Reward Offered For Arrest & Conviction Of Sign Thieves.

Political sign stealing has become so pervasive in Towns County that the GOP Chairman has placed an ad in the newspaper offering a reward for the arrest and conviction of anyone stealing Stephen Allison’s signs. This morning, Darrell Barrett sent me this email which he also sent to the two Towns County newspapers.

There has been a rash of political sign stealing in Towns County which has prompted me to offer a $1,000 reward to anyone who can give information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone caught stealing or vandalizing Stephen Allison signs. He has had numerous signs stolen repeatedly from yards and private property. The Republican Party of Towns County believes in fair play. We believe that all voices should be heard in a Democracy. Therefore, I am extending this reward to include all signs regardless of the candidate or the political party. Anyone with information on sign theft or vandalism should call the Sheriff’s office at 706-896-4444.

In addition, after the election is over, the Towns County Republican Party will promptly remove all of the Republican Candidate signs in order to remove the clutter and restore the area to it’s natural beauty. I encourage the other Political Parties and candidates to do the same. Respectfully, Darrell Barrett Chairman, Towns County Republican Party

Full disclosure: Stephen Allison is my brother-in-law.

Sign stealing takes place in every campaign but I’ve never seen anything like what’s going on in Allison’s race. His campaign has put out almost 500 signs(small yard signs and 4′ x 8′ big signs) and I’d be surprised if 100 are left standing. Hopefully someone will come forward to claim the reward and the sign stealing will stop.


  1. I was kind of wondering the same thing… I just had 2 signs stolen from one of the corners of our property. The signs that aren’t on corners haven’t been stolen yet, so I guess I just need to put replacements in the straight-a-ways. Perhaps I should just request that Cobb County enforce the sign ordinances in a couple of places where I believe Deal signs are in violation.

  2. NoTeabagging says:

    Totally bizarre that opponents would “steal” signs from less traveled residential streets and ignore illegally placed signs on our public greenspaces of high traffic streets. If you want to eliminate a candidates visibility, go for the highly visible and illegal signs. Of course the GOP statement will not acknowledge the illegal signs and the possibility that many of the missing signs were actually illegally placed on public property anyway.

    It is a good indicator that a candidate has no support when they litter our public greenspace with signs yet have NO signs legally placed in residents yards. Why? They have no support. They have no respect for the constituents they desire to serve, and they have no respect for the public spaces that we want to enjoy as uncluttered greenspace. These candidates are about as credible as “Work from Home”, “$69 Carpet Cleaning” and other scams you see posted on utility poles.

  3. Sounds like y’all have a problem with sign-stealers back in Georgia. I never understood the level of psychosis necessary to think stealing political signs in the middle of the night is an acceptable means of expression.

    On the other hand – I wish we could only figure out how to get some sign-stealers in New Orleans, especially once the elections are over. Down here, once signs have been planted all over the yards, neutral grounds and wherever else there is a square inch of usable space, they stay up. Forever.

    And ever.

    • NoTeabagging says:

      Cousin Pat. We have year round campaigns here too. Every year. The signs go up in February and stay up until the next February or longer. some candidates won’t have to buy new signs in 2012, their 2008 signs are still up on utility poles in the metro area. And yes, our July primary losers signs will also be up well into next year. Our good politicians are tree huggers, not environmentalists mind you, they just think trees make good signposts for campaign signs.

      • mountainpass says:

        My new house Rep. Rick Jasperse had most of his signs down(the ones not in private yards) the day after the special election here. I contacted him and asked “did you take down your signs?” He said he did, that he had always thought if I ever run for office I’m taking down the signs after the election. I then offered to help him put them back up for the Nov election, well he took me up on that offer a couple of weeks ago.

        • Good on him for pickin’ up his own signs. Wish they were all that way. (Hell, I know folks who couldn’t put out band flyers in Athens in the wrong place without a visit from the ACC police under threat of citation.)

          But how will the sign thief repellant affect these initiatives? I have to think a volunteer assistant with fox urine on their hands is likely a volunteer who isn’t helping again.

      • I think NOLA has a contract with someone to pick up the signs after the election, but there’s simply no way to get them all. And besides, with so many runoffs, who knows when the elections are actually over?

        That doesn’t even compare to election day, where the signs multiply 100 fold, and candidates tailgate at major intersections with family, friends, supporters, and half their kids’ schoolyard. They’ll bring tents and trucks and grills; coolers full of crawfish and (sometimes) beer.

        Because you may lose the election, but you gotta win the party, baby!

  4. …and wouldn’t you know it – I come home from work and yet another John Monds sign is missing from my yard. This one was beside the mailbox this time. That’s 3 signs total – 2 of them being about 1000 feet down from the one taken today. People suck.

      • Perhaps… but my mailbox is actually on the wrong side of the road at the moment. Apparently this road they only deliver on one side, so I’ve got to move the mailbox. Just haven’t done it yet. I guess the other option is to put up a larger sign, wrap it in barbed wire and get some of that stuff whomever used campaign funds to purchase to drench the sign in. I really don’t want to have to spend $100 on a wildlife camera to catch whoever is doing it.

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