Mike Carter discusses resignation

The guys from the 3 Scotches podcast sat down with Mike Carter, the now former GA-GOP committee member who resigned over Nathan Deal’s many ethics issues:

Mike Carter recently sat down with the 3 Scotches Podcast to discuss his resignation from the Georgia Republican Party’s State Committee so that he could go on record about his concerns over Nathan Deal’s candidacy for Governor.

We question Mr. Carter on his claims that there would be more allegations to come regarding Mr. Deal’s scandal plagued campaign and how he knows what he claims to know.

You can listen to Carter in his own words here.


  1. bluedogdem says:

    No he is just the only one with the guts to stand up and tell the truth. The best thing that can happen to the Democrat Party and Libertarian Party of Ga is for Nathan Deal to get elected. He will be the first sitting Governor to file bankruptcy and be impeached. The GA GOP will be finished in this state for a long time because of this. So you party heads need to keep supporting him. Thanks

    • AubieTurtle says:

      I don’t know about that. Guy Hunt was removed from office in Alabama for a felony conviction of using campaign funds for personal use. He was also found to have improperly used state aircraft to travel to paid preaching engagements. The Republican Party in Alabama wasn’t all that damaged by Hunt’s conviction. Heck, it was after Hunt that Alabama turned into a two party state.

  2. Doug Grammer says:

    To be thorough, I listened to the whole program. These are my differences with what he had to say other than anything obvious. Georgia Power didn’t give Carter a good explanation on why they did what they did. It did not cost millions to hold a special election in the Ninth. Tens of thousands, sure…but not millions.

    Carter cites that an ethics complaint would filed against him to remove him from the GOP, but it would have been conduct detrimental to the party. Congressman Deal has not been in congress 30 years. His post went semi-viral because he posted his rants 20 to 30 times on influential people’s FB pages.

    His “more to come” statements are based upon stories coming out by the media. There is no proof provided of anything new. It’s like a binder that doesn’t exist. He refused to give any details. I’ll let the listener decide on why that is.

    This was an hour and 14 minutes of my life I wish I could get back. I hope his 15 minutes are over soon.

    • AubieTurtle says:

      At this point, Deal appears to benefit from the boy who cried wolf effect. While the salvage deal smells bad and the finance situation is embarrassing, they’re getting drown out by the claims of other things to come. That’s been going on long enough that if nothing comes out soon, like last week, it’s going to have to be a huge bombshell for anyone to care. It appears the only thing his detractors have accomplished is to take attention away from the salvage deal and financial failings.

      Heck, the way it has played out is almost like there was some genius on Deal’s staff spreading the rumors of more bad news to come. It really has worked in his favor.

      Of course if there actually is a bombshell, that’s a whole other story. It doesn’t appear though that it actually does exist.

    • But Doug, don’t you know that all the DA’s, every congressman, all ministers, educators, big businessmen, small businessmen, the entire GOP establishment, the Governor, the Lt. Governor, all campaign staff personnel (over 300 hundred of them according to Carter), all law enforcement are all corrupt and have conspired on Deal’s behalf?

      It’s like the plot from The Crazies… Doug, you nominated him…. heehee.

      • Doug Grammer says:

        I didn’t nominate him, the nominating committee did. I didn’t serve on that committee. I didn’t nominate anyone to run against him. You are leaving off that 4 million people support Carter. I think it’s plausible the 4 million people don’t like eminent domain abuse, but I doubt he’s had that many individuals have visited his website.


        However, last April he didn’t appear as erratic as he does now. We did get a little bit of good service out of him, but not enough to put up with his quest for 15 minutes we have to endure now.

      • Doug Grammer says:

        I think the hosts of the show were pretty good and asked decent questions. Doing so over drinks detracts from their credibility. However, if they got rid of the drinks, I don’t know what they would call their show.

        • Three Jack says:

          “Doing so over drinks detracts from their credibility.”

          but being insolvent while running for governor is credible?

          • Doug Grammer says:

            Everyone running for Governor, including the two write in candidates, has more credibility than an anonymous poster throwing bombs, accusations, and asking stupid questions with no real impact on a conversation. BTW, this is NOT just for three jack. If the shoe fits…don’t complain to me…start by fixing what you see in the mirror.

  3. City Slicker says:

    Has anyone seen today’s AJC? This is really becoming quite an appalling candidacy. One has to wonder how a man who clearly has spent most of his time in public office engaging in one scam or another has still managed to end up essentially bankrupt-and soon-to-be homeless. Either Deal is one clumsy crook or he is perhaps the most clueless and luckless guy to ever sit in Congress. Either way, he’s not a good candidate.

    And the GOP wants to give Deal control over our tax dollars? Talk about giving a rooster the keys to the hen house. Baggage isn’t even the word here. The man has more luggage than Hartsfield-Jackson. What’s next? Are we gonna find out he’s been hiding Amelia Earhart on his farm?

    I know that logic and GOP voting patterns are not necessarily interchangeable but this is getting ridiculous guys. Am I the only one who keeps expecting to see a headline that reads DEAL INDICTED?

  4. bluedogdem says:

    Doug, you were suppose to tell me why I should vote GOP this year. I’m waiting to hear why I should vote for Isakson, Deal, Echlos, and Casey “can’t tie his shoes” Cagle

    • Doug Grammer says:

      I’ve already posted on Deal v. Barnes regarding jobs. That should be most people’s number one issue. If you need me to go further, I will. I’ll post something in the road show open thread for the others.

    • Winnersville USA says:

      Blue Dog,

      Tell me about the democratic ticket. You know, redeeming qualities, qualifications, etc. Is any one of the democrats above 40% in polls? Is the best nominee for governor they could find a corrupt castaway? Has the democratic party accomplished anything of substance since Roy updated the state flag? Is Rep. Powell right? Carter may have killed the southern democrat, but Roy and Obama look like they might just kill the Georgia democrat for good.

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