UGACRs Express Trip

19 college students from the University of Georgia are headed to Macon this weekend to knock on doors, phone bank, and volunteer for Austin Scott’s campaign for Congress. Judging from the success the GACRs had in Virginia with Governor Bob McDonnell’s campaign, I’d say that this activism should play a role in the GA-8 race. I wish them luck.


  1. MSBassSinger says:

    I am for Austin Scott, but does it really work to have a bunch of college kids going door to door in an area they don’t live in trying to tell grownups, who are working and paying taxes so the kids can go to UGA, how to vote?

    The decent part of me, given such a knock at the door, would just smile and say thanks, and appreciate that they at least have some interest in conservative politics at their tender age.

    The curmudgeon within, though, would tell the snot-nosed kid to come back when 1) he lives in this district, and 2) has spent some time in the real, working, responsible world, if he wants me to take him seriously. Otherwise, go back to your dorm room and watch cartoons.

    Fortunately, by the grace of God, the curmudgeon doesn’t come out often. 🙂

  2. Eureka says:

    I love getting all my GACR updates on peachpundit…..Next thing we know “GACR Chair sneezes two times in a row”

    They do good work, but there are plenty of people working hard for Republicans(and Democrats) across the state every weekend.

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