It’s not like the guy has been found guilty or anything

The Eddie Long story is tragic and growing more and more sensational.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Barnes canceled a fund-raiser with Bishop Eddie Long last week after news broke that the popular DeKalb minister faced several sexual coercion lawsuits filed by male parishoners.

Now comes word from WSB-TV reporter Lori Geary that Barnes plans to hold on to thousands of dollars in campaign contributions the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church pastor has donated.

Canceling the fundraiser seems like a good idea. I don’t fault Barnes for hanging on to the other money though.


  1. Jane says:

    Two words, Consenting adults.

    Now his church and his friends may leave him, but his Boys deserve no more than $1 and that is what I would give them unless they can prove he did something that was clearly illegal. On the other hand, Eddie Long is a very political minister and some politicians may be embarrassed by this.

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