Ray McKinney Now On The Radar Screen; Democrats In Congress Adopt Defensive Strategy

A few items to note regarding Georgia’s role in the dynamic Congressional races:

1) Sarah Palin has added Ray McKinney to her list of Congressional endorsements, sending a possible signal that John Barrow’s seat may be within reach, and/or that additional resources from outside the district may give McKinney an additional push.

2)  The New York Times  (subscription required) indicates that the  DNC is now moving money to races where they still have a chance, and away from those they now feel are out of reach.   They mention Georgia as a state that will be receiving additional help, presumably to fortify the  campaign coffers of Sanford Bishop and Jim Marshall.

3)  Last week when listening to  The Regular Guys on Rock 100.5 in Atlanta, they mentioned an internal poll that Liz Carter had reported to them on her race for the 4th CD.  I’m going to assume they had the numbers wrong, because they said she had 53% of the vote, with 30% undecided.  Or perhaps I heard it wrong.  Regardless, Liz Carter continues to profess that she will win, and surprise “everyone at Peach Pundit” as she told a table of folks we had dinner with last week.   I’ll admit, I would be surprised.

But I did promise Mrs. Carter that I would write about the fact that Hank Johnson will not debate her, and as such, I’m including her latest press release below the jump.

Johnson’s Arrogance is Hurting District 4
Rep. Hank Johnson– “I don’t owe my constituents anything!”

(ATLANTA)— Congressional candidate Liz Carter has challenged Rep. Hank Johnson (GA-4) to multiple debates, but on Saturday, Oct. 2 at a community breakfast, Johnson told Carter he will not debate and he does not owe his constituents anything.

“I wish I would have had my flip cam running, not just for the comment, but the pure arrogance he displayed,” Carter said. “But I believe the voters know the truth and will see through his arrogance and twisting of facts.”

Rep. Johnson has yet to attempt to deny the statement, which was released on social media outlets, the day the statement was made. Even if he had, his actions have spoken louder than his words. Johnson has already declined participation in four debates against Carter, including a NAACP/Progressive Citizens-sponsored debate. The Rockdale Chamber of Commerce notified the Carter campaign yesterday that they are canceling their congressional debate because Johnson refuses to participate.

Even more interesting is the tactic the Carter campaign has taken after the first four debates Johnson did not attend. On Sept. 7, Carter released two animated debates using Johnson’s voting record as the primary topic. The Johnson campaign has yet to dispute any of the content, demonstrating the truth in Johnson’s positions. The two animated debates can be found on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/lizcarter4congress#p/a/u/0/WjTkD7ApGvQ and http://www.youtube.com/user/lizcarter4congress#p/a/u/1/TjJCsubwfJk .

“Congressman Johnson has demonstrated that he cares more about party politics than the people. His campaign advertisements talk about his work not being completed, which should scare every voter,” Carter said. “Hank asked us to vote for him in 2006 because Cynthia would not debate him, the deficit was growing and gas prices were high. Since Hank took office, his ‘work’ over the past four years has greatly increased the deficit, unemployment is higher and continuing to climb and now there are reports that he belongs to a Socialist party–another item he has yet to deny.”

Carter said that Johnson owes his constituents more than written responses prepared by his staff.

“If Johnson is not capable of a real debate, where he does not rely on a script, then he is not fit or strong enough to serve the people of District 4,” Carter said.  “I want people to see what I saw last Saturday.  They have the right to look him in the face and determine if he cares. We deserve better than what Hank has provided. There is still time and I challenge Hank to show up to the League of Women Voters forum scheduled Wednesday, Oct. 20.”

About Liz Carter, Republican Nominee GA-4 US House of Representatives
Liz Carter (http://lizcarterforcongress.com) is not waiting until she’s elected to serve the people of Georgia District 4; she is fighting for her constituents daily. Liz has put her career and business on the back burner in order to meet with her fellow citizens and understand the needs and challenges of her community. Among Liz’s many professional accomplishments, beyond owning and operating her own small business, she has successful managed a multi-million dollar business unit and has a track record of effective cost cutting and of increasing revenues– all skills that will be employed to the benefit of her congressional district once she is elected. Liz is focused on sustainable job growth in the private sector, a strong national security, illegal immigration and improving education.


  1. Is this the same Liz Carter who on her LinkedIn page boast of being honored by “Cambridge Who’s Who” the pay-for-award email scam?

    For a one time membership fee of $XXX.XX, you too can be an up and coming business professional and add instant credibility to your LinkedIn page or candidate website biography!

    • It gets better! Checked out her website, http://www.lisbethcarter.com. It appears she shut down her business to run for Congress. From the home page: “If you are looking for a company to provide the below services, please message Liz via LinkedIn. She is happy to provide a referral.” What kind of business just quits and starts sending prospects to competitors when the owner decides to run for Congress? Was she just going to live off her Congressional salary? Surely she wouldn’t just walk away from a profitable venture like that.

      Where do we get these candidates?

      • Doug Grammer says:

        Yet another complaint from someone who didn’t like Congressman Deal owning a side business. Either it’s OK for them to live off their salary or it OK for them to own a side business. I think both are OK. You seem to like neither.

        • I never said you can’t do both. Mixing the two is bad.

          Mrs. Carter makes much ado about her business acumen. However, I’ve found that to be highly suspect. Why would you just drop a profitable business to persue a campaign that probably will not work out? If, once elected, she decides to abandon it that’s her preorgative. Not necessary, but whatever she thinks is best. But from the looks of her website, she is not looking to grow and maintain that business beyond this campaign. That’s strange. But then again, so is boasting about a bought award from “Cambridge Who’s Who”, a known scam.

          Doesn’t matter. She’s not going to Congress. I just found it funny.

  2. ZazaPachulia says:

    Uhh… [shiver] I hate the ‘Regular Guys.’

    I thought you had to be a pubescent male (or mildly retarded) to listen to that show. Charlie, there are other options for your morning commute. Boortz is on. So is Imus. Then there’s NPR, 680 (‘The Rude Awakening’) and Steve Harvey — if you’re into childish shock-jock humor that is actually funny. Even Rickey Smiley (Hot 107.9) is a step up from the Regular Guys. And 89.3 has a great little blues show in the morning, if you’d rather listen to music. Just sayin…

    • GaConservative23 says:

      I actually really enjoy the Regular Guys (minus Southside Steve). But I guess I’m just a pubescent male or mildly retarded.

      But I definitely don’t get my political news from them. Although I enjoy Von Haessler’s commentary.

  3. Southern_Clarion says:

    Is Sarah going to make McKinney spend 100K to get her to come down to campaign or is there some sort of discount rate for general elections?

  4. Tiberius says:

    Hilarious comments so far from everyone. Gotta keep the humor alive in politics.

    Here is to Liz Carter keeping us as amused in GA as Christine O’Donnell, Carl Paladino and the Nazi re-enactor are nationwide!

  5. slyram says:

    I just watched the 8th and 12th district congressional debates online. It was good hearing Austin say that he would work with Democrats and why isn’t Marshall with his seniority and warchest attempting to help the Dem ticket in general.

    The move of the night goes to Ray McKinney who in his closing statement said that if you like things the way they are, stay home but if you wanted to end the status quo come out and vote for Ray. Do anything but come vote for Barrow. Call me selfish but any additional support for the Dem side should come to southwest Georgia.

  6. slyram says:

    I just saw the new Jim Marshall ad about Speaker Pelosi and Flower children. Not cool….not cool at all. And it ended with something like Jim Marshall would not be seen around a Pelosi supporters. Okay…so much for what was once your base.

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