Gwinnett To Elect New Chairman March 15th.

The date to elect a replacement for Gwinnett Commission Chairman Charles Bannister has been set for March 15, 2010. Bannister resigned last Friday but on Monday a Special Grand Jury looking into questionable land purchases by Gwinnett County declined to indict him.

The AJC and the Gwinnett Daily Post both list rumored candidates for the job. They are:

Mike Beaudreau (current District 3 Commissioner)
Lorraine Green (former Commissioner, lost to Bannister in the 2008 GOP Primary)
Shirley Lasseter (current District 1 Commissioner)
Bruce LeVell (Gwinnett GOP Chairman)
Emory Morsberger (businessman)
Charlotte Nash (former County Administrator)
Vincent Passariello (lost to Bannister in the 2008 General Election)
Chuck Warbington (Gwinnett Villiage CID leader)
Jimmy Wilbanks (Mayor of Dacula)
Dave Williams (Mayor of Suwanee)

Here are some other rumored candidates:
Katherine Sherrington Meyer (Tax Commissioner)
John Heard (GOP nominee for County Commissioner, former State Rep.)


  1. EllaPatriot says:

    I dont know much about any of the people on the list. I’ve seen a few of their names before. Does anyone have any background information on any of them?

    • Steve says:

      Rail debates aside, I’m not sure how crazy I would be about having someone who owns huge chunks of Lawrenceville’s real estate serving as the County Commission Chairman. A bit too close for comfort to why the LAST Chairman got run out.

      Anyone know much about Chuck Warbington? What little I know about the Gwinnett Village CID gives me a vaguely positive impression, but I do know only a little. Or maybe Vincent Passariello, although a Democrat winning the chair in Gwinnett is a pipe dream.

      • gt7348b says:

        My interactions with Chuck Warbington have always left me with an impression of a reasonable, thoughtful, professional. The Gwinnett Village CID seems well run and is quietly aggressive. He strikes me as more a behind the scenes rather than an attention getter, not like, say Mr. Le’Vell. My interactions with Mr. Le’Vell have left me with a completely opposite impression than my opinion of Mr. Warbington.

        Charlotte Nash has served on the GRTA Board for a while.

      • McCain 54 Obama 44
        Bannister 56 Passairello 44

        Today’s pipe dream is tomorrow’s reality. As the corruption in this state continues to pile up eventually the entire state (and definitely places like Gwinnett) will swing away from the Republicans since they are the party in power.

        Who knows – if Republicans take over Congress and things still suck in March this could be a close race assuming party labels are on the ballot. And when you look at polls that are like who are you voting for (Republicans) and do you think Republicans have good ideas (no) to me that points to a potentially lukewarm welcome for the new boss, same as the old boss.

  2. DriveByDawg says:

    Those who currently sit on the board should think twice before running. They voted for a tax increase (that has not been used the way they said it would) and socialized our trash service – both against the will of their constituents – and basically told us all to grow up because they know what’s best when we complained.

  3. Harry says:

    Any sitting commissioner other than Mike Beaudreau, can forget it. That means you Shirley. Beaudreau, LeVell, maybe Warbington or Green would be possible. Take it for what it’s worth.

  4. Spacey G says:

    Emory Morsberger is a great guy. He invited me once to a Rotary Club of Gwinnett luncheon, and I enjoyed it so much I only Tweeted *What am I doing in Gwinnett County?!* just once!

    • Steve says:

      … and what the Gwinnett voters wouldn’t. As long as the incumbent-friendly culture here in Gwinnett is what it is, nothing’s really going to change. As badly as we need new commissioners, what we really need are new voters.

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