When Corruption Wins, Citizens Lose

It’s true.  When corruption wins, taxpayers and citizens lose.  When an elected official crosses the line into corrupt behavior, either actual or perceived, the real victim of their wrong doing are the citizens living in the district or state.  Furthermore, this corruption threatens the basic fabric of our democracy in cheating the basis of which elected officials are supposed to live under the same rules and regulations of those they are supposed to represent.

It really doesn’t matter if it’s at the federal, state, or local level.  Their is an opportunity cost to the citizens.  Unfortunately, professional politicians and most operatives have managed to over complicate the political process to the point where most regular citizens tune out everything having to do with politics and current events that affect them on a day to day business far more than what Justin Bieber said or how long Lindsey Lohan will be in rehab.

The fact that a Member of Congress may repeatedly abuse their office for personal gain cheats out other businesses that do not have their own special representative in Congress, nor personal staffers paid for by taxpayers, and puts their business at a significant financial disadvantage in competing in the private sector.  That includes requests for rezoning, road maintenance, and so forth.  For example, there are other salvage businesses in North Georgia that would have benefited had they been able to compete in the open market to provide the title inspection service that Congressman Deal so quietly and deceitfully tried to protect from competition.  Additionally, being able to exercise influence to request meetings with state and county officials for one’s private business puts other businesses and private sector companies at a disadvantage, especially when they attempt to operate within the current rules of the law.

Self enrichment of an elected official while in office by means of official acts, if not illegal, is certainly unethical and the means by which an elected official goes to hide their activity and actions is demonstrable of their core character and value system, especially when there is a pattern of the behavior.

There is a real opportunity cost to the citizens and taxpayers of our state when the corruption of elected officials occurs, and when that corruption is defended and even outrageously justified, there is an erosion of our fragile democracy.

While some of you sit back and justify Nathan Deal’s various excuses and reasons that he abused his Congressional Office for his personal gain and make light of the Congressional Ethics Investigation because of the group which made the actual referral, it doesn’t change the facts of the alleged abuses made by Deal or carried out by his office, nor does it absolve him of responsibility for cheapening the office of a US Member of the House of Representatives and the shame that it brings on an already tainted Congress.

It should be beneath our elected officials and the leaders within the Republican Party to continue to push this person on the people of Georgia as a candidate for Governor simply because of the letter that comes behind his name.  When you lie on his behalf and use your credibility to vouch for his wrongdoing, you’re no better than he is.  Partisanship should not come at the cost of your own reputation, self respect, and the greed of a self enriching corrupt politician.


  1. Pine Knot says:

    Did Moveon.org or the Dailykos buy the domain name for peachpundit.com when Karen Handel lost? Karen Handel lost. She is nothing now. Get over it. There is a reason they called him KING ROY. He was the most partison Gov. ever elected in Georgia.

    • They have so much invested in the “Deal-Cagle are meanies” thing they have lost all objectivity. They know their more reasonable friends in state politics have their number and they will be on the way, way outside of the loop on politics for the next four to eight years they can’t stand it.

      Don’t get me wrong, they will hammer all the “bad” and “corrupt” legislators and leaders under the Gold Dome, and some how tell us that Barnes, Mark Taylor, Larry Walker, and Tom Murphy were’nt all that bad when they were in charge. That we need compromising spineless Republicans back there again, even if it means we are in the minority. Men Towery, Tankersly, Perdue, etc.

      Blah, blah, blah…

  2. Pine Knot says:

    For every page that comes out of the Roy Barnes playbook on Peach Pundit starting tonight, I am going to give Nathan $100. I may be broke by Nov. 2

  3. TPNoGa says:

    How much is the Barnes campaign paying you guys?

    Clint, you already made your case in another thread a few days ago. IMO, arguments that have to be made over and over again tend to not be very persuasive. Just saying.

