I’m/We Are Voting for Carol Porter

Regarding Tyler’s latest about the Jim Marshall revelation, I’ve heard that for several months down in Macon. The Marshall campaign has used it as a weapon to keep Republicans in the fold that if Casey Cagle was pushing this, surely there must be a problem.

Tomorrow in the Macon Telegraph you’ll read that I intend to vote for Carol Porter for Lt. Governor. I absolutely am.

I think the Senate GOP was much more functional when they ran the place as a committee with a marginalized Mark Taylor. I think Casey Cagle has been vain, vapid, vindictive and driven by innuendo and incompetence.

I have no use for the man as Lieutenant Governor.

I want someone who can tie their shoes in that office. Carol Porter can. Casey Cagle cannot.

Update by Tyler:

The following frontpage posters are mooching off Erick’s glory and throwing our names in the ring as well since we don’t have  a “mass thread” on it. Feel free to join us.

Erick Erickson

Charlie Harper

Tyler Burgess

Pete Randall

Jace Walden

Clint Murphy


    • SFrazier says:

      Case proven, the following peach pundit posters are the biggest stupid asses that have ever resided in Georgia.
      Erick Erickson
      Chris Farris
      Charlie Harper
      Tyler Burgess
      Pete Randall
      Jace Walden
      Clint Murphy

      • Lady Thinker says:

        Now that you have gotten the name calling out of the way, wouldn’t it have been better to have tried to bring them to deal instead of pushing them farther away? Too bad they don’t ban you.

  1. Tyler says:

    Ditto. Cagle needs to go. Any Republican that continues supporting this man doesn’t actually care about the good of conservatism.

    Conservative values are supposed to be rife with ethics, not mislead voters in believing one is ethical and then using an office to abuse it.

    I actually believe Marshall on this one b/c this “rumor” is coming from every known entity. Call it “bipartisanship”.

    Carol Porter needs to be Lieutenant Governor. There is no other choice this year.

    • Lady Thinker says:

      Agreed. I’ll vote for her also so that she can be governor instead of Cagle when deal finally gets arrested.

      • SFrazier says:

        No, she is just a liberal Dem. That is why she is voting staight ticket Dem except for the time she voted for Handel.. Hmmmm, maybe, just maybe Handel was a liberal. Never seen a bigger display of spoiled sports, you all are acting like three year olds. Erick’s true liberal colors are showing, a perfect fit for CNN. Thinking again, I doubt he will have enough talent to even keep that job.LOSER!!!!!!!!!!

        • But yet you support (former?!) Democrat Deal? The one who voted for NCLB, Medicare Part D, etc. He’ll get it right the first time? No… he didn’t get it right the first time and I highly doubt he’ll get it right the first time as Governor either. He may be elected, but he won’t get it right.

        • Lady Thinker says:


          Calling me a liberal Dem is like calling you Snow White and we both know you are not that pure.

    • Tyler,

      I predict that in four years there will be a mass movement around the governor’s race. Deal has said he’ll be a one-term governor if elected. So, I believe we’ll see an ABC movement: Anyone But Cagle.

    • BoogDoc7 says:


      That’s two top-ticket races with unimpressive main party candidates. I’ll probably be voting Monds and Barber as well…

  2. fishtail says:

    You can be sure that Carol Porter would make damn sure Nathan Deal didn’t use her office to intimidate State bureaucrats for his personal gain. Cagle is a sleaze bag and everyone knows it. I’ll bet Casey doesn’t carry Hall County, since they know him best there.

        • Lady Thinker says:

          Frasier said that deal would carry Peach County, where she lives, in the July race, but deal didn’t carry Peach, Karen did thanks to Peach4Handel.

      • peach4handel says:

        “Deal couldn’t carry Peach County.”

        Thank you Lady Thinker…..One of the main reason peach county went for karen both times was due to me. I was her chairman down here,and carried peach for her by 60%.There was 5 4×4 signs and over 300 yards signs all over peach county.

      • peach4handel says:

        Thank you lady thinker 🙂

        The reason Karen carried peach both times was mainly due to me.I was her chairman,we had over 5 4×4 signs around peach with over 300 yard signs.The first time we won by 36 votes over John Oxendine,and Karen won aug 10th by 60%,.

        • Lady Thinker says:

          You did a great job there for Karen, Peach. Keep the signs because she will be back to clean up the mess left by deal IF, and that is a big IF, he is elected.

      • Mullet says:

        Hold up with the Peach County comments, I grew up there and NO Deal can’t carry Peach along with the reset of the Republican ticket, minus probably Black, but not really seeing what the relevance to this post is??? I knew that this issue would come up over a year ago, and I am still at a lose what took so long for the contents of Scott’s divorce to become a campaign issue. I’m going with Marshall is getting that desperate. It is no secret that Cagle and Scott have no love for one another, but I find it very hard to believe that that any Republican statewide candidate would go after Scott, I don’t see is gains to be made, and that generally is the point of campaign tactics such as this. As a side note you can be assured that several campaigns have at least the cliff note versions of what is in Scott’s sealed divorce records but can’t use the information until the records are unsealed or permission is given from either Scott or his ex-wife. Lets change the station back to the issues….

