Much like money for CBC scholarships, Sanford Bishop’s lead has dried up

Sanford, Sanford, Sanford. It’s okay. Don’t cry.

Democratic Rep. Sanford Bishop’s once-safe hold on his southwest Georgia district has slipped away less than a month before Election Day, and the contest is now a statistical tie, according to a new survey from the campaign of state Rep. Mike Keown (R).

Bishop led Keown 47 percent to 46 percent with 7 percent undecided. The 1-point difference was well within the survey’s 4.9-point margin of error. Keown’s poll, which was conducted by the GOP firm Public Opinion Strategies, was in the field Sept. 27 and 28 and surveyed 400 likely 2nd district voters.

The new poll came four weeks after another POS survey showed Bishop ahead 50 percent to 44 percent.


  1. Keown was awesome in last night’s Thomasville debate! He absolutely destroyed Bishop’s big government stances.

    Only thing that I wish Keown had said: while the two were debating social security, Keown said that young people should have the option to chose whether or not they want to pay into it and Bishop said that it’s not possible to do that because if they stop paying in, they wouldn’t have enough to pay out to seniors. I wish Keown had politely pointed out to the Congressman that in the business world they call that a “Ponzi scheme” and you get serious jail time for that.

    • John Konop says:

      Kyle Constable,

      You are right that it is a “Ponzi scheme”. My question is with savings rate wiped out by the latest down-turn what do you think would happen if we stop sending out Social Security cheeks and ended Medicare?

    • polisavvy says:

      Kyle, I certainly hope you are correct. I’d love to see Keown win this thing! Good luck to you guys!! 🙂

  2. Jeff says:

    So a poll paid for by a candidate showed said candidate coming close.


    The minor interesting point here is that Keown couldn’t even PAY someone to say he is winning…

    • ugagrad_2001 says:

      Jeff- You are like a broken record attacking Keown at every chance. Since you claim to dislike Bishop as well as Keown why not occasionally focus some of your pent up rage you are so fond of spewing at Bishop.

      We’ll see come Nov. 2. I’m not guaranteeing a Keown victory (I think he will win) , but I will say that if Bishop manages to pull off the win it will be by a razor thin margin.

      • Jeff says:

        If Keown were any better than Bishop, I would be attacking Bishop just as much as I now attack Keown. I EXPECT Bishop to be bad – he TELLS me he is going to be!

        Keown outright lies to me by telling me he supports lower taxes, smaller government, and the like, and then voting in Atlanta EXACTLY the same as Bishop does in DC – to RAISE taxes and INCREASE government.

        I voted Mickey Mouse in this race, and I’m damn proud of that vote.

        • ugagrad_2001 says:

          Fees are not the same thing as taxes. Fees are charged to users of a particular government service. If fees are not occasionally raised to keep up with the cost of providing those services then taxes have to be raised. Then the cost is distributed to all taxpayers not just the users of the service. I believe most of the raise in “taxes” that Keown voted for was for fee increases. I believe that making those that use govt. services pay for those services rather than redistributing those costs to all taxpayers, some of which do not benefit from them, would be considered a pretty good conservative/libertarian principle that I would think you would be able to support.

          • jeff says:

            Jeff has been spewing this trash about voting for Mickey Mouse for several weeks now. He continues to attack Keown as big government but it has been pointed out to him several times that Keown’s voting record is one of the more conservative and independent in the state legislature. Jeff is angry for two reasons. #1 – Jeff hates Southern Baptists and Keown is a Southern Baptist preacher. #2 – Jeff and his blog endorsed another candidate in the GA2 primary. That candidate lost big. Jeff is mad because he thought his endorsements would make a difference.

  3. jeff says:

    So a guy who can only pull 20 or so votes in a local city council race 2 years in a row wants to come on here and make fun of a candidate who has been getting national coverage, turned a safe democratic seat into a toss up over the last few months, and is very close to beating an 18 year incumbent in what would be one of the biggest upsets in Georgia history.


    • Jeff says:

      In a year like this one, my dog could run against Sanford Bishop and get exactly the same thing Keown is getting.

      And my dog would be a better candidate than Mike Keown.

      • jeff says:

        Do you think your dog could have run for the Leesburg City Council seat and received more votes than you? If he is a better candidate than Mike Keown, your dog probably could have won that city council seat.

        • Jeff says:

          Since you seem to be so interested in it, here’s a list of who I did better in Leesburg than this year:

          RJ Hadley*
          Jeff Chapman*, Nathan Deal*, Karen Handel, Ray McBerry*, Otis Putnam*, Thurbert Baker*, Bill Bolton*, Carl Camon*, DuBose Porter*, David Poythress*
          Gary Horlacher*, Angela Moore*, Georganna Sinkfield*
          Sam Olens
          Darwin Carter*
          Dennis Cain*, Rick Collum*, Seth Harp*, Ralph Hudgens*, Tom Knox*, John Mamalakis*, Stephen Northington*, Gerry Purcell*, Maria Sheffield*
          Beth Faroki, Brian Westlake*
          Joey Brush*, Jeff May*
          Rick Allen*, Lee Ferrell*

          bold indicates a name that eventually made it to November, via runoffs.

          * indicates that my overall election result in my district was better than the indicated candidate’s overall election result in their district

          Considering some of the names on that list, are you REALLY sure you want to go down the path you’re racing down?

          • jeff says:

            I am not racing down any path. You are the one who started the whole conversation. You are the one who felt it was necessary to come on here and badmouth someone. You are the one who felt it was necessary to say your dog was a better candidate than a man that has taken an unwinnable district and turned it into a toss up. Obviously the vast majority of the district disagrees with you.

          • jeff says:

            I have never seen anyone compare their local city council special election results with two candidates to statewide primary results with as many as seven candidates.

          • Doug Grammer says:

            Was it 95 to 32? If any of the people on your list spent as as much time in Leesburg as you did, do you think they would still get less votes than you?

  4. jeff says:

    The DCCC has spent over $160,000 in GA2. Cook Political Report, Real Clear Politics, and others have moved GA2 to a Toss-up. The NRCC has committed $300,000 to GA2 over the next couple of weeks. The Bishop campaign has conducted several polls but haven’t released any to the public. The DCCC has realized this is a seat they could lose. Keown’s campaign isn’t the only seeing that this race is a dead heat.

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