Ethics Complaint Filed Against Deal

The Democratic Party of Georgia has filed an ethics complaint against Nathan Deal over his acceptance of at least $128,700 in disallowed campaign contributions.

Roy Barnes says Nathan Deal, his opponent for governor, must return $136,970 in campaign donations that exceed legal limits.

The Democrat’s campaign cites a total of $183,000 Republican Deal took from seven groups of companies and two political committees.
Each group of companies and the committees, according to the campaign, are affiliated and may legally give only $6,100 per election.

Instead, Barnes’ campaign says, each group of donors allegedly kicked in more than $6,100 – in one case, $50,000.

The groups exceeded the limit by a total of $128,400, said Barnes’ spokesman Emil Runge.

In addition, Runge said, five individuals also exceeded the $6,100 limit by a total of $8,570.

More here. H/T to Jim Galloway.

Yes, it’s a late move by the Democrats and probably won’t see much recognition. But, let’s say that Deal is elected Governor, and this is still held over his head. Well, chances are the state ethics committee won’t challenge a seating Governor b/c of his sway (see the ruling on the Ox when he was ahead in the polls). Is this a little to late for the DPG, or do they have more up their sleeve? We can only wait and see.

Regardless, Deal continues to show more skeletons in his closet. I’m wondering how many more arrows that Roy has in his quiver. This is one voter that’s waiting till the end to vote. It’s getting interesting.


  1. Pine Knot says:

    I know that this is just a last minute political attack that will be dropped after the election. There was no ethical violation here and that is fact. Trust me–time will tell.

  2. Clint says:

    Actually Pine Knot, you’re wrong. Ask Oxendine how his ethics investigation is coming along into his campaign accepting the PAC money from Alabama.

    Deal’s corruption is just an abomination to the rule of law in Georgia.

    • Pine Knot says:

      I’m talking about this specific complaint. It is nothing. He has done nothing wrong regarding this complaint.

      • Romegaguy says:

        Pine Knot you should go look at the list of allegations. Several are for individuals that would write a couple of checks at different times that totaled are for over $6100, which is the legal limit for campaign contributions per individual per election cycle.

  3. SFCWallace says:

    How do you know Deal is winng? Dems accuse him of being a misogynist, and file an ethics complaint against him. Don’t be surprised when the “racism” charge is hurled next week. Do y’all really fall for this every time?

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