    • hannah says:

      Actually, most novel information needs to be received at least three times by the brain before it even registers as noteworthy. Information that contradicts an established prejudice or preconceived notion probably has an even harder time to get through. So, there are good reasons for repeating the truth. It takes a while to sink in.
      Slightly different perspectives on the same information also help. Sort of like a spoon full of sugar making the medicine easier to swallow.
      Anyway, I suspect that accusations of corruption tend to be rejected because most of us don’t have a clear idea what that means. In my book, when we’re talking about public officials who get paid from the public purse, corruption occurs when their actions favor one particular person, corporation or even themselves. Although self-dealing now seems to be acceptable on the part of persons who accept a power of attorney, in my book that’s corrupt. I also consider it a corruption of the law to argue that when a person consents to being abused or deprived of their rights, the deprivation is lawful.
      So, to the extent that DADT, for example, is based on the argument that our troops volunteered to be deprived of their human rights when they signed up, DADT is an example of a legal crime, a corruption of the law.
      The proposition that public officials being held to ethical standards represents some more stringent expectation that normal people can’t meet is a cover for the argument that public officials are such superior creatures that they can monitor themselves — i.e. a load of hooey.
      The conviction that public office is properly an opportunity to privilege oneself and supporters and punish everyone else has a long history and was enshrined in the law by the principle of “sovereign immunity” — a principle that wasn’t removed from our legal system until the passage of the Federal Tort Claims Act in 1947. It’s only since then that a public official’s self dealing and preferential treatment for select individuals can be challenged as a tort by people who claim to be injured by the official’s malfeasance or negligence.
      To a large extent, “privatization” has been prompted by the desire on the part of public officials to dole out governmental munificence with a patina of legality by touting an “open competitive process” or some such verbiage to hide the route that their preference takes. What Deal is accused of having done to grant himself a monopoly is just stupid in this day and age. But then, as I said, there’s a long history of public officials tapping the public purse to benefit themselves; of lousy businessmen looking for the public teat to provide a steady stream of profit.

      Why do people put such self-serving pols in office? I suspect it’s because hope springs eternal that they’re going to be the favorite son. Someone else is going to be punished.

      • B Balz says:


        This is a pretty good post, what is DADT?

        I get the accusations that Rep. Deal seems to have used his congressional office to further a sweetheart salvage business. Further, my experience, though limited, with salvage titles in autos is that it is both lucrative and fraught with shadiness.

        Rep. Deal argues that the State was trying to remove the ‘safety of the salvaged auto’ as a priority for granting a salvage title. The facts may never come out.

        Nobody is a perfect person, one moral dilemma I have is seeing how close to the legal line one can go, without being illegal. This may be such a case, thus ethics come into play.

        One very smart lady I know, she is both hugely patient and nearsighted, mentions she could care less about these finer points. That, to her, a guy like Rep. Deal knows how to get things done. Big things, like a water agreement with two States that have GA over a barrel. A budget that is anemic with revenue, but full of expense, etc.

        You keep posting here, I enjoy your perspective – I visited your link to your web site. Red China and Russia are really not our friends…but I am guessing you know that.

        • Dawgfan says:

          Mr Balz:

          I would ask your friend what in Congressmand
          Deal’s career makes you think he can get things done? What as he done that wasn’t done for his own benefit? Nothing. Certainly, he knows how to game the system to his advantage, but what has he accomplished for anyone other than his favorite constituent?

          • B Balz says:

            Folks consistently choose to overlook the Deal Medicare/ciad amendment that disallows illegal aliens from receiving benefits. The Treasury estimates saving are in the millions, maybe as high as $20mm or more.

            I have personal experience reviewing the Rep. Burgess, MD/Deal Bills that would have implemented many of the benefits that the current HC law provides, without the overhead.

            I pointed this out at PP months ago. Though the Bills did not go far enough in attacking medical cost, they would have helped a lot of folks.

  4. B Balz says:


    I am glad you wrote this. You crafted the language exquisitely, must have taken at least an hour, maybe longer. The reason I am happy you spent your time doing this is simple.

    Instead of actually campaigning for Roy, calling around, passing out fliers or doing something that MIGHT actually win a vote, you wrote this sophomoric, ineffectual tripe.

    Atta boy, keep up the good work!

    • As I said above to Pine Knot, these guys are so depressed right now, they don’t know what to do. The so called “Republican” writers of this blog (Charlie, Tyler, Clint, Erick) are understandably bitter. This is a GOP wave election and their petty bitterness is causing them to miss the party. All their eggs were in Karen’s basket and she tripped and fell down smashing them to pieces. They took time off, they reflected, and they came out swinging against their own side (supposedly their on our side).

