Nick Ayers Yesterday’s “Power Player Of The Week.”

I recorded Fox News Sunday but haven’t watched it yet so I didn’t see that Nick Ayers was named the power player of the week. Here’s some video via Jim Galloway.


  1. perimeterprogressive says:

    So, Fox News gives 1 million to the RGA. And then Fox News names their head “Power Player of the Week.”

    Shocker there folks.

  2. Progressive Dem says:

    How can a “news” organization claim to be objective when it contributes to a political party? News Corp is the largest single contributor to the RGA.

  3. slyram says:

    I saw this yesterday and thought the young man has juice. After awhile, it occurred to me that RGA has all that money and that Michael Steele’s part of the RNC has a fraction of that amount. I am not a GOPer so that looks to outside eyes like Ayers is more trusted on that side than the chairman and that might be the case.

    His vision for certain type candidates in swing districts would have made November big that it might be; so thanks for not listening to the guy.

  4. Georgia Judge says:

    Good piece for a guy doing a great job at RGA,and he will get his 30 Republican Gov’s and Deal will be one of them.

    On a side note when did this blog get overtaken by a bunch of whining Dems disquising themselves as Republicans?just curious…

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