  3. Three Jack says:


    if i were the dems, i would run a jib jab with larry, moe and curly played by deal, cagle and sue everhart (she can be curly).

    cagle led the effort to kill preston smith’s career. he opposed tax decreases. who knows the truth about all the rumored relationships…and now this!

    i sincerely regret my support of cagle four years ago.

  4. Spacey G says:

    If all this had played-out even just a few weeks ago I’d hold out more hope for Porter’s polling numbers. Still, given that even the GA media cycle IS more rapid now, with MSM being led so nicely along by what’s going on with *the people* via social media, the trickle-down to, for example, the retirement center kinda voter of the Carol Porter name recognition/buzz, in conjunction with her final week(s) TV ad blitz, COULD turn her numbers upward between now and Nov. 2 enough to get the job done. Could. Stranger things have happened.

    • TPNoGa says:

      I would be shocked, but anything is possible in politics. If Deal has been steady after the barrage of negative ads and newspaper/TV stories, I don’t see how Cagle falls apart. Let’s face it, people don’t give a rip about Lt. Governor. This is an office I think most people will vote either based on incumbency or party.

  5. TPNoGa says:


    How are you any different than the so-called “RINO’s” you blast. How is this any different than Castle or Murkowski refusing to endorse the GOP nominee. Why is it fine for you to vote for the Dem, but it is not fine for them? Seems like a double standard. Actually, it seems a bit shall I say…..hypocritical.

    I am not anyone’s shill. I have never worked for a candidate. I honestly don’t care that you are voting for Porter. But you berate other Republicans for not embracing GOP nominees, yet you turn around and do the same thing yourself. Please explain to me why.

    • rightofcenter says:

      You mean Erick and the other front page posters are hypocrites? Shocking! It is interesting to see who the real RINOs are. I will await their “joint post” where they proclaim their love for Roy Barnes.

  6. GAPolitico says:

    Erick, I can honestly say there is nothing on earth we will ever agree on more than this. Carol is the citizen candidate that is going to go in and clean house. With the way our country and state are polarized, I think she is one of the few people who can really represent the 80% of people in the middle who want to get past the partisanship.

    Everyone needs to put their party labels aside and vote for the best candidate in this race – and the choice is clear.

      • Tyler says:

        Party all the way Doug? That’s ok. Cagle needs a pat on the back. Or maybe a massage. You know, since it aches so much. What a strong-willed man he must’ve been to run in the Peachtree Road Race with such a debilitating injury. Surely someone this strong should remain Lt. Gov.

        In all fairness, yeah he’ll probably sweep and win re-election. But Georgia won’t be better off, and I’ll stand by that statement as a conservative voter.

        • Doug Grammer says:

          It’s a prediction, not diving in front of a bullet for him. And yes, he go my vote. Porter just didn’t impress me enough to cross over, but I did look at her.

          • Kellie says:

            Does being a conservative mean to blindly follow whatever candidate the GOP puts forth? Do we no longer stand on our own principles? To be a ‘conservative’ in your book we must vote for the “R” no matter what. Well, I believe being a conservative means to vote against our party when our party puts forth a candidate with issues. We can not call ourselves a party with values when our ‘values’ are “do as I say not as I do”.

            Why does it make some of you so mad if some are not voting for the GOP? You seem to think they will win anyhow so why does it matter? Maybe it is because you know they are right. 🙂

            • B Balz says:

              One issue that rankles me is the fact that what started out as “Anybody but Ox” turned into “Nobody but Karen”. And when Ms. Handel lost, the angst, sore loser, sour grapes turned into “Hey, I know, let’s vote for Roy.”

              Another issue that I find totally bogus is the hubris that some show thinking they are Kingmakers. That Ox was defeated added to that feeling, heck, maybe PP did defeat Ox.

              Kellie, I am not mad or even upset at PP contributors if they choose to vote for a Dem. for whatever reason. It is incredible to me that PP is touted as GA’s premier GOP blog by a number of folks. Clearly, that is not so.

              Either you are true to your brand or not.

              • Charlie says:

                Let’s not let facts get in the way of your arguments, BB.

                If you look back at my posts on the Gov’s race from last Dec to early April, almost all of them were about Austin Scott, not Karen Handel. This race is no longer about Karen Handel, no matter how many Deal apologists want to make it so to distract from the fact that many folks within the Republican party refuse to accept an ethically challenged candidate.

                I’ve had a theme of ethics reform in this state since I started writing here over 3 years ago. A candidate that always tries to walk a fine line there and often crosses it will not get my support, regardless of party.

                No one here, and definitely not myself, thinks we’re kingmakers. Quite the contrary. I’ve said as much that the Republican candidates I find unacceptable – Deal, Cagle, and Butler – will likely win by large margins.

                You’re the one in private and public conversations that keeps talking about how important/relevent this and other blogs are in setting the tone and direction of political debate, and then you’re projecting this onto our egos. I’ve always looked at Peach Pundit as “it is what it is”, and let each reader decide if there’s any level of relevence. I just write my opinions and let the chips fall from there.

                I don’t recall any of us ever claiming we are a Republican blog, and frankly, I’ve been lobbying behind the scenes for more Democrat and independent contributors. We have two libertarians as contributors, and one active Democrat (I think there’s still a couple of others with posting rights that choose to no longer use them.) What you and others have decided is our brand that we should be “loyal” to is a fiction of your own making.

