FEC Disclosure Deadline

Is today, September 30th for this quarter. If you are planning to give to donations to a candidate I would encourage you to donate today. Contested races always use this day to show who has the upper hand in an election. Money is crucial in races like GA-8, GA-2, and GA-12. So make sure you not only vote, but DONATE too.


  1. polisavvy says:

    Our monthly contribution has been made to the Austin Scott campaign. He’s been doing very well in the fund raising department. Good job to Austin Scott and his staff.

  2. Just Sayin says:

    We’ll have a much better look at the Gov’s race after the fundraising totals are out. If all of the bad media didn’t slow down Deal’s fundraising, it is still his race to lose.

  3. carolporter4ga says:

    Carol Porter is getting more crossover support and votes than any candidate in Georgia. Donate to the movement for ethical leadership. In true Carol Porter form, we are letting you know, our campaign posted this comment. Thank you.

    Donate To Carol Here

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