      But, maybe they can persuade the dozen or so readers to this pathetic site if they just keep repeating the mantra of Deal being corrupt and the trial lawyer wasn’t so bad after all.

      • Melb says:

        You are the only one that sounds bitter right now. Bitter because you want your party to fall in line like good soldiers and they are not going to support corrupt men like Deal and Cagle.

        Also, I think the readership on Peachpundit is around 5,000 and if you think it is so pathetic then go elsewhere – please.

  5. ZazaPachulia says:

    I agree with you clint.

    It’s frustrating to shout to the deaf masses. Sometimes they have to learn the hard way… It’s unfortunate that those of us who see the corruption, smell the stink and want what is truly best for Georgia and the Georgia GOP have no choice but to keep shouting as we go down with the ship.

  6. Clint says:

    You folks toting around the Deal baggage must really have a bad back. Wow. Seems it starting to hurt a little…

    This post wasn’t necessarily about the Governor’s race. That was my example. My point was that corruption does have a victim. Yes, I’m beating the proverbial horse, but the point needs to be illustrated further because the stakes are that high.

    • center5 says:

      Clint…you are soooo right. But, you are wasting your time. They truly just don’t care. Somehow corruption wrapped in Republican red makes it ok.

      To get their attention, just re-write all the Deal stories and insert Obama’s name in place of “Deal”….THEN AND ONLY THEN would it become wrong and unacceptable corruption.

      • I don’t think at this point Obama is corrupt, just a socialist, apologetic, race baiting, big government loving, Muslim sympathizer who hates the American way of life.

        • kyleinatl says:

          Shawn Hannity? Is that you?? You need to throw a few more “freedoms” and “liberties” in there…and maybe something abou the long form birth certificate and death panels. You’re letting me down Shawn!

          • Neither Sean nor I give a damn about birth certs. It was obvious that he was born in Hawaii when a local paper that can be accessed from many different sources announces the birth at the time in the United States. His parents would have to have been pretty forward thinking to plant the story knowing he would one day be President. Try again.

            Death panels? You betcha. He appointed a leading advocate for limiting life saving, end of life health care for the elderly to head Medicare. Don’t be a fool.

            But how can you deny he is a “socialist, apologetic, race baiting, big government loving, Muslim sympathizer who hates the American way of life”?

            • kyleinatl says:

              Are you referring to the fact that Medicare can now pay for end of life consultations yet no patient or doctor is actually required to partake in this service? Death panels…sheesh…go actually read the bill.

              Everything else you mentioned isn’t even worth comment as it comes straight out of the Palin-Hannity school of “getting angry white people riled up over nothing”. Muslim sympathizer…it’s all boogey man talk.

            • B Balz says:

              The use of the language ‘death panels’ is ridiculous. Go to a hospital, before you must for a loved one or yourself, and ask what the current process for a terminal patient is currently.

              You’ll find that those papers you had signed with your Dr. and lawyers must be reviewed and verified. What you chose in 1999, may be different in 2010. That discussion is not characterized as a ‘death panel’ rather an end of life consult.

              Why should this hugely important task be performed sans a fee?

              Will it get to a point where if you are a medicare/caid patient you may be denied an extra two-six months of existence? Will that care, which costs more proportionately than any other time, except infancy, will be denied? You bet.

              As Mr. Konop states, not everyone can afford a Cadillac health plan. More importantly, the quality of that costly last bit of life is generally poor.

        • truthsayer says:

          “Hates the American way of life”? What exactly is the “American way of life?”

          If you mean that he hates your idea of a White-majority “American way of life”, you are correct. If you mean he represents an America where White men will no longer be presidents, you are correct. And if you mean that he represents a majority Brown/Black America, you are again correct.

          Just depends on your definition of “American way of life”

  7. TPNoGa says:

    Alright, I am officially ticked off at PP. Not because posters support Barnes, that is absolutely their choice. It because I find the tone of their arguments extremely condescending. Somehow, if I vote for Deal, I support corruption and hurt my state.

    Y’all will make awesome liberals, you have got the whole elite, condescending, disdain for “ordinary” Americans down. Good luck with that.

    I am voting for Deal……..deal with it. But I guess I am not as wonderful and enlightened as you are.

    • We’re stupid lap dogs. Didn’t you get the message? Barnes is “The One”. Save me the sewage. We need to keep the Governors seat.