                • B Balz says:


                  When we met, about three years ago, we discussed, lamented, and agreed upon econ issues. Specifically, how the GOP contributed to the awful situation we now must resolve, or at least muddle though.

                  The Dems helped, but the GOP had the lead in gutting Glass-Stegal, etc. We are not clear yet, (http://www.businessinsider.com/tranche-warfare-commercial-real-estate-2010-10)

                  More than once, we discussed, in person, your reasons for supporting Ms. Handel. Perhaps between two dates certain, your focus may have been elsewhere, but to deny your support for Ms. Handel begs credibility.

                  For a variety of reason, I did not share your opinion of Ms. Handel, and out of respect for what you were trying to do (make a Queen), I kept my feelings to myself. Toward the end of the first primary, I spoke my mind.

                  Voters concurred, but certainly not because of what I said. That’s an important point, I am not trying to sway votes, whereas you and others here, actively campaign.

                  The reference to GA’s premier pol blog, though you may choose to distance yourself from it, is documented in numerous places by MSM. I am pretty sure that Erick may have referred to PP, as such. I think CNN even mentioned that, cannot be sure.

                  If PP is not the GA ‘mainstream’ pol blog, then I regret that characterization. Must try harder (;>).

                  I am neither smart enough, nor disloyal to people whose opinions and efforts I respect (yourself, Tyler, Doug, John, a few others) to ‘project’ anything. Sounds like touchy-feeley psychobabble to me.

                  Bottom line, Rep. Deal may not be perfect, but from my own considerable due diligence (something I have to do for a living), he passes my ‘sniff test’.

                  That Ms. Handel lost, and graciously asked support of GOP gubernatorial candidate, Representative Nathan Deal, is a matter of record. That you, and other ardent Ms. Handel supporters are advocating a different path, is also a matter of record.

                  I have noticed and appreciate the efforts to bring a wider, more diverse set of contributors to PP.

                  To the degree you helped widen the audience, BIG kudu’s. People lead politicians. We need everyone’s help to resolve the challenges we WILL be facing in the near future.

                  We have always agreed that partisanship over principal is wrong, the former defines a gang, and the latter a Republic. As well, I call BS when I see it, and others here have seen what I see. Sorry Charlie, that’s a fact.

                  Finally, one of the reasons I contribute here is to hone the effectiveness of my writing skills. It is easy to write something one way, and have a reader interpret it another.

                  I want to be crystal clear now; I do not wish to argue with you –We agree on a lot.

                  History is always a retroactive judge, we will not know how this works out until we do.

                  • Charlie says:

                    If you recall that when we met, there were three candidates in the race: Cagle, Ox, and Handel. You may or may not recall me telling you that I didn’t know Karen, had never met Karen, but that Cagle and Ox were unacceptable for various reasons.

                    If you go back and look at the posts following Casey’s withdrawl from the race, I spent a good bit of words online and a bit of effort behind the scenes trying to get Lynn Westmoreland into this race. I’ve already noted the effort to try to get Austin on the radar screen through earned media. I would like to have tried the same for Jeff Chapman, but it was clear from the beginning that he wasn’t even willing to try and help himself. He was a complete non-starter, and that was a self inflicted wound.

                    This is not to say I regret supporting Handel in any way whatsoever. I don’t. She ultimately was the best candidate for my issues, and I’m glad I ended up supporting her.

                    But to continue the meme that the entire Peach Pundit experience has been a ruse to be a king maker for Karen is demonstrably incorrect. And, continues to be a red herring for the Deal apologist who don’t want to address the real issues of why many of us will not support him.

                    • B Balz says:

                      If this is your position: “…But to continue the meme that the entire Peach Pundit experience has been a ruse to be a king maker for Karen is demonstrably incorrect. …” we may have to agree to disagree.

                      You are a clever wordsmith, Charlie. The only way to ‘win’ against such a person is not to engage.

                      For instance, parsing my words to imply, ‘the entire Peach Pundit experience’ is wrong on its’ face. I never said ‘entire’ or implied same.

                      Who and what are ‘Deal apologists’? Son, it’s too early for bourbon. (;>) I could go on, but you get the idea.

                      As to issues why certain folk choose to support one candidate or another, to use your own words, “…it is what it is…”

                      Suffice it to say, others here seem to notice the same trends as I do. Piling on about non-issues, small issues, etc.

                      Charlie, I could not care less who you vote for as an individual. I do have a natural citizens concern that a group of folks, with access to an influential voice, advocate one political candidate by trashing another. (Karen V. Ox)

                      Upon losing, let’s ALL change our ENTIRE political Party. (Pinch me -Am I having this discussion?)

                      If Roy is so attractive as a candidate now, why wasn’t he your/others first pick in January?

                      I am calling Pants-on-Fire, pally.

                    • Charlie says:

                      You’ve been implying pants on fire for quite a while, continuing to refer to a meeting years ago as a not so veiled reference that we discussed something that is different than what I’ve written here.

                      I give you factual evidence to back up my claims, and you reply that I’m a clever wordsmith.

                      Each reader can draw their own conclusions, but I believe I’ve been fairly consistant about where I stand since I’ve been here. It’s the folks that now want us to forget all the unpleasant details of why we need change under the gold dome, the apologists, that seem to be the inconsistent ones.

