Jim Marshall Blames Casey Cagle

Tonight, Austin Scott debated Jim Marshall at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry. The debate was run well and some interesting questions were asked of the candidates. One particular question was directed at Congressman Marshall. He was asked if he played any role in the call for Austin Scott to unseal his divorce records.

Marshall’s response?

‘Casey Cagle was behind it’ (paraphrase). That’s right, Marshall claimed that Cagle’s staff approached him about Austin’s divorce records and wanted Marshall to use it to his advantage in the race. Marshall claims that he refused, but did say that Cagle has been after Austin since he was rumored to challenge Casey for the Lieutenant Governor’s seat.

Now, I realize that this is a Democrat openly attacking a state Republican official and, therefore, shouldn’t come as a surprise, but we all know that nothing remains a secret in politics for long. I have a feeling the truth will rise to the surface.

In the meantime, I believe Marshall will continue to grasp at straws until the end of this election. He knows he faces a tough challenge in Austin Scott. So, we’ll see if he resorts to further drastic measures that will trump even going after his own Party’s leadership.


    • Tyler says:

      There abouts. Many had not heard the rumor. Marshall mentioned it was “well-known”, but we all know that’s only with us “insiders”. The general public typically doesn’t care.

      • Marshall is following the national Democrat strategy of “Smear and Distract.” Marshall appears desperate, even stating that Scott had been a candidate for Lt. Governor.

        To make matters worse for Marshall, Scott clearly won the debate Thursday night.

    • polisavvy says:

      Of course, he will deny, deny, deny. Too late for that. For that reason, I voted for Porter. To heck with Cagle! What a crappy thing for him to interject himself into into the first place. Cagle’s closet is not exactly clear.

  1. greencracker says:

    where would casey have gotten the records? I hope we’d have seen any court release of his sealed records. The only other place to get them I can think of is the ex-wife. Unless there’s crazy things in there like police reports …

    • Messenger says:

      Why don’t you find out which attorney represented Austin Scott during the divorce? That could possibly answer your question. The divorce files for both parties are in their attorney’s office. The sealed file would be hard to get and there would be a record of the unsealing, but there is no such record–that is why the motion has been filed to request the unsealing. I doubt very seriously that his ex-spouse would want to get involved in this dirty fight. She has nothing to gain and alot more to lose if you think about it. I would imagine the more money Austin makes, the more money their child will receive.

  2. richie.rashad says:

    I think it is funny that Casey Cagel would be throwing stones at anyone since he has had two bimbo eruptions. The lawsuits will probably start if he gets reelected. I am doing Casey a favor and voting for Carol!

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