      It would behoove folks to build coalitions and regroup for the next 4 years, then run some strong capable candidates. Politicians don’t last forever and there is always a vacuum in politics and government. There are no political messiah’s, only people.

      Sheriff Howard Sills said it best, “Barnes was a political whore”. He knew what was happening and turned his head. How many children were raped. According to Det. Tracey Bowen, York even molested a baby. I wonder if that happened while Barnes, Brooks and Griffin were building their political coalition?

      • hannah says:

        Blaming one person for what another does may be emotionally satisfying, but it’s not logically valid. Of course, if you rob the liquor store, you can argue that demon rum made you do it, but that doesn’t make it so. Similarly, if you don’t rob the store, it’s not to the preacher’s credit, less’n you’re the preacher.
        On the other hand, there’s something real peculiar about “personal responsibility” in puttin’ all the blame for whatever happens on the person it happens to. Maybe it’s because people blamin’ theirselves makes ’em feel important.

        • He also owned flea bag extended stay motels that catered to the lowest element. They were even located near pretty decent areas, but brought in a bad class clientele. Great place for an impromptu meth lab though.

          Don’t forget the millions he made off of state contracts as an owner of Croy Engineering. Of course, he held a lot of sway over the agencies and localities he once governed and placed employees. But this was just honest business, not some salvage yard. Ick.

          Then there is the whole Barnes Law Group profiting from cases brought before Ole Roy’s hand picked judges. But there is nothing really wrong with that is there? He didn’t personally appear before that many of them. Just took the profits from the cases.

          • Barnes appointed Nathan Deal’s son as a judge and then appeared before him however many years later. Deal’s son ruled in Barnes’ favor. Was Nathan Deal’s son corrupt?

            • Come on, be original. You just heard Ole’Roy use that one in Perry. No one said they were “all” corrupt. But, had this been on the other hand, y’all would be screaming like stuck pigs.

              • I didn’t hear anything in Perry from Roy… I read about that one. Technicalities aside, who is “y’all”? I’m voting for Monds… Barnes only if it goes to a runoff between Barnes / Deal.

          • Erick's Mortal Enemy says:

            Nice tired old line. I think the statistics showed how rare that actually happened. And what about those times that they didn’t win? I think there was a big loss in there somewhere.

            And perhaps, just PERHAPS, the Barnes Law Group won some cases because they were on the right side? Heaven forbid that ever happen.

            It’s all just empty rhetoric until you actually bring in some examples of how Barnes appointees corruptly decided cases in favor of a BLG client, which otherwise would not have been decided in that way.

    • center5 says:

      So when Deal is running his personal business out of the Governor’s office (and he will — there’s no cure for a corrupt politician), please don’t complain about it. Because if you do, then you will become a liberal elite and nobody would want that.

      Remember, only “real” “ordinary” Americans support their governor using his government staff for private business!

  8. Bill Knowles spoke with some of the same folks I spoke with and many more. He says it best at We Are Politics blog, but I’m copying and pasting it here as well. Also, if you’ve got 45 minutes listen to Bill Osinski, Sheriff Howard Sills and Detective Tracey Bowen. Roy Barnes was a political whore who empowered Malachi York. http://forum-network.org/lecture/dwight-malachi-york-ungodly-predator

    Here’s the 5 minute version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QKc1XFO3BU


    • fishtail says:

      ..talk about beating dead horses…Malachi York must have cuckolded Maurice or perhaps something more personal between the two.

      • Clint says:

        There is no doubt this person is as evil as they can be but it has absolutely nothing to do with Roy Barnes or Nathan Deal and the repeated times that Nathan Deal abused his Congressional Office for personal gain, nor the votes Deal cast against Domestic Violence, nor the effort to repeal the rape shield act.

              • Erick's Mortal Enemy says:

                Can you point me in the direction of this reputable research, sir? Because right now, you’re just saying things. Things that do not exist. And frankly, I don’t have enough time to search for things that I will never find. I learned that lesson when I tried to look for Bigfoot.

