Chris McFadden Receives Highest Rating From State Bar Association.

Court of Appeals candidate says result has nothing to do with charm.

Received via email.

The state bar has released the results of its latest survey. Of the six candidates for Court of Appeals, the highest ratings went to Chris McFadden. McFadden received, by a substantial margin, the greatest number of ratings as “qualified” and “well qualified.” McFadden was rated “well qualified” by 1,132 respondents. By comparison, the candidates who received the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth greatest number of “well-qualified” ratings received a combined total of 717 such ratings. The candidate who received the second greatest number of “well-qualified” ratings, David Schaeffer, received 859 such ratings.

McFadden said he was grateful for the support. “It is an endorsement from my peers of my qualifications, and I value it highly in that respect,” said McFadden. He added that the results shouldn’t be “written off as a matter of personal charm,” saying that wasn’t his strong suit.


  1. B Balz says:

    That is just too funny – Chris may not be a charming guy, but he has an amazing intellect, true love of learning and the law, and is hands down the best candidate for Appeals Court Judge.

    His personality is the same as when I knew him in undergraduate school – an acerbic wit, but not unkind in the least, smart, and a strong desire to serve others in a meaningful way.

  2. macho says:

    Chris McFadden is by far the most qualified. The problem is, the qualities that would make him a great Judge, make him a bad politician.

    You know the routine on these Appeals Ct. races, if there is one women on the ballot, she usually wins, if not, give the race to the biggest back-slapper.

  3. bucky says:

    Chris is a great guy, very well qualified, but unless they’ve changed the law the race will go to whoever has a last name beginning with the letter closest to the front of the alphabet.

    • B Balz says:

      Sadly, y’all make good points, but we’ll keep trying. I saw another person whose name began with a “B” peppering highway entrance ramps with his sign, just his last name.

  4. Dave Bearse says:

    Georgia voters as a whole are unqualifed to elect judges to the Court of Appeals if they don’t elect McFadden, given he’s so overwhelmingly the best qualified.

  5. TidePrideGA says:

    He’s got my vote as well. I met Adrirenne Hunter-Strothers a Deal rally and was impressed with her as well, but I am more impressed with Chris’s knowledge and perspective on appellate law. After all, he wrote the book on it 🙂

  6. kolt473 says:

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