Fulton County PD still in “preliminary” investigation mode concerning fraud case: “we don’t have any names.”

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As we’ve been discussing for the last 96 hours here, the AJC is finally writing about four Fulton County employees who are accused of more than $180,000 in fraud. But remember how Fulton County Manager Zachary Williams told everyone on Monday how the Fulton County Police Department has had this case since July 27 and how we’ve just gone and jeopardized their work with the public discussion of this matter? Check out how far FCPD has gone in almost two months of investigation:

Fulton County Police Capt. Darryl Halbert said Tuesday his department is in the preliminary stages of investigating the report. “We haven’t received all the information and we don’t have any names,” he said.

Emphasis mine. Haven’t received all the information. Haven’t received all the names. After more than 55 days of “investigating.” Yeah, I can see how everything was mucked up by having public discussion about this situation…since they haven’t done any sort of thorough investigation to date and are still in the “preliminary” stages. But how “preliminary” can the investigation be and how can they not “have any names” when, according to Williams, he forwarded the report from the now closed Office of Professional Standards on July 27?

As the AJC reports,

The investigative report, prepared by since-demoted Maria Colon, devoted 1,039 pages to the four employees’ questionable activities, which were said to have cost the county $183,194.37 over six years.

1,039 pages of information and evidence and FCPD remains in “preliminary” mode. And Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard? We’ve learned now he hasn’t even cared to investigate the matter.

On Tuesday, a district attorney’s office spokeswoman said the information had been sent to Fulton Police.

And they’ve done a real bang up job, haven’t they? This is the state of Fulton County in 2010. Meanwhile, the Office of Professional Standards remains closed and the only people who actually cared to root out corruption remain out of their jobs after a series of meetings between the Fulton County Commission and Williams right after it was learned that investigations were ongoing regarding the friends of certain Commissioners. Commissioners, I might add, like Emma Darnell.

District 5 County Commissioner Emma Darnell, contacted Monday, declined to comment on the personnel moves or the closure of the office of professional standards.

Curiouser and curiouser.

And, don’t forget, you can now download HERE over 100+ pages of supporting documentation and evidence related to a threat of lawsuit by former Fulton County Deputy County manager Gwendolyn Warren and former Investigative Officer Maria Colon of the now shuttered Fulton County Office of Professional Standards against Fulton County.


  1. Andre says:

    How refreshing it is to see a pair of comments, from folks using adopted pseudonyms, that attacks the messenger instead of focusing on the apparent corruption and cronyism in Fulton County.

    Is it any wonder why over two-thirds of the unincorporated county decided it was best that they start from scratch with new government rather than leave vital quality of life issues in the hands of the crooked Fulton County Commission.

    • polisavvy says:

      Agreed. I guess some think that we should not discuss ANYTHING else in the world but Nathan Deal. Personally, I think we all should be informed of corruption regardless of the location. Expose anything of interest. Our whole world is not wrapped up on the gubernatorial election — at least mine is not!

    • polisavvy says:

      As an aside, sorry Andre, but I will be using my pseudonym until November 3rd. After that I plan to always post under my God-given name (or at least my name since I married).

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