                • Absolutely, if you’ll email me, I’ll gladly ante up! I will more than gladly provide the source material. I’ve spoken to Mrs. Osinski (Bill Knowles talked with Osinski several times), Howard Sills (who confirmed that Barnes called him telling him to back off), Dorothy Adams Ford (former Putnam County Attorney) and others. Knowles spent a good amount of time and has phone records, copies of letters and other items. This issue is thoroughly documented. Osinski even wrote a book, “Ungodly” and details it.

                  • Erick's Mortal Enemy says:

                    Yeah, thoroughly undocumented. “Thwart” is a strong word. I do not plan to email you, because if this material is so strong and “real,” I think the world deserves to see it.

                    You’re going off of tertiary sources and hearsay here.

                    • Hearsay… Ok, the Federal Prosecutor, the Sheriff, the County Attorney, the author of the book “Ungodly” who meticulously documented everything, the video of Osinski, Sills and the detective, phone records, copies of letters and memorandums…. Ok

                      As Jack Nicholson said in some movie, “you can’t handle the truth”.

                      Roy Barnes is a political whore, pure and simple.

                    • B Balz says:

                      Y’all need to take the stigma out of being a whore. Once you do, things become a whole lot clearer.

                      Like Dylan says, “You serve somebody, may be the Devil, may be the Lord…”

                    • Plus ONE to B Balz for quoting Dylan!

                      I’m hoping somebody finds a way to work in a quote from my favorite Hendrix song, Dolly Dagger. Somehow, I don’t see it happening.

                    • polisavvy says:

                      @Ken — I could figure out how to use some of the lyrics to apply to Barnes (maybe Deal) —

                      Yeah, look at old burnt out superman
                      Tryin’ shoot his dust off the sun.
                      Captain comet is dead on the run

                      But, mostly I only think of Pelosi.

                      Been riding broomsticks since she was fifteen.
                      Blown out all the other witches on the scene.
                      She got a bull whip, just as long as your life.
                      Her tongue can even scratch the soul out of the devil’s wife.

                      Sorry I couldn’t help you out with this one. LOL!!!

    • Yes it is sad. When you hear what Sills has to say and to read the documentation he has it is terribly sad. Barnes and Company propped up this cult leader for pure political purposes. Then to watch Barnes “Arrows” ad and he say this is for the children. Tell that to the victims.

      • Don’t worry Maurice. Change Sheriff Sills’s name to “Jerry Brown” and whore becomes a perfectly acceptable word. Oops, sorry, Roy isn’t a Republican woman. Never mind.

  9. bluedogdem says:

    This is the best damn post ever on here. Honesty, integrity, and guts are a surprise from most of the people that post here. I will be voting for John Monds because both of these guys are career politicians and neither one of them don’t have the peoples best interest at heart. Hands down..John Monds is the best candidate in this race. He might not have near as much money, but he still the most honest and caring candidate.

  10. I Am Jacks Post says:

    I’m Clint! Look at me! Over here! I’m Clint! C’mon, you guys! Wait, wait–don’t go! I can light my own farts! Seriously, wait, don’t go!

    • Clint says:

      It’s getting heavy under all that pile of BS huh? Perhaps you’d like to man up and post under your real name?

  11. B Balz says:

    Honestly Clint it could be a hint when virtually all of the posts on this thread are calling BS.

    Take a long walk in the cool night air….

  12. TPNoGa says:


    Enjoy your new friends Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Frank, Waters, McKinney, Boxer, Grayson….the list of your new cocktail party buddies is endless. Because you support Barnes, you support these guys and all the wonderful things they bring to the table. So, if you vote for Barnes, you support socialism and anti-Israel policies. Your new fast and furious friends will have much to discuss.

    Deal and the other REPUBLICANS we be spending our days trying turn around this ship back to freedom.

    • TPNoGa says:

      Oh and some advice, if you and Nancy are looking for a good place to do brunch, go ahead and make sure to invite Barney Frank, he should know the best places to go, I hear they a fab-u-lous! 🙂

      • ZazaPachulia says:

        Wow… TPNoGa… I used to think you actually brought something to the table at PP.

        You ought to ask the moderators to delete those last two posts. Seriously.

        • TPNoGa says:


          No offense was intended in the last post. It was meant to be light humor, hence the smiley face. Not sure your issue with the first post is, I was using the same logic some of the other posters use (if you support Deal, you like corruption).

