1. Doug Deal says:

    Austin is the only candidate I’m ethusiastic about voting for this year. I am so glad he dropped out of the Governor’s race and took on Marshall.

  2. hannah says:

    OK, I bit and watched. The title, “tired,” led me to think that maybe somebody was admitting they were looking for a public office ’cause they’re tired of working hard. This Scott fellow just seems to be keen on cutting things. I’m assuming he also cut class and maybe cut the mustard and people laughed, so he thinks that’s what people want.
    Scott does seem to be a good example of the see-saw mentality — the belief that if one thing goes down another must go up, even if they’re totally unrelated like taxes and jobs.
    I’d be willing to bet there’s not a person alive who got a job by paying less tax.
    This inability to keep relationships straight has been a hallmark of Republican thinking ever since the 1980’s, when they weren’t at all bothered by the fact that every single cost/benefit analysis assigned the benefit to one person (or corporation) and the cost to someone else (usually working stiffs). ‘Course, you do that long enough, and it’s inevitable that the rich get richer and the poor get less. Our public assets are, indeed, limited and, if you keep pouring them into private pockets, eventually there won’t be any left.
    Why do people put up with it? Mainly, I suspect, it’s because they just can’t imagine that people whom they’ve given no offense would be so mean.

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