Internal poll shows Scott ahead

In case you haven’t heard, an internal poll shows Austin Scott leading Rep. Jim Marshall in GA-8, 46% to 38%.


  1. fishtail says:

    Has Marshall released any internal polling numbers? I would be suspect of any campaign’s “internal”polling numbers. Ever notice any “internal” polling numbers showing the candidate trailing?

    • Ron Daniels says:

      To my knowledge, Marshall’s campaign itself has not released any internal poll – however the DCCC released an internal poll about a week or so ago that had Marshall up by 12.

  2. aoburns says:

    I’ve seen plenty of internal polls and I’ve never seen wording in them that looks like what we see here. “should win” raises red flag


    if marshall never releases a internal poll that means something

    • Doug Grammer says:

      Also, “with enough resources” stands out. It’s not specific…that being said, I feel good about this race.

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