GA-2 & 8 Make NBC’s List

NBC’s First Read has posted a list of the 64 Congressional seats they believe are likely to “flip” this fall. Of interest are two of Georgia’s Congressional Districts that are mentioned:

51. GA-2 (D-Bishop) TOSS UP

60. GA-8 (D-Marshall) LEAN D

Make of this what you will. I would point out that these polls are very volatile and seem to be changing each and every week. Expect more Republican money funneled into Georgia between now and November, to try and make both of these seats pickups.


  1. peach4handel says:

    This is a lot for GA2 seeing how much Mike Keown has come such a long way in such a short amount of time,with little to no media ad to help him. When Mike stared out no body gave mike any chance to win this CD.He has now gone from being a no body to a young gun and made GA2 toss up.some thing no ones had done vs bishop in 20 yeras. Bishop has also ran his 1st tv ad in almost 20 years tring to difine mike. GO MIKE!! WE BELIVE

    • One small point of order…I’m originally from that district and Sanford has run ads on several occasions down there. Just not in the past two cycles. I remember him sitting in a church pew with stainded glass behind him. Probably talking about pork.

  2. Jane says:

    Austin is running a pretty good Absentee Vote campaign according to a friend of mine. More Republicans have voted absentee in that district than Democrats. This the only competitive district held by a Democrat where this is true. Early vote is what it is and I agree with Macho, Marshall’s is the “toss up” and Bishop “leans D”.

  3. peach4handel says:

    Macho: it is shocking that mike is now in a toss up right now.

    Jane: ga8 is not the only competitive CD in ga..dont count ga2 out.mike has one heck of a shot of beating bishop. Jim just won in 06,and beat rick pretty bad in he is running a strong tv ad campagin

  4. polisavvy says:

    Oh goody — another day, another poll, another bout of speculation. If anyone really relies on polls in order to figure out who they are going to vote for, then perhaps they shouldn’t even bother. My hope is that people actually familiarize themselves with the candidates and then make their decision. I early voted yesterday.

    • polisavvy says:

      I don’t believe that everyone in the 8th is “counting ur chickens before they hatch.” This is a new election year with an entirely different type of candidate in Austin Scott. Marshall has voted for stimulus and TARP (both of which have failed) which the majority of residents of the 8th aren’t really all that happy over. He voted for Pelosi — there again, another sore spot with the majority of the 8th. And, with Pelosi’s blessings, was able to vote “no” on health care — we all remember that. It appears as though the person who should not be counting “ur” chickens is you. Some of us are still going to believe that Marshall can and will be beaten in ’10.

  5. Herb says:

    Sanford will win GA-2 by 10. Hoping the backstabber Marshall goes down, even if the GOP takes the race. GA-5 and GA-12 may well become competitive if the conditions come together just the right way. GA-13, sadly, will return Scott to Congress.

  6. The party of Marshall and Bishop can’t produce a budget and can’t resolve an answer on extending the Bush tax cuts. These aren’t leaders; they are political hacks who would gut their grandmothers to retain power.

    Marshall is “Mr. Attack Ad” with no accomplishments who doesn’t even know how he will vote on issues until he’s informed by the Democrat leadership.Bishop is a tool of Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama who votes for issues that harm his district.

    Georgia can, and must, do better if we are to preserve our freedoms.

    • polisavvy says:

      Marshall’s “attack ads” have so far not really benefited him in this year’s race. They contained falsehoods much like the ones he has run against candidates in the past. The difference is, Austin Scott will answer his ads with ads that are chalked full of facts about Marshall’s votes in D.C. Put it this way, Marshall has met his match in Austin Scott.

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