Chamber of Commerce running ad in support of Marshall

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is running an ad in GA-8 in support of Rep. Jim Marshall. I caught it a couple of times last night.

Andre Walker snagged the ad and put it on YouTube:


  1. Baker says:

    Hmm…the Chamber has been catching a lot of heat for comments made about Obama Administration decisions. I’m a little surprised, I figured the Chamber would pretty much stay on the sidelines for Blue Dog races.

  2. John Konop says:

    What I find must bizarre about this ad is Chamber is attacking a government take over of healthcare to people on government plans like Medicare, VA……. This ad reminds of Tea Party people rallying around the call of get your government hands off my Medicare.

    Can any election center on an intelligent debate about issues?

    • Baker says:

      Watching the Sunday news shows, multiple Democrats are complaining about foreign sources of funding for the Chamber of Commerce. Considering this new ad for Marshall, that is amusing.

      • Andre says:

        Even more amusing is this ad by the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

        They say the USCOC are ” shills for big business,” and ” they’re stealing our democracy.”

        In light of the USCOC’s ad supporting Jim Marshall, the DNC just looks silly.

  3. As a Scott supporter, you obviously don’t want the money being spent on Marshall in this race, however, the average voter doesn’t put much stock in the USCOC. Especially in an anti-Barack Hussein Obama year like this. These middle Georgia voters couldn’t be stopped if they were locked in their houses on November 2nd.

    • hannah says:

      Why is it that conservatives are always aiming at the wrong target. President Obama is not on the ballot this year. Targeting him makes about as much sense as obsessing about his birth certificate.
      Fact is, the legislative agenda is about complete. Next on the agenda is implementing health care reform ( the insurance industry is going to be handled by the states), restraining the financial sector to keep them from ripping people off, promoting alternative energy development both through the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense (Air Force and Navy) and re-directing funds to capital investments in transportation (roads, rails and runways).
      The Congress, methinks, is going to be kept plenty busy holding hearings on the mortgage debacle in the residential market, soon to be followed by the crash of the commercial sector. Also, unless Republicans get a solid majority, there’s still the demolition of Iraq and the torture on Guantanamo to look into, since the images so far sealed by courts are not going to stay sealed forever. Besides, it will be useful to explore whether the documentation of every atrocity, including the targeting of humans with hellfire missiles (leaving behind just a red mist), was a good idea or if, perhaps, it wouldn’t be better for troops to get back to WRITING after-action reports.
      Think that will take up two years? Bet on it.

      • Doug Grammer says:

        The answer to your question will be found in the GOP controled House of Representatives in January of next year.

      • seenbetrdayz, Ph.D. says:

        Don’t hold your breath on Gitmo. If I honestly thought the democrats were ever serious about changing the Bush policies, I’d actually have a reason to vote Democrat this year.

        We’ll never know what was done in our name.

          • seenbetrdayz, Ph.D. says:

            1) his

            2) What was stupid about it? Do you think either party is interested in handling the hot-potato that is Guantanamo? Hannah’s contention was that the democrats were planning on correcting injustices from the Bush administration. My reply was that they’re all in cahoots. Furthermore, why would the Democrats save this issue as a political wild card when the principled thing to do would have been to approach it from the start of Obama’s administration, w/ the full backing of a democrat majority in both houses of Congress? The opportunity was there, they refused to take it, and therefore, Hannah can forget about Obama’s empty promises on Gitmo and justice.

  4. hannah says:

    Commerce is a middleman enterprise, as is insurance. Neither add little or no value to a transaction. Indeed, you could say the commercial gentleman clips both the producer and the buyer to reap a profit for himself.
    Medicare, unlike private health insurers who serve mainly to funnel “investment dollars” to Wall Street, is a pay-master who, for some incomprehensible reason got suckered into partnership with private insurers so they could clip another bit from the medical care dollar under the so-called “Medicare Advantage” scheme, which dropped patients as soon as they actually got sick. The $500 billion the middlemen are whining about are, like the interest payments from student loans, being re-directed towards buying actual medical services.
    The Chamber of Commerce has been really good at perpetuating the myth of self-starting and self-supporting enterprise, all the while sucking at the government teat for subsidies, preferential trade agreements, tariff protections and other monopolistic supports. As a result, American enterprise has become flaccid, incapable of delivering high quality products and efficient service and liable to collapse in the slightest breeze.
    Indeed, evidence for the fact that the commercial class is about defunct can be found in them having to beg for dollars from overseas. It’s true that there’s a sucker born every day, but the supply of American suckers seems to have about dried up. So, Bahrain and India are being tapped so the Chamber can put up cookie-cutter ads attacking upstanding and hard working Americans. In another era that would have been called treason.
    As if it wasn’t bad enough that the Chamber has been funneling losers into Republican campaigns for public office for decades!

    • Baker says:

      Thanks for the words of wisdom Hannah. One thing however, “As if it wasn’t bad enough that the Chamber has been funneling losers into Republican campaigns for public office for decades!”. This ad is for a Democrat.

      Also, self-starting and self-supporting enterprise is a myth? Well shoot. We’re screwed then. What’s the answer then?…..ahh yes, the government. Sometimes I wonder if you have most of these posts ready-made and then look on Sundays to see if anything is half-relevant to post them on.

    • mountainvoter says:

      You really don’t know what you are talking about with respect to Medicare Advantage programs or other types of health insurance. You can’t drop someone from an Advantage plan when they get sick. If you could see the corruption, waste and inefficiency of the Medicare program that I see everyday you would appreciate the hope that Medicare Advantage offered. Private companies, free enterprise with competition, is the only way to save Medicare. Take Part D for example. This is the only Federal health plan ever to come in under the projected costs. Why? Because you have dozens of private companies competing for the business. This same model should be used for a national plan.

      • Um…it was. You can’t be dropped from healthcare anymore if you get sick and as the exchanges come online dozens of private companies will be competing for the business of Americans healthcare spending.

  5. polisavvy says:

    Does Obama not see the hypocrisy of slamming the U.S. Chamber for running ads on behalf of Republicans; but, yet, sees nothing wrong with the U.S. Chamber running an ad for a Democrat, Jim Marshall? He can’t have it both ways.

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