Gubernatorial Debate Live-Blog

The debate, organized by college students, begins at 7pm. You’ll be able to watch it live on GPB. We will be joined, as we have in the past, by Georgia Politico (formerly GA Liberal) and Georgia Politics Unfiltered.


  1. TPNoGa says:

    I missed the debate because I went and saw the movie “Social Network”. Based on reading the comments on the live blog, I can honestly say that I made the right choice.

  2. John Konop says:

    The most bizarre comment of the night! Can anyone explain “his strong financial stewardship in Congress”?

    AJC….The questions were tough. Students pressed GOP nominee Nathan Deal on why voters should believe he can manage the state’s finances given his own personal family money woes. (He cited, his strong financial stewardship in Congress)….

    First place for pandering, how do we pay for it?

    AJC….Barnes stressed the need to restore school funding, chiding Republicans for cutting $4 billion from schools over the last four years….

    Blah, Blah… solution a debate about theory over a cigar and drinks!

    AJC….In a nutshell, Monds kept coming back to the Libertarian theme: Getting government out of the way, including doing away with laws outlawing guns on campuses…..

    A real tangible solution to a problem! WOW can we keep the dabate about solutions?

    AJC…..Deal also wants vocational training in middle school, saying he wants middle school students “to know there are trainings available to them and they can get good jobs if they go the technical school route.”…..

    • Lady Thinker says:

      Some kids in college don’t know what they want to study much less middle school kids. And how does one decide whether to go the college route or the technical school route in middle school?

      • Steve says:

        It’s not about “choosing a major” at that age… it’s just about seeing that there are options and different paths available. When I was growing up, school drilled it in my head that I could: (1) go to college, (2) join the military, or (3) be a ne’re-do-well bum. It would probably be good for kids to see a wider array of role models than just that.

      • John Konop says:

        First the curriculum should be optional. Second we have many kids falling through the cracks already at this age for various reasons. Third instead of them being a drop-out we could set them up with an option of working toward a skill. Forth when I was in school shop class did start in 7th grade and I had many friends who went in this direction and are doing fine. Finally this college or out curriculum is only creating more drop-outs while watering down the college prep classes. Nobody wins.

      • rightofcenter says:

        So nice to have a conversation about policy for a change. I’m involved in technical education as a volunteer and I can tell you this is a good policy idea. So many of our kids are not college material and we’re losing them in the transistion from middle school to high school and in their early high school years because they see no use in it. The idea is not to get them ready to master a trade in middle school but to expose them to something that will actually motivate them to stay in school and not drop out. For many, the choice isn’t between the college route and the technical school route, it’s between completing high school and dropping out.

          • rightofcenter says:

            Thanks……it’s always nice to post on a subject (one of the few, of course) I actually know something about.

        • polisavvy says:

          Vo-Tech courses never should have been taken out of the curriculum in high schools. We have lost so many children because of it. Back when these courses were offered, the drop out rate was lower. I have two sons — one was college material and the other not so much. In hindsight, I wish he had been exposed to Vo-Tech courses in high school. He’s an amazing carpenter, a trade he has learned from his dad. I also wish I had encouraged him to attend a technical college instead of college. A regret I will always have. Cookie cutter education is not successful!

          • B Balz says:

            Back here in ATL there is considerable pushback for Vo-Tech as it is/was used to keep minority kids away from the college track. Don’t shoot me, the messenger, I don’t agree with that tactic.

            I’m just saying that needs to be acknowledges and addressed.

            • polisavvy says:

              True, and I get what you’re saying. I promise I won’t shoot. I agree with you. There needs to be a major overhaul in education to keep from having the drop out rate so high and kids having no formal training at anything. I’d rather my child have a high school diploma than no diploma at all. Having a husband and son in the construction business, I certainly don’t view them as substandard because they aren’t white collar workers. At some point, people need to have it conveyed to them in a manner where they don’t feel like it’s a stigma to be taking Vo-Tech classes. Perhaps the approach, importance, and the presentation of Vo-Tech could be made more appealing to parents and students. I never viewed kids I went to school with as beneath me just because they took Vo-Tech classes. I don’t know why anyone would.

            • John Konop says:

              That is a very valid point but it goes beyond race the argument is poor people no matter what race get pushed into vocational programs. . On a debate post at the AJC on this issue between Maureen and I this comment did a better job than me summarizing why we need the option. The real issues are we helping more people than we are hurting. No matter what you do people will fall through the cracks. And with the strong community college program people can always upgrade their education.

              Friendly debate: A single academic track or multiple tracks?

              Comment from Tonya:

              …..Maureen is coming from a very liberal-minded perspective. I have seen destitute poverty, and the lack that no skills or education can bring first-hand. Everyone IS NOT college material, and forcing every square peg into a round hole will never work, no matter how much you try to force it in. A good vo-tech program IS rigorous, as it is generally a preparation for some type of testing or apprenticeship. Every tried doing your won wiring? Or being your own draftsman?

              My husband is a teacher. He could make more money putting his handyman or computer skills to work than what he W-2 for 2009. But he loves teaching and it is why he does what he does. But he has been offered as much as $50 hour with NO formal vo-tech training to help friends with their homes and electronics……


  3. kolt473 says:

    KING ROY sounds like his ads, he was awful. DEAL&MONDS looking better. KING ROY just talked his way out of it. His retrofit building scam funded by bonds. Which of KING ROY’S cronies will get the business, and how much of a stake will THE KING get? One hand washes the other. Deal&Monds had better control than Barnes his what a joke he’s done in NOV.

    • Romegaguy says:

      At least with Deal you know who all would be getting the state contracts; his campaign manager, his banker friends and his partner for the no bid salvage contract, right?

  4. Jeff says:

    First United Live Blog SWGAPolitics has missed – and honestly, I’m not upset about that at all. Had a very nice, largely non-political weekend – first one of those where I wasn’t out of town on vacation in two years.

    It hasn’t been easy getting to the point where I can actually do what I’ve said all along I could – walk away – but I’m very nearly there, and I’m very happy about that. (And yes, I know many of you are too. ;))

  5. Herb says:

    Gimme an R, gimme an O, gimme a Y!!! Because in the end, this race will boil down to the issue of pot legalization, which will provide the necessary kick in the @$$ our economy needs to spawn real growth, not the one Bush showed you!!!

  6. kolt473 says:

    the govenator in lalaland just decriminalized pot less than an ounce 100.00 fine, no jail time I’m tired of lying politicians taking away the poor peoples services legalize the weed, tax the hell out of it, take the money away from the dealers, being stoned while driving is no different, than texting or jamming on the phone while driving.

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