Roy’s Kingdom

The RGA threw together this video showing Dubose Porter introducing Roy Barnes at the 2000 Cracker Crumble. Dubose and Roy were mocking the “King Roy” moniker, but their choice of humor could be taken the wrong way. I, for one, thought this was pretty funny. But, then again, I actually have a sense of humor. Check it out:


  1. macho says:

    I realize this is a joke and I appreciate any politician who can poke fun at themselves like Barnes did. It makes me like him more.

    But, the moniker was representative of his autocratic leadership style. The irony is that while he was mocking those that referred to him as “King Roy” as much as he was mocking himself, it was this bullying “King Roy” style that would contribute to his downfall two years later.

    In many ways Barnes and Sonny governed in exact opposite manners. Barnes, as Governor, behaved as a legislator with a lot of power. He was involved in intricate details of legislation, arm twisting and negotiating just like any other legislator. Sonny was relatively divorced from the “making” of the legislation and would swoop in, at the last minute, with a “my way or the highway” threat of the veto. You could argue both had autocratic styles, but the implementation was different.

    • You could also argue about whether Sonny’s way actually produces any tangible results for the state after 8 years. To me that’s the nonpartisan argument that Sonny’s governorship was a failed opportunity – there are a lot of things this state needs done that I think most D’s and R’s can agree on, just need a popular personality to push them through. Sonny is (was) definitely popular and could have used his political capital for long term good, instead he seemed to use it to just make sure he got re-elected and could keep flying around in the state helicopter for another four years.

  2. Great commercial! Again, the similarities between Roy and Obama are obvious. In 2008, folks began referring to Obama as the Messiah and he started joking about it in public. Now, the old footage of King Roy emerges.

    More than just “poking fun” at themselves, you kind of get the feeling they like the monikers. No matter how you interpret it, it fits, and it makes a great visualization of what anyone around back then knows about Barnes’ leadership style.


    • Erick's Mortal Enemy says:

      Yeah, except this event is famous for politicians poking fun at themselves. I mean, seriously, it’s not “real.” However, this just BEGGED the RGA to use it.

  3. Baker says:

    I did not know about this previously as I was a mere youngster at the time. Watching the video, as DuBose was introducing whoever would come out, I thought for sure it would be whatever passes as a Roy Barnes impersonator. Out walks a guy wearing a Kingly cape and nope, I don’t think that was an impersonator.

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