Fearing The Wrath Of Farris, And/Or Nerds Taking Over Athens, Perdue Says No To UGA Engineering Expansion

In a clear sign that our resident Rat Bastard must be obeyed, Governor Sonny Perdue has said, “Hey guys, you may have wanted to check with me before trying to add engineering degrees at UGA.”

Perdue reminded the regents – all of whom he appointed or re-appointed – that while they are a governing board, they must check in regularly with him and the Legislature before making any decisions that have significant implications for the system. Engineering is the second- most-expensive degree program to offer and Georgia is suffering financially because of the recession.

“With this UGA engineering decision, sadly I’m a little late to the party,” Perdue said. “This process has been wrong. And I frankly cannot tell if that has been by design or simple omission.”

In non-published comments, Perdue expressed concerns over the logistics of adding a supply route for ProActiv to reach Athens, as well as the additional expense of equipping the weight racks at the Ramsey Student Center with 2.5 and 5 pound dumbells.   He added that “just because the football team is playing like we’re an engineering school does not mean we need to become one.”

H/T Bowersville.


  1. Rambler1414 says:

    UGA needs to stick to their bread-and-butter majors:
    Recreation and Leisure Studies
    Hotel Management
    Turf Management
    Poultry Science

    Leave the engineering to the experts.

  2. Jane says:

    UGA needs to eliminate the old MRS degrees that include but are not limited to degrees in Dance, Women’s studies, Music theory,

    • AubieTurtle says:

      MRS majors can be lots of fun until they finish all the requirements and get the degree. I’m sure many would like for them to stick around.

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