Roy Barnes claimed federal and state income tax breaks twice for a house he doesn’t own

As Roy Barnes recently said, “The people of Georgia have a right to know about the person who is going to be the chief executive officer of this state.”

I couldn’t agree more, Roy.

Roy Barnes claimed federal and state income tax breaks in 2008 and 2009 for depreciation on a house he doesn’t own, his campaign acknowledged Thursday.

Cobb County property records show Barnes’ daughter and son-in-law have owned the house in Marietta since 2007 when Barnes gave it to them. Barnes owns several properties on the road.

More here. Using Barnes’ logic, then, does this mean we can’t trust him to manage the state coffers when he takes tax breaks on a home he doesn’t even own? Really, if he can’t figure out the difference between what he owns and what he doesn’t own, how can he effectively serve us from a perch on East Paces Ferry Road in Atlanta?


  1. Well when Roy amends his tax returns and pays the taxes and penalties for this mistake he’ll do something Nathan Deal hasn’t done much of lately…pay taxes.

  2. AubieTurtle says:

    Pete, for some reason you forgot this part:

    “Runge said Thursday that in the course of reviewing Barnes’ taxes his accountant found another error in 2008 that will deliver Barnes an additional tax refund of about $30,000.”

    So he actually overpaid his taxes. It doesn’t look like there is intent to defraud going on here or an attempt at getting special treatment.

    However, if we’re going to hold Deal to the fire for sloppy accounting, fair is fair and we’ve got to acknowledge Barnes can’t get his numbers right either. It’s kind of hard for the average Georgian to related to all the accounting issues that appear to arise from the candidates having so many businesses, properties, and investments. Does this perhaps benefit Monds, who so far hasn’t had any sloppy accounting come out?

    If nothing else, this will give those who want to rationalize away Deal’s failings an easy way to do it.

  3. analogkid says:

    how can he effectively serve us from a perch on East Paces Ferry Road in Atlanta?

    Fair point. I guess he’d have to move the Governor’s mansion from West Paces Ferry to East Paces Ferry first. Then he could get back to the business of effectively serving us.

  4. georgiahack says:

    I am sure that if we got to look at Nathan Deal’s full returns, like we have for Barnes, then we would find quite a bit of strange accounting.

    Too bad Deal, won’t share.

  5. Romegaguy says:

    Using Deal’s logic, it was only a simple oversight. And will be that way the next two or three times that he has to change his financial disclosure forms this week

  6. Monica says:

    Nice try. The problem with Deal and his “dealings” is that they are obviously not mistakes, when you only pay 2% in taxes and you made quater of a million, you know it….

    Barnes, who’s worth $16.6 million would not be trying to save less than four thousand $ by cheating on his taxes in the year he’s running for governor. That’s just ridiculous. To compare this to all that Deal has been doing only reminds me what a crook our next governor is, Deal will win this no matter what, people obviously don’t care what kind of a person wins as long as he has (R) next to his name…

  7. bgsmallz says:


    So…despite Larry Peterson carrying the water for the GOP in another attack piece, let’s look at this how I assume a conservative would look at this. Transparency is good. It is the enemy of the corrupt. Is this corruption or a mistake? Well…we can make a judgment call on that because we have all of the information.

    Barnes released 20+ pages of detailed tax returns….Larry and his cronies could only find an under payment of $7,500…at which point Barnes’ accountant found an OVERPAYMENT of $300,000.

    However, no where in his story does Larry point out the obvious…

    “We can’t do a story like this on Deal because he refuses to release his full returns.”

    Pete, you want to rip Roy Barnes to shreds for this quote: “The people of Georgia have a right to know about the person who is going to be the chief executive officer of this state”?

    Do you even know the definition of irony?

    Barnes put his money where is mouth is. He says we have a right to know…he provides his full tax returns…now we know…he had a mistake that resulted in $7,500 in underpayment in one year out of 20+. How much does that affect his ability to govern? That’s a judgment call each of us has to make.

    It seems to me that if you were really interested in finding out the truth, this type of revelation would make it more imperative for you and Larry Peterson to pressure Nathan Deal to release ALL of HIS RETURNS rather than running shameless hit pieces.

    • AubieTurtle says:

      Just for the sake of accuracy, it was $30,000 in overpayment not $300,000. Your point however that the over payment dwarfs the underpayment stands.

      As for Pete, well, we all know he doesn’t care for facts. He’s someone’s frontpage sockpuppet attack dog. Not sure whose exactly though there are some theories. No need to really go too far down that road though. The person with the split personality knows who they are and will have to make peace with who and what they (both) are. I think he does more harm than good with the squishy middle majority but the extreme partisans of his flock loves him.

      • analogkid says:

        I’ve always wondered about this, so I did a little snooping. Pete’s profile says the following:


        Pete Randall is an attorney in Atlanta, Georgia. He also posts at

        However, a quick member search of the State Bar of Georgia yields no Peter Randalls. In fact, there are no Randalls with a first or middle initial of P., save one Ms. S.P.G. Randall. I assume that’s not our Peter.

    • center5 says:

      Excellent post indeed.

      The difference for me is this: I CAN see myself making the ACCOUNTING error Barnes made. Owning several houses on a street, I can see how that mistake was made. I CANNOT, however, see myself being bankrupt, still able to get millions in bank loans that I can’t possibly pay for, and not including any of that information on a disclosure statement no where.

  8. Erick's Mortal Enemy says:

    1) Barnes corrected the error, but:
    2) He actually was owed money. The error was a fraction of 1% of all of the taxes, and compensated for by the fact that he reported a capital gain as a loss.

  9. kolt473 says:

    KING ROY’S lack of ethics, and hes accusing Deal, after last debate KING ROY looked like a [email protected]$$, pure and simple. How I wish KAREN HANDEL had won. Hypoliar Barnes just needs to go away, hes jumped the shark more than once and hes looking bad.

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