Road Show Reminder

I’m out of town, have one bar of cell signal and no wireless Internet.
Can someone post a reminder about the Roadshow on Tuesday please?

Consider this your weekend open thread.


  1. Doug Grammer says:

    For those wanting to know my about my time in the Guardian Angels: I’ll going to throw out a lot of small tid bits and will answer any questions. When we had a headquarters in Chattanooga, every time you went in and out the door, 30 sit-ups were required. (Dad gum. I used to be in shape.) We trained at least twice a week, and not all of it was martial arts. We also went on patrol twice a week. We covered applicable law, patrolling techniques, first aid, and more. I have spoken to several high schools and rec centers are about kids staying in school, avoiding drugs and avoiding gangs. I have enacted a few citizens arrests, two of them were in Atlanta. I once helped take a gun from someone who didn’t want to give it up. I have went to women’s centers and helped teach self defense for women. On a fourth of July, we went into a housing project in Chattanooga and declared it independence day from drugs and muggings. We were fire bombed later that night. I’ve went into two burning buildings looking for victims of smoke inhalation. I only found one person who was already on their way out. I’ve been on patrols in about a dozen cities. I’m not bragging, I’m just trying to share what you may find interesting. Oh and the funniest thing I did was be security for the Reverend Jessie Jackson.

    • analogkid says:

      I have spoken to several high schools and rec centers about kids staying in school, avoiding drugs and avoiding gangs.

      I assume this means you told them that if they want to stay in their government schools and away from drugs they should never, ever join the Libertarian gang.

      • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

        Analog kid: Quite possibly my favorite Rush song; but let’s show some respect to Mr.Grammer here.

        • analogkid says:

          You’re the first person to catch the Rush reference. Well done.

          Regarding Mr. Grammer, he will know when he reads this that I’m joking. We had a lengthy and spirited drug legalization discussion a few months ago. He initially mistook me for a member of the LP. In any event, I applaud his efforts.

          • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

            I know I’m drawing the wrong conclusion from the song, but I could always see myself resting in field looking up into the sky every time I hear this song.

            Growing up in the northeast I, fortunately, heard a lot of Rush. Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart; quite possibly the greatest musicians in their respective fields.

    • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

      I don’t know how the younger generations fee, but this is very interesting.

      Doug, do you have an email or some way to contact you? Sadly, I can’t divulge my contact info here…..and I’m sure you can’t either. I’d love to contribute some way if you’re still active.

  2. Andre says:

    I’m surprised no one is talking about the $1 million contribution made by the SEIU labor union to the state Democratic Party.

  3. View from Brookhaven says:

    I’ve got a question…

    Has anyone else seen the “We Are Conservative and We Vote Republican” signs on the digital billboards around ATL? There’s a middle-aged white woman, older black woman, and even older white man pictured…

    There’s no “This ad paid for…” line on the ad, from what I can see.

    Was curious if anybody knew who sponsored these…

  4. Three Jack says:

    “We conservatives believe the government is bad and we have the candidates to prove it.” — p.j. o’rourke

  5. hannah says:

    Fiscal conservatives are like deadbeat dads. Since Nathan Deal is the dad of a deadbeat, what does that make him? An enabler, along with all the Democrats who keep insisting that conservatives have a valid point?

  6. Doug Grammer says:

    I’ve been asked to give quick summary of why people should vote GOP in the Georgia statewide elections on November 2. I will try to keep this short.

    I have already discussed Congressman Deal v Gov. Barnes when it comes to jobs. That should be most people’s number one issue in that race. Let me know if you have another issue between the two that most people will think is more important.

    Carol Porter ran for Lt. Gov. as a stunt to get her husband more name ID. Her bio says business owner, mother, citizen candidate. What’s missing? Any legislative experience. Being Cub Scout Pack Leader for a group of underprivileged children is nice, but it’s not a qualification for running the state senate. Lt. Gov. Cagle just has much more experience.

    Commissioner Sam Olens is a nice guy. He has ran a government organization with the same size staff and budget as the AG office has.

    Brian Kemp, the proof is in the pudding. He’s SOS now, and he’s doing a reasonable good job. There’s no reason to fire him.

    Gary Black walks on water IMO. He is the poster child for endurance and not giving up. Too often we have a candidate who would do a good job, run, not win, and then give up. I’m glad he’s running again. Georgia Agribusiness Council President.

    Dr. John Barge is a shining star, IMO. He has taught school in both a rural setting and an urban setting. He’s taught K-12 and worked in the superintendent’s office. His opponent isn’t qualified to teach school.

    Ralph Hudgens, state senator for Commissioner of Insurance says experience is the difference. He’s served in the General assembly more than twice as long as Squires, and she didn‘t stay in the same body in her six years. He is the Chairman of the Insurance Committee in the State Senate.

    PSC is a race that’s hard to get hyped up for. However, questions on Tim Echol’s are interesting: Is it right for the consumers and Georgia families? Does it improve the business climate in Georgia? Will it mean more jobs in Georgia? I think that’s a good approach to take. I think Tim has a slight edge on Moffet not because of TeenPact, but from working for the Gov.‘s office of children and families services. Keith Moffet seems like a nice enough fellow, but I don’t know that working for the city of Macon is a big deal. Sorry Erick. I do recognize and respect his service in the Navy.

    The same goes for Labor Commissioner. Out of all of the GOP candidates running, I have had the least contact with Mark Butler. I’ve only meet him face to face twice. As much as I’d love to tell you some overwhelming reason to vote one way or another in this race, the biggest reason is that I think Hicks doesn’t have any general assembly experience. Working for the Chairman of Fulton County isn’t enough. Seems like a nice guy though.

    I’ve saved the easiest for last: Johnny Isakson is a statesman. He’s been a public servant a long time. He’s been our nominee for governor. He is a genuine and likable person. I don’t agree with his every vote, but he has always done what he has thought was best for Georgia and our nation. Michael Thurmond is a statewide office holder, but I think it can be said that he didn’t do his job as well as I could have liked.

    Up and down the ballot, the GOP candidates are more experienced and in tune with the needs of Georgia. That’s my opinion. You are entitled to yours. If I didn’t go into enough detail for you, I’m sorry, but I didn’t want to write a book.

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