        • TPNoGa says:


          If you are under the impression I was attempting to denigrate any group of people via my post, I can assure you I was not. I worked in entertainment and lived West Hollywood adjacent for a decade. I can assure you, I am very tolerant of other people. That shouldn’t mean we can’t have some gentle ribbing based on innocuous stereotypes.

    • center5 says:

      “Trying turn around this ship back to freedom.” Really??? So all of a sudden in January 2009 the ship suddenly left freedom?

      If the ship didn’t leave freedom after 2 tax cuts, 2 wars, a prescription HEALTH CARE plan, and a series of bailouts that all were not paid for from 2001 – 2008 — it surely didn’t leave freedom after these last 2 years.

      Disagree with the policies, certainly. But if you weren’t having “freedom” concerns from 2001 – 2005….you really shouldn’t be having them now.

      • TPNoGa says:

        See your point. But I think the last two years has seen an extreme acceleration in the loss of freedom. Yes, I have had many, MANY concerns on the direction of civil rights over the past few years. I am a libertarian leaning Republican. I had issues with the Patriot Act, etc. But the last two years have really concerned me.

    • “Because you support Barnes, you support these guys and all the wonderful things they bring to the table.”

      So that means anyone supporting Deal also supported Bush, McCain, Perdue, Richardson, etc… right? So let me ask you this… since Bush was such a great president, why isn’t he around here somewhere campaigning for Deal?

    • eschristian says:


      WOW – I knew Deal supporters were mean in the runoff – actually very underhanded & cruel & unethical (like their candidate) but WOW – you really must like the 1st amendment about as much as you like Clint!!!

      FYI – I am not voting Barnes & not voting for Deal either – both are corrupt arrogant people in my opinion but to attack Clint for his opinion – WOW!!!

      Clint is a great guy who just won’t “fall in line” for a party – he is voting for a candidate that he believes to be the best choice for Georgia. I respect him for staying true and not bowing down to a party – I also respect Erick and other PP staff that is doing the same in the Lt Gov’s race – I am truly investigating alternatives to the back injured current Lt Gov!!! Don’t get me wrong I actually love the GOP & grew up a life long Republican who learned from my grandpa about Reagan during the 1980’s, but I will choose principles over party EVERY DAY and will NEVER compromise my priniciples for a candidate with an “R” behind his/her name just because that candidate is an “R”!!! Just because a candidate makes it through a GOP primary does not mean that is a great candidate. Granted 99.9% of the time they are good candidates but sometimes 0.1% slip through – just so happens the top two on our ticket this time slipped through!!!

      Conservative 1st (and I don’t mean Pelosi lap dog democrats either)
      GOP as long as Conservative
      Ethical a must

          • polisavvy says:

            Don’t take offense. I just thought “e” expressed her feelings about Clint being allowed to convey his opinions/feelings without people attacking him for it. I feel the same. It’s still allowed, isn’t it? We all have different opinions on everything — that’s what makes a forum like Pundit a good place to be, in my opinion. I get slammed on here all the time; but, I certainly don’t take it personal. Like I said, take no offense — none was meant.

            • TPNoGa says:

              I am just frustrated because people seem to have missed the point of my post. Of course he can have a different opinion. I don’t think he is going to be paling around with Nancy & Co. I just don’t like people insinuating that I am corrupt.

              If people on here actually knew me, they would find me one of the most tolerant people here. How people vote makes no difference to me.

              • polisavvy says:

                Hang in there TP. It will all be over in 12 days!! Whatever will we do when there is no sniping to be done for a few days? As I said to you down a little bit from here, I voted for him, too — I don’t consider myself corrupt. I, like you, am a very tolerant person or I would have already exploded and gone through my computer screen and choked a few people. LOL!! 🙂

      • TPNoGa says:

        For the Nth time, it was meant to be ironic (not sure ironic is the right word). Anti-Deal people have insinuated that if you support Deal, you support corruption. I was just turning the tables! OMG People…..lighten the freak up!

        I do NOT CARE AT ALL that Clint is voting for Barnes….have at it. What I don’t like is being called unethical since I plan to vote for Deal.

        • polisavvy says:

          Agreed. I just think that people should be able to support whoever they want and express that without being attacked. (I’m not insinuating that you attacked). You aren’t unethical if you support him, in my opinion. I did, and I’m not unethical (or don’t think I am).

