1. Goldwater Conservative says:

    For one, Keown is a loser and his campaign is a non-starter. Congrats Congressman Bishop on your reelection.

    Secondly, I can think no form of spending more reckless cutting taxes. The Bush Tax cuts cost us almost $400billion each year. They do not generate more revenue than they cost…if they did the tax cuts would finance themselves rather than requiring deficit financing.

    Use logic people….the “creator” gave us the ability and it is time you use it.

    • polisavvy says:

      I never thought I’d say this; but, I actually agree with you about one thing you said — “the creator gave us the ability and it is time you use it.” Everyone needs to use logic regardless of party affiliation. Logic does not appear to be a consideration in any decisions that are being made, by either side of the political aisle. How would this country be today if the Founding Fathers did not use and apply logic? Logic should know no one particular party. It is definitely time — no wait, it’s past time!

  2. Bobby Butterworth says:

    Not that Mike’s got it in the bag yet, but it is looking awful grim for ole Sanford… I hear that the scholarships to family and friends are just the beginning. Sure, a few puny little scholarships directed towards buddies is probably wrong, and maybe against the rules but Sounds like there’s a few things headed down the pike that will really sting… Then throw in some ObamaCare and a handful of other expensive, liberal votes.

    Keown is supposedly crushing the fundraising and phone banking, and clearly has a good media strategy if this is just the first ad.

    Ground game + CA$H + Integrity + an R by your name on Election Day = uhhh ohhh!!!


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