal who would not commit to support the Republican nominee. Karen committed to support the nominee.

      Since the campaign, however, I’m guessing she has learned about the sleazy Deal supporters who placed flyers under windshield wipers in church parking lots questioning whether she was a Christian, calling her a “baby killer” and implying she may even be gay. So what does she do? She now knows that the Deal campaign engaged in contemptible practices and that Nathan Deal’s ethical missteps are far worse than she could ever have contemplated and even Nathan probably doesn’t know when Chris Riley’s next shoe will drop.

      There are two bad choices for Governor. No matter who wins – Georgia loses. If I were Karen Handel and speaking to a room of politically active women, the only endorsement I would make is an endorsement in support of honest, ethical government and I would encourage the audience to get more actively involved in politics to make sure Georgians have better choices in the future. Karen should let folks like Reps Jan Jones, Joe Wilkinson and Harry Geisinger explain why they were contemptuous of the views of 75 percent of their constituents who supported Handel and why they thought Nathan Deal was a good deal despite his ethical issues.

      • Clint says:

        Great post. You hit the nail on the head of why a lot of people are so fond of Karen Handel.

        I didn’t agree with the mail piece that interjected her into this race and hope that people will allow her to enjoy being a private citizen as she’s willing to speak out about getting involved in the political process without beating her over the head with questions about the Governor’s race.

        Nathan Deal and his supporters will have to live with what they did in the primary. I do not think its very Christian behavior to suggest that someone with as strong of a faith in their life as Karen is not a Christian. I saw a new low in GA politics with the lies and fear mongering used by Deal in that primary run-off.

        For me, Karen represented a rare breed in politics – someone who spoke their mind, didn’t pull any punches, had a clear idea of what she wanted to do as Governor, and wasn’t looking for the free ride or just bide her time in public service for personal gain.

        If she decides she wants to serve GA again in the future, which I so hope that she does, there will be open arms for her from all corners of the state.

      • Three Jack says:

        spot on james. looking back, it is clear that karen was right to call out all the ethically challenged legislators that ended up supporting deal in the runoff. where are they now?

        • eschristian says:

          I completely agree 1 trillion percent. Karen is very unique and a total asset to Georgia. What was done to her still makes my stomach sick and I agree with Clint as I also saw a new LOW in GA politics ~ Chicago style during the primary!!!

          I also agree that if she chooses to reenter politics in Georgia there will be open arms for her ALL over Georgia. Karen is a true person and not the typical sneaky UNETHICAL politician like many of us see in office or currently seeking their next office. When you are a good person and do the right thing it pays off in the long run even if you are attacked and suffer in the short-term. Karen may have lost a big battle in the runoff but guaranteed if Karen chooses to reenter politics she will be rewarded and win the war!!! Karen stands for more freedom and liberty and less government and is a true person who is also a great person which is what a majority of Americans want from our politicians. I am still proud of Karen and her supporters and how we conducted ourselves in the primary/runoff – some opponents & their opponents may not have that same peace of mind!!!

          Oh yeah – WHERE ARE THEY AGAIN @supporters from runoff/Congressional support from runoff??? Again, was just politics as usual for them and now it is more convenient to hide from their candidate and try to save their careers and they are Casper the Ghost – oh yeah Casper was friendly – nevermind, they are just Ghosts until this election is over with!!!

  5. B Balz says:

    contemptible practices = Rape shield commercial,
    contemptible practices = Ad showing Rep. Deal going to another engagement, with faked voice-overs.

    contemptible practices =
    Deal supporters who placed flyers under windshield wipers in church parking lots questioning whether she was a Christian, calling her a “baby killer” and implying she may even be gay.

    Plenty ‘contemptible practices’ to go around.

    That Ms. Handel may have offered Georgia something better is both noble and irrelevant; she is not a candidate. Perhaps her voice, from the sideline, will tweak a few voter decisions. I know I will listen with an open mind.

    One fact about Rep. Deal is that his constituents are as hard right as they get. It is tough to sit in the Big Chair and not listen to the people you know, represent, and that support you.

    Typically such folks are too conservative for my views on what is good for Georgia. And yet, Roy’s supporters are equally as polemic to the left.

    Georgia is truly a microcosm of the national picture.

  6. NorthGAGOP says:

    Mixing apples and oranges.

    Handel had nothing to do with the Rape Shield or Deal being pursued ad.

    • B Balz says:


      My point obviously not clear to you, plenty of ‘contemptible practices’ from both Dems and GOP. Ms. Handel was victimized by such contemptible practices and it disgusted me.

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