        • eschristian says:

          @TPNoGa – I get what you are saying. I personally don’t support Deal but don’t call all his supporters unethical – Deal is unethical in my opinion – I have said earlier that some of his supporters are unethical like the candidate r/t shady things done during runoff – if I did not say some then I meant to.

          I know not all Deal supporters are bad people – but some are. The ones who lied and spread lies (intentionally knowing it was lies) know who they are and they have to live with themselves for attacking a strong conservative woman and telling lies about her just to try and win a campaign!!!

          ; )

  13. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Clint, sadly, you’re wasting your time. The Democrats could be running Jesus Christ and the Republicans could be running Satan (as a registered sex offender) and the polls wouldn’t budge a bit. Just look at the comments above.

    Let’s get ready to another 8 years of running in place…

    Anyway, a vote for Deal could be nothing more than a vote for Cagle/Porter.

    What’s even sillier, the same people who are willing to condemn Cagle on PP based on innuendo and and rumor, are the same people who refuse to condemn Deal on stronger evidence.

    Oh, and to Polisavvy, I’m taking a break from my 3rd shift job to post since you’re so obsessed with my employment history and in stalking me 😉

    • ZazaPachulia says:

      “the same people who are willing to condemn Cagle on PP based on innuendo and and rumor, are the same people who refuse to condemn Deal on stronger evidence.”

      Well, one of those people is a rising conservative media star (here’s looking at you, Robespierre of Macon). I really can’t fault him for staying tame on Deal. I remain anonymous on PP for the same reason. It takes cajones (or a stable job / fat bank account) to put your career on the line for a principled — but nearly hopeless — political stand.

      (I feel a little bit better about my stances against Deal, Cagle and Butler because I take them publicly as well… but I do try to tone the language down a bit when I use my real name)

    • Steve says:

      What’s even sillier, the same people who are willing to condemn Cagle on PP based on innuendo and and rumor, are the same people who refuse to condemn Deal on stronger evidence.

      Yeah, that one amazes me too. There really is no rhyme and reason to most of this stuff… just herd mentality in random directions.

      Anyway, I actually agree with Clint’s post, but I also understand all the comments against it. To me this is the Democrat version of Tyler’s man-love for Austin Scott, and the back-to-back duplicate posts he makes on that subject. When criticized for this a week or so back, Tyler responded something along the lines of, “We need Austin Scott. I’ll never be afraid to stand for what’s right”. Clint’s responses here are basically of the same vein.

      The problem for both you guys is that when you wear your Kool-Aid on your sleeve, it diminishes the impact of what you have to say. A bunch of front-pagers endorsing the other party’s Lt. Gov. candidate? THAT gets people’s attention and makes them reflect for a bit. A hyper-zealot writing repeated sermons for on his own party’s candidate (or against the opposition)? That’s not very interesting, so of course people are going to respond by mocking the zealousy or countering it with their own.

      • B Balz says:

        Are you suggesting the Steve/Loyalty are the same individual?

        Good post Steve, cuts to the chase and I feel is both incisive and accurate.

        • polisavvy says:

          Absolutely not — I have no idea who Steve is. Loyalty? Well, I’ll never tell. LOL!! Keep ya guessing. 🙂

  14. debbie0040 says:

    You Deal poeple are just hurting your candidate by attacking anyone that does not support Deal.

    Don’t you get it? There are many people that are deeply bothered by Deal’s lack of ethics. I am not sure I can vote for him. I just may not vote for Governor because I can not vote for Barnes and I disagree with Monds on many issues.. I may just end up casting my vote for the candidate that agress to the platform the tea parties just put out.

    • Yeah, there at least 10-12 of you guys here alone. Then there is the washed up group of old pols at “Republicans for Roy Barnes.” A few Buckhead GOP types that still pine for Karen. So many people.

      • TPNoGa says:


        I can’t speak for others, but the issues that prevent me from being a Libertarian are drugs and prostitution. I am pretty much on board with most of your platform, but I just can’t get past the drugs and prostitution.

        • Okay, but nowhere on Monds’ site does he mention prostitution. Nobody is actively talking about legalizing it in Georgia, as far as I know (other than Doug Grammer). As far as drugs, he mentions rehabilitation over incarceration for non-violent drug offenders. What part of that do you disagree with?

