Bizarre candidacy for DeKalb DA

Pay witness to Constance Pinson Heard, your candidate for District Attorney of DeKalb County. Heard, whose private practice only focuses 20% of its time on criminal law, has previously suffered from depression. And she’s been suspended from the practice of law. Twice. Plus, she mysteriously and bizarrely wants the electorate to know that her “family is not all black.” Let’s learn more, shall we?

This is evidently what passes for competency to seek elected office in DeKalb County these days!

In 1998 and again in 2000, the Supreme Court of Georgia suspended her law license for six months. According to court records, the justices accepted Heard’s petition for a voluntary suspension in Oct. 1998. “Heard admits violating Standard 44 (willfully abandoning or disregarding … a legal matter entrusted to her) of Bar Rule 4-102(d),” the court’s decision says. The situation, according to the record, involved Heard’s failure to timely file necessary pleadings on behalf of a client in a divorce case.

The court also ordered Heard to reimburse “another grievant” $4,000 given to her in trust.

Noting that the matters were punishable by disbarment, the court found mitigating circumstances because “Heard is suffering from an emotional disorder; is undergoing treatment … [and] has agreed to place herself under the jurisdiction of the State Bar Lawyer Assistance Program.”

In 2000, the court responded to a notice of discipline filed against Heard by the State Bar of Georgia alleging violations of standards against dishonesty, fraud, deceit or willful misrepresentation; willful abandonment or disregard of a client’s matter; and commingling funds. Heard, according to the decision, failed to respond to the discipline notice, and the court suspended her for “failing and refusing to file the divorce action” and to account for the disposition of $750 she’d been paid, plus filing fees.

You can see the suspension documents here and here.

A history of emotional instability and improper behavior as an attorney? Sounds like a perfect fit for DeKalb County! And then there is this:

Heard said she knows a variety of taxpayers of different races and hears their concerns. “My family is not all black. I don’t know if you know it, but I am,” she said, explaining that she has traveled and her circle of acquaintances is wide. “I hear so many people, particularly white people, who are frustrated. … Not that I’m the Great White Hope, but that frustration of having to pay taxes and seeing the kinds of corrupt things that happen,” she said, citing issues during former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell’s reign and issues within the educational systems in Clayton, Fulton and DeKalb Counties. “I think I can make a change.”

Riiiiiight! That leaves DeKalb County with only one other candidate for DA: the highly arrogant and lazy former Solicitor, Robert James. But, he would be better than the alternative. Which isn’t really saying much.


  1. fishtail says:

    Pete…if she were all white, would you have bothered to post this crap about a fringe candidate?

  2. NoTeabagging says:

    In Dekalb County, our aspiring public servants are required to break laws and ordinances before getting votes. You’ll see all the current judge candidates littering our roadsides, public right of ways, public property and even vacant private properties with their illegally placed campaign signs. You won’t find any signs legally placed in yards of occupied residences. Why? They have no support.
    In Dekalb County the slogan is, “To run for office, you gotta break a some laws.”

  3. Rambler1414 says:

    From the County that elected Cynthia McKinney multiple times, I don’t find this bizarre at all.

  4. B Balz says:

    I wonder what Messrs. Dick Williams/Phil Kent will have to say about this on Sunday? Will their comments mirror those of Mr. Randall?

    Uncanny, just remarkable how coincidental things can be sometimes…. When real-time and blog comments are the same, it’s always interesting.

  5. DemBones says:

    It could be that she is looking forward to all the publicity that she will receive by running for office to increase the business in her private practice. I had never heard of her before this article. She might actually be motivated by a desire to give voters a choice in this election. I applaud her sense of civic duty and desire to serve, however, even in DeKalb County, this shouldn’t be too difficult of a decision for voters to make.

    A better link for the comment that she has been suspended twice would be the disciplinary record on the State Bar website.

    • Comfortably Southside says:

      I am not a resident of Dekalb so I am curious what is wrong with Robert James? If he is the Solicitor now why would he not be a perfect fit for DA?

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