                      Or, as Joe Walsh once said, “everybody’s so different, but I haven’t changed.”

                    • Charlie,

                      To say that the PP has not been a propaganda machine for Handel is assinine. Here’s a note when I asked to not have a post placed.

                      “Sounds a lot like the old “Bill Simon” wannabee posts. He’s no longer “with us” but we defend the integrity of commenters nonetheless.”

                      This was in direct reference to a post I was going to place being critical of Handel.

                    • Charlie says:

                      Couple of problems with your logic there Maurice. And to be clear to anyone else following this thread, that email was not from me. I actually responded to Maurice and removed the post in question. Maurice needs to take it up with the author of that email what his intent was in saying that, as I’ll admit, I’m still at a loss in trying to figure it out.

                      That said, this occurred during the runoff, when almost all front pagers had declared how they were voting – and not all were for Handel.

                      More importantly, if I were acting as a campaign operative for Handel, I would have forwarded the nature of Maurice’s post to the Handel team, rather than only having a brief dialogue about it with Maurice. Had I done that, Maurice wouldn’t have been able to hold back an addition week and blindside Karen during a debate, where Deal claimed her Mid-Ga Chairman (or similar) had resigned. For the record, that position was held by Steve Dillard, so Maurice played the media by resigning a position he never held. And he questions our integrity. Nice.

              • kyleinatl says:

                Not supporting the kind of politician that drags your party’s name through the mud isn’t not being true to your brand, it actually elevates it.

                It’s the same reason I’ll be tap dancing when Harry Reid loses.

            • TPNoGa says:


              I have no issue with anyone who votes against their party if they feel it necessary. Heck, I’d vote for a conservative Democrat against a liberal Republican any day of the week. But if you are going to be active in the party, it’s prudent to keep it to yourself. Actively campaigning against your party seems short-sighted to me. How can anyone employ or hire someone who actively and publicly bashed the party’s nominees to the two highest offices in the state. Besides Lieberman, I am not sure that works out well for those involved in the long-term. Zell was pretty much banned from caucus functions after he endorsed Bush.

              • Kellie says:

                Is anyone here trying to get a job? I don’t think so. (Well, maybe Maurice.) Most can not and will not tell you how bad someone is one day then turn around and sing their praises the next just because they are on the same “team”. This is part of the problem people outside of the political arena have with politics; they see us as two-faced.

                • B Balz says:

                  Agreed. I just don’t see veracity behind the allegations against Rep. Deal. I do see a lot of piling on driven by supporters of Ms. Handel.

                • TPNoGa says:

                  The job part was not aimed at you. It was aimed at someone else. Let’s face it, party politics is two-faced. That is how our system is set up. Handel (who I supported) called Deal out on ethics and then turned around and endorsed him. That’s how it works. I guess my point was, you can vote quietly for the other party. But, if you like your party, it’s counter-productive to openly bash your party’s nominees. That’s all.

                  • bowersville says:

                    Of all the comments over the last several days I have found yours the most troubling and appalling.

                    It was the INDEPENDENT voter that brought down the Democratic party in Georgia, not the Republican Party.

                    And if ethics or the lack there of is exposed to enough degree, the INDEPENDENT voter will bring down the Republican Party, not the Democrats.

                    • bowersville says:

                      Your justification that every things okay because 80-90%(or 70-80 what ever the number was) of all politicians are ethically challenged.

                      I’m an independent so I don’t step in on the debate among party members.
                      But I also think it’s helpful that the debate is going on. Each individual has a motive and/or agenda and I realize that. But some in the debate may be idealist, that’s not bashing. I also realize, this debate will not move votes to Carol Porter in numbers enough to make a difference in November. Most folks understand why a candidate endorses the winner, that doesn’t make the party two-faced. It’s the realty of party politics as you said.

                      So please, don’t tell some one like me it’s okay to vote a certain way because their all crooks.

                      Work out your differences now and get on to January.

                    • TPNoGa says:


                      I am sorry, but I am cynical when it comes to politicians. So, one politician calling another politician a crook makes me laugh. The arguments on this site against Deal, I find unpersuasive. I think it is naive to think that congressmen don’t use their offices for personal gain, they do (IMO). That is the nature of it. Maybe I shouldn’t have stated it how I did. I just know that almost every campaign I volunteered for seemed to leave me disillusioned. What I wouldn’t give for a candidate I could believe in.

                    • bowersville says:

                      Stay cynical, it keeps you healthy and keeps the politicians on their toes. I’ve volunteered a time or two myself and found it fun.

                      I don’t know you and you don’t know me but I never tell a politician what I think they want to hear, I tell them what I think they need to know.

                      The messenger gets shot a time or two, but they at least know what I think is important to me and that I don’t come easy.

                      I find all this back and forth between the candidates entertaining, it keeps me sane.

                    • TPNoGa says:

                      Ya know, I long for the days when we had people like Reagan and Tip O’Neal working together. They weren’t just civil, they socialized.

                  • kyleinatl says:

                    What? That doesn’t even make sense. If you are unhappy about the direction your party is going/continues to tread, stay quiet and hope it gets better?

                    • TPNoGa says:

                      OK, let me try this again. Please know, I am a CPA, I am good with numbers, not words.

                      My point was aimed at those who hold themselves out as representatives of the party (i.e. Erick), NOT everyday anonymous Republican voters. Of course members of the party should speak up and speak loudly if they feel the party is adrift. BUT, if you are a public figure in the party and want a future in said party, be careful. I just don’t see how bashing your own party in public is helpful. All it accomplishes, IMO, is division within the party and gives aid and comfort to the other party. Why do people feel it necessary to pick up a megaphone to discuss dirty laundry. These conversations could be held behind close doors and still be effective.

                      Am I being clear now?

  7. TPNoGa says:

    I really don’t know anything about Mrs. Porter. Never heard of her, honestly. What is so great about her?

    Is she like Anne Richards? For some reason, Anne Richards is how I picture her. PLEASE tell me she is not like her.

    • Spacey G says:

      She’s not as salty as Richards. She’s more passionate soccer mom. But Richards was in politics for a long long time. Porter’s just getting started. So who knows where or in what form she’ll end-up. I suggest looking at some of her YouTube videos to get a feel for what Porter’s like. Follow her on Facebook by all means. She gets up at the crack of dawn each day and posts early and regularly while on the campaign trail there. And she does it herself, not with some proxy aide doing it for her.

      All the social media goodies are available through her site. As the Men’s Warehouse dude would say, you’re gonna like what you hear. I guarantee.

      • TPNoGa says:

        Thank you. I will definately give her a look. I shouldn’t be so negative about Anne Richards, she was an alumni of my college.

        • Erick's Mortal Enemy says:

          Carol is one of the most honest, genuine, and loving people I have ever met. She really is like everyone’s mom– except with a political savvy that is lacked by most. She knows the issues, and she has the tact that can help her accomplish things.

          I voted for Carol on my absentee ballot, and it was one of the top two proudest votes I have ever cast.

      • TPNoGa says:

        That was fast, she already has Erick’s endorsement on her site. Well, I am intrigued. I will give it some thought. I forwarded her site to my family as they do not follow anything past the Governor’s race.

    • Baker says:

      1) DuBose got really lucky. No offense to Anne Richards (I was only familiar with her towards the end), but Carol Porter is way better looking.

      2) If our Lt. Governor is going to end up in a King of the Hill episode, Carol Porter would be great. (hat tip to those of you who made this far down the thread AND have seen that Anne Richards KOTH episode) (no hat tip if you havent seen the episode)

  8. analogkid says:

    The following frontpage posters are mooching off Erick’s glory and throwing our names in the ring as well since we don’t have a “mass thread” on it. Feel free to join us.

    Erick Erickson

    Chris Farris

    Charlie Harper

    Tyler Burgess

    Pete Randall

    All FOUR of you? (I’m not counting Pete until he proves that he exists.)

    Anyway, count me in.

  9. ricstewart says:

    Carol Porter is brilliant, competent, smart, and capable. She’s the only candidate I’m excited about this November.
    If every Democrat was like DuBose and Carol, I’d be a Democrat, too.
    In a time when our political discourse is dominated by extremists on either side of the aisle, it’s so refreshing to see a politician who doesn’t pander to the far-right or the far-left. Carol is the right choice to cut corruption, create jobs, and improve education.

  10. ricstewart says:

    Also I’m very impressed by the fact that Carol Porter has been bringing the issue of eminent domain abuse to the front-burner this year. With the exception of Jeff Chapman (and maybe a few LP candidates), no one else seems to be talking about this huge threat to liberty.

  11. TPNoGa says:

    I don’t like Cagle either, but I was planning on voting for the Libertarian or not voting for that office.

  12. TPNoGa says:

    Well guys, it’s been real. My Lunesta is kicking in pretty hard, so I better skedaddle. I can’t wait to read this thread in the morning. I have a feeling it’s gonna be en fuego. Get ready guys, cuz this ain’t for kids or the weak of heart.

    Goodnight….don’t let the bedbugs bite (who knew that one day this would be an important warning). 🙂

  13. ZazaPachulia says:

    Way to go ‘Robespierre of Macon’! I was waiting for this post! I suspected it was coming and I expected it to come from Charlie, but coming from you it really means a lot.

    For once, I actually admire you (Robespierre). You’ve made yourself influential enough that this should actually hit the news cycle.

    I’m right there with you PP front-pagers on this one. I will gladly vote for Carol Porter (and two other Dems — Barnes and Darryl Hicks) on election day. Here’s to hoping Carol has the money to capitalize on this. It’s going to take a truly herculean effort to elect a down-ballot democrat in the Peach State this year…

  14. Scott65 says:

    Glad to see so many of you coming around to the true crook that is Cagle, and are supporting Carol Porter (who I’ve been supporting for several months now). She is the best candidate…hands down

  15. B Balz says:

    When I met Ms. Porter one evening at Manual’s, she impressed me with her calm, reasoned demeanor. I have yet to meet Roy, but he has major points on the hugely relevant regenerative medicine front.

    Some with GRTL showed no class or intelligence in this cycle, perhaps their influence on rural GOP lawmakers is going to diminish. Doubtful, but perhaps a chink in the wall that is the ugly stick of GRTL’s brand of Christian conservatism.

    Early on in this cycle, I asked what the effect of moderate GOP voters crossing over might be. Answers varied from nil to significant. It seems that question is even more interesting now that the Brain Trust of our fellow contributors are now running, en mass, to the Dem ticket.

    Well known National pundits are taking the safe route indicating turnout is the key to a less than predicted GOP thrashing of Dems in November.

    Would a huge Dem turnout + Crossover = 2010 Upset?

    My mind is open, yet it would be uncharacteristic for me to pull that Dem lever. I won’t KNOW until 4PM on November 2nd for sure. One thing for sure, if there is a Dem routing this year, beware the zealots. They will feel a mandate is given to them.

    I will vote for Chris McFadden, that much I do know!

    • rightofcenter says:

      I must laugh – the Brain Trust of Peach Pundit is now considered moderate. How does that feel, Erick? You moderate. Bet you haven’t heard that before.

    • BB – if you haven’t met Roy yet, but have met Deal, I highly recommend meeting Roy. The difference between the two is night and day. Roy comes across as warm, friendly and sincere. If Monds doesn’t make the runoff, I’ll be voting for Roy.

      As for the Lt. Gov race, I’m still undecided. It will either be Carol Porter or Dan Barber.

          • B Balz says:

            I never said I would NOT vote for Roy. I said it is hard for me to pull the Dem lever. I said the anti-Deal, pro-Roy messaging bites at my conservative core values. Yet, Roy has one issue I agree with entirely. It is a tough decision for me, as I am typically a holistic and not single issue voter.

            I have concerns that Ms. Porter, not having been a House Rep. or a Senator, or in any way involved with the legislative process, is going for the top seat. With hubby an expert. So you are essentially voting for DuBose.

            Many here have observed what it takes to get things done in that seat. Just being able to speak and hold the room, from the procedural aspect is daunting to a layman.

            Getting into the institutional memory of the Senate and House is not something learned, except by the experience of hard knocks. To be successful one must master the art of being able to cajole, remind, and bluster based on shared experience…..

            In other words, Lt. Governor is not a place I am really comfortable seeing an able, gracious lady practicing ‘On-the-Job” training. Especially in a very challenging budget, water, transportation, redistricting, issue related session.

            Unless a huge bombbuster is released, I will vote not for Sen. Cagle, but against the good challenger.

  16. Jeff says:

    I voted for Dan Barber, but I’ll vote Porter in a runoff, should it come to that.

    Ga Republicans are certainly making a case for Instant Runoff Voting this year with their lack of ethics at the top – and throughout the ticket. (*cough*Labor Commissioner nominee sleeping with lobbyists then using his influence as local State Rep to help them keep their jobs*cough*)

  17. macho says:

    A vote for Carol Porter would be a vote for Tommy Williams to run the Senate, because if by some miracle she won, the majority would take away all of the LG’s power like under Taylor. Not saying this is bad or good. From a power standpoint, like the Speaker, the LG controls at the will of the Senate.

    She would then be reduced to a figurehead, ready to takeover if the Governor is no longer able to serve in his capacity, which under Deal, the “Governor in waiting” status would be more meaningful than under a typical Governor.

  18. chefdavid says:

    I for one would like to see one of them commit to putting cameras in Senate committee rooms and stream the meetings on line. This would do a lot for open government, like the house does. I know the meetings are open to the public but the only public that is there is lobbyist, press, and special intrest groups.

  19. Georgia Judge says:

    Carol Porter just got the kiss of death getting this set of endorsements.

    Tyler I know facts and truth are not required on this left leaning blog,but the Marshall / Scott garbage is a totally false and you know it.Cagle wins big and that ‘s a good thing.

  20. Spacey G says:

    Well this is all well and good, this Porter Love-In at Peach Pundit. But it won’t mean jack unless you pony-up some cash for the campaign. Like… now! So Porter can get in a few more ads, mailers, etc. Time’s a’wastin’.

  21. Casey is also a huge Sam The Sham Olens supporter. Sam Olens also decided it was a good idea to wallow around in an opponent’s divorce paperwork. Maybe Casey has some sort of divorce fetish.

  22. TPNoGa says:

    The very first time I ever heard about Peach Pundit was on Redstate. They had a listing of state conservative web sites. I was living in CA at the time, but used to live here, so I clicked on the link to Peach Pundit. It was during the primaries four years ago.

    If my memory serves the first threads I read were concerning the primary for Lt. Governor. The posters at the time were all over that one. Post after post was about how awful Ralph Reed was and how Casey Cagle was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    It’s funny how things can change.

      • B Balz says:

        Ralph Reed is truly a dangerous man. Biblical references to Satan indicate he will come in the form of an attractive leader.

        I hate the SOB. I rarely use the word hate, very, very rarely.

    • Three Jack says:

      tpn, how true. i was one of those people and quickly realized the mistake i made after cagle was sworn in (i don’t believe ralph would have been any better). that was the race that finally persuaded me to stop supporting gopers simply because they received the r nomination…i learned my lessson.

  23. Georgia Judge says:

    Yea backing liberal dems like Roy and Porter really build up your conservative cred.lol At one time this was a conservative blog,no longer.Its actually a blog for whoever the contributors choose in a race and should be included as in kind donations,although I cant remember who their last winner was…..

    • John Konop says:


      First I have not endorsed any candidate in this election. I have pointed out positives and negatives numerous times on this blog with both candidates and I am still undecided. Second I will put up my fiscal conservative record private and public up against your record any day. I was the guy warning about the leverage issues years ago private and public while you were drinking the Kool-Aide! Third I have not met and I know very little about Porter, but I will look into her positions now. Forth I really do not think the PP is a major venture that the posters are getting rich on. You obviously do not understand business and or math well if you think the PP is set for the posters to make money. If you need some help with the math on this I will help you off-line for a consulting fee and show you REAL investments. Finally I could careless how you define my political positions. Most people know I am a fiscal conservative with a pragmatic business like style to solving problems. I have made no secrete even when I ran for office about being very independent. I look at politics they way I look at business go with the best plan not who I personally like the best.

    • Scott65 says:

      I dont see Carol Porter or Roy (as per the Cato Institute when he was governor) as being all that liberal, unless you are using Sharon Angle or Attila the Hun types as your base point. Carol Porter has come out against eminent domain powers against private property which is very important to me. These 2 are moderates which is hard to wrap your head around these day since the extremes are the only ones that get press

  24. Tireless says:

    This tread validates the rumor that anyone working at CNN must have a lobotomy. I haven’t been at PP in at least a month and now I see no reason to come back. When did MoveOn buy this forum?

  25. Progressive Dem says:

    I don’t know which is worse a Republican party which nominates two deeply flawed candidates, or a Democratic party that can’t advance a winning campaign against either of them.

    Deal has a obvious pattern of ethical lapses. To deny them is to bury your head in sand and let your partisan reflex overide your common sense.

    Cagle’s deficiencies are more closeted.

    • kyleinatl says:

      Re: Democratic campaigning…the problem there lies in we haven’t found anyone electable yet (two very tired Jim Martin campaigns and picking the wrong year to lose Michael Thurmond are proof of that) and the DPG is being run into the ground year after year by inept leadership trying to keep an urban base happy while struggling to get anything else.

      • TPNoGa says:

        To be fair, 2010 is not the best year to run as a Democrat in a state as red as Georgia. It was a pretty steep hill to climb.

        Also, money. The GOP controls the state and that’s where the money will flow.

        • kyleinatl says:

          Very true, but even in a Democrat year (like 2006) they still couldn’t muster anything together, and it took Obama being on the ticket for Martin to get a run-off against Saxby. The Georgia Dems need a star…a Mark Warner-type of politician that can shed the image of the Democratic Party as the party of minorities and the Emory-Decatur crowd, while at the same time not get mired in social issues. Instead they pick the most boring, unengaging candidates possible…why would the National Party send any money?

          • TPNoGa says:

            I see your point. It does seem that the DPG needs a Warner or Bredesen to have a renaissance here in GA. As much of a Republican as I am, I think it is healthy to have at least two strong parties. We need a healthy DPG if for no other reason than keep the GOP honest, and expand the talent pool.

            • B Balz says:

              For an accountant, you have literally echoed so many of the feelings I have tried to articulate.

              We do need two viable, strong, principled pol Parties. In an ideal world, being principled is the least important — In an ideal world, propriety, statesmanship, civil discourse, and high principles are assumed. In our world ‘principles’ are not always ‘on or off’, ‘ black or white’ but there are rules and laws. None have been broken by either candidate.

              Our pols are a reflection of ourselves, and if we allow impropriety, we are to blame for the results. I get that.

              So I ask “Why now?” Why are we now having such an ethics problem with this man – Rep. Nathan Deal? For 30 years he seemed OK, but now, just after a brutal primary, a place I could never imagine two candidates from the GOP could go, NOW we see thread after thread, story after story of infractions. At best infractions, at worst pol embarrassments.

              What is in front of us is unknowable, we cannot know who our Governor WILL be on November 3. What I do know is that sincere friendships are being tested.

  26. Georgia Judge says:

    Calm down, I was not referring to you in my comment and actually agree with you on most issues.My reference to in-kind donation did not have anything to do with this site making money and was said in jest,as when the front page p[osters pick a horse its all you hear about or if they decide to trash someone its all you read,sad but true.
    As far as the business rant goes Im sure your much more the mogel than me but I think Ill manage so dont send in the consultants yet.

  27. Georgia Judge says:

    That would be nice as an olive branch to the misunderstanding,here is a investment tip ,look at putting a short on St Joe Paper I did three day ago and it’s worked well,but there is much room left .

    • John Konop says:


      Thanks for the tip to be honest with you I am mainly out of the market. I am waiting to see if a second dip happens and will not be playing again till the start of the second quarter next year.

      I am putting my money in very safe investments and or investing in business I understand. I do think that some people will make good money on some shorts in the next few months. I just do not like investing and or betting on businesses out of my core competency.

      I am in a point in my life that why take risk on things I really do not understand.

      BTW the drink offer is still good.

    • Red Phillips says:

      It seems to me silly for a “conservative” Republican to vote for a liberal Democrat because he doesn’t like the Republican when he could cast a protest vote for the Libertarian candidate instead. I would love to hear Erick’s reasoning on this? I have a few hunches. He disagrees with and doesn’t want to encourage third party voting in general. He doesn’t want to appear “kooky” to mainstream eyes by voting for the Libertarian. But these are just hunches. I would love to hear an explanation from the horse’s mouth.

  28. Pine Knot says:

    No candidate is a perfect one, but until something is proven, I will still support Casey. I hate to tell you guys, but party DOES matter, and it starts at the local and state level. BTW, even the most moderate Republican is still more conservative than the most conservative blue dog. Party matters, and I believe the GOP statewide ticket sweeps even with the ongoing hatred of Casey from PP.

    • kyleinatl says:

      Moderate Republican being more conservative on what issues?

      Cite evidence to what you’re referring to please.

      • SFrazier says:

        Cagle is no moderate republican… His record is as conservattive as it gets from pro-life issues to cutting taxes…

        • Pine Knot says:

          Casey is not a moderate. I was just addressing that no candidate is perfect, and sometimes you have to take what ya have. IE McCain.

          • kyleinatl says:

            True, but you made a pretty broad generalization. I can think of a few Blue-dog Democrats that are much more fiscally conservative on the whole than many of the Republicans we have in the gold dome (who try to earn their conservative cred on social issues, a dog that won’t hunt pretty soon).

  29. Georgia Judge says:

    John,you are wise in being out of the market,for the most part I am as well. I do keep an eye out for a good short in a sector that I understand and move in and out.

    What is troubling to me about the U.S. economy is it is beginning to parrallel the Japan model and thats not a good sign.We must get a control on DC or this is going to get ugly .

      • B Balz says:

        Did either of you two gents open this link:


        In part, the article validates our economy has striking similarities to Japan and its’ treatment of ‘toxic assets’. This issue represents one of my biggest fears – economic instability for the next ten years or more.

        My conclusion is that BOTH Parties are to blame, but the GOP clearly was at the helm when Glass-Stegal was gutted.

        Principal over Party is all groovy, but we are about to see Phase Two of the Great Recession if these scenarios pan out.

        • AubieTurtle says:

          If we get a double dip recession, both parties are going to be in for a world of hurt. I’m sure they’re both thinking of ways to capitalize on it if it happens and blame the other guys but another bout of this is likely to cure most people of the partisan disease and infect them with a virulent strain of political revolution.

          Sorry Libertarians, you might benefit some from this in the short term but I suspect people will go totally nuts and there will be an actual TEA Party and a wacky angry left wing party, Green Socialist perhaps, that will pop up and take advantage of the power vacuum. Unlike many of the groups currently calling themselves Tea, I doubt any party that arises from a double dip recession will allow aisle crossers or astroturfers into the new power structure.

          • B Balz says:

            Aubie, I see something more profound than a ‘double-dip’. If toxic assets are not disposed of in a timely manner, banks cannot lend. Their real estate assets are too shaky to allow further lending.

            Like Japan, we could be ham strung for 10 years or more.

            • Lady Thinker says:

              What would you do BB to fix the economy if you were the president for six months? I’m really interested because I not understand finance that well.

              Also, would Carol Porter, if she won, have much constructive input into righting some of Georgia’s problems as LG?

  30. Jace Walden says:

    To BBalz, SFraizer et al:

    For there to be so many people who don’t care who “we” are voting for…this thread got 120 comments in 10 hours.

    And particularly to SFraizer, before you go calling me a “stupid @ss”, just remember, I’ve done more good for this State and this Country in the past two years then you’ll ever do in your entire life.

    Thanks all. I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

  31. Scott65 says:

    Problem with politics in these days of lightning fast information is that there is no fact checking mechanism. You post something that is a bold faced lie (not speaking of this particular thread…just in general), and by the time its debunked, millions of people have seen it and believe its true, and it becomes very difficult to change those minds back to the truth. Whats worse is that in this political cycle there seems to be no consequence to doing it. People still support liars…it makes no sense

    • AubieTurtle says:

      To make things worse, the media is so scared of being scooped by bloggers and other internet posts that they’re jumping on these kinds of rumors without doing much in the way of fact checking themselves. Even if they do a correction later, the damage has already been done.

      People need to learn to view the world with a skeptical eye but it seems that we’re going down the X-Files “I want to believe” route instead.

    • Steve says:

      I got one paragraph into that article, and couldn’t make it any further. This guy needs to do three things:

      (1) Learn HTML.

      (2) Fix the jacked-up banner graphic at the top of his website, with it’s weird missing gap in the bottom center.

      (3) Shut down the creepy “Girls of Fox News!” psuedo-stalker website that he also runs and shills on the political site.

      Take care of these basic housecleaning items, and then I’ll be able to take his actual commentary seriously.

  32. polisavvy says:

    Being a Scott supporter and hearing of the bad blood between Cagle and Scott, and then this whole divorce issue mess, I voted for Porter. Cagle’s a snake in the grass.

  33. Clint says:

    The Savannah Morning News has a great editorial about Carol Porter today: http://savannahnow.com/column/2010-10-17/barton-georgias-underdog-candidate


    …Porter is a smart, feisty businesswoman from Dublin and the mother of four sons who are Eagle Scouts. She’s never held elective office. Yet she’s on this year’s ballot and running for lieutenant governor…

    …If Porter was a Republican (and not married for 26 years to Democratic State Rep. DuBose Porter), it would be easy to see her as a tea party darling. You want to throw the bums out? You want to replace them with citizens who aren’t career politicians and whose life experiences, skills and values are in keeping with everyday Georgians?…

    Here’s a link to her website http://www.carolporter4ga.com/

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