          “Georgia spends more than $1.2 billion on law enforcement, including $242 million in food and medical care for inmates. Of the 54,016 state prisoners in the corrections system (numbers as of FY 2008), 9,376, or 17% of the prison population, are non-violent drug offenders.

          We have placed a heavy emphasis on incarceration over education and rehabilitation. We are paying a heavy price for ignoring the evidence that says the latter is more effective and cost efficient. We must make better decisions, especially in the current economic climate. Looking at this as an economic issue, we would be well served to redirect our emphasis. I agree with General Barry McCaffrey, former Director of the Office of Drug Control Policy, in that I believe we cannot arrest our way out of the drug problem.”

          • TPNoGa says:

            I wasn’t speaking of Monds in particular. I was speaking of the party in general.

            I absolutely agree with rehab over prison. I supported a proposition in CA that did just that.

  15. Georgia Judge says:

    At the end of the day there is two choices for Ga’s next Gov,Barnes or Deal.Deal is the clear choice for Republicans.One can attack,smear go into a rage about what a Deal administration might look like,but its pure biased speculation.On the otherhand we all know what a Barnes administration looks like we lived it, and its not what we need.
    So rants and personal attacks will continue against Deal here and the many issues and short comings of Barnes will be ignored here,but after Nov 2nd Nathan Deal will be your Governor and that is a good thing.

  16. Quaker says:

    I just hate to think that Georgia is in for four or eight more years of undilluted cupidity in the Governor’s office. Sonny and Deal both seem to believe that only the little people pay taxes (thanks, Leona Helmsley). Sonny got his personal accountant / appropriations committee chairman to slip in a little “sweetheart” tax break just for him, not to mention the series of seemingly unrelated legislation tied to Oaky Woods. Deal just gives the finger to anyone who wonders why he is in a lower tax bracket than blue collar Georgians or why his congressional chief of staff functions as a personal business manager. Frankly, the arrogance and cupidity (yes, I’ll use that word again) of our state’s “leaders” has reached critical levels in the last eight years.

  17. rsmith says:

    I hope all you posters are self-employed (or unemployed) and not wasting some employer’s time and money with all these inane comments.

  18. KariDee says:

    I think Clint should have his front page posting privileges taken away. I am personally tired of his tired rhetoric.

    • eschristian says:

      @KariDee – damn that 1st amendment – right?

      FYI – I am NOT voting for Barnes but people have the right to express themselves – sounding like dems “he should not be able to post on here because I don’t like what he has to say”. Just sayin’

  19. debbie0040 says:

    I am not going to vote for Governor unless one of the candidates supports the tea party platform. Gee, I wonder why candidates don’t want to support tough ethics reform?

  20. Dave Bearse says:

    What other “citizen” could obtain three face to face meetings with the Georgia Revenue Commissioner, at least one of which with the Lt. Gov in the room, concerning a penny-ante (at the state level, not Deal’s businesses level) change in state procedure?

  21. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Hey Clint, you should have tuned into your “leader” covering the Herman Cain show tonight…Erik laid out VERY CLEARLY all the reasons that Nathan Deal needs to be Governor of Georgia over Roy Barnes. If the 65th (or whatever) most influential Conservative in America, as determined by the British, is for Deal…how can you oppose him? Seriously, let Erik talk some sense into you…if you think Barnes is the answer, you need a good talking to.

    • Clint says:

      If you haven’t figured it out by now, I make my own decisions, thank you. Erick is entitled to his opinion, and you are entitled to yours, and so forth.

      I think a vote for Nathan Deal is a vote for a corrupt, self enriching lying Member of Congress who did nothing in office and only won the nomination by invoking lies, and scaring people with the gay crap.

      • B Balz says:

        Though a coarse pun, the last six words alone speak volumes about both the political process and groupthink.

        When we allow exclusion, exclusion becomes acceptable.

        Most in the LGBT community are Dems. The minority of conservatives who live an alternative lifestyle know their pol party is not very accommodating to them.

        We witnessed ‘expend-ability’ and next time the ‘expendable’ minority may be the mentally ill or some other inconvenient minority.


        People were disgusted, yet think ‘politics as usual’.

        The GOP violated the 11th Commandment in this cycle, embarrassing and sad. The bar was lowered and the Big Tent just got a